Millionaire (2)
Millionaire (2)
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If you've hit six figures in your coaching business, you're in the top 5% of the industry...something 95% of coaches will never achieve; well done to you!


Let's see how far you can take this thing!

Like you, I’ve been in business and making plenty of money for a long time now and one thing I know to be true is this...there is ALWAYS another level of success to shoot for.


I was earning good money & working comfortable hours... But I felt stuck.

In the eyes of others, I was ‘successful’, yet I felt empty. Unsatisfied. 

As you know, money alone doesn't signify success.

When you've been making money for a while, making more money doesn't hold the same excitement or challenge it once did.

....ESPECIALLY for driven, sharp AF, fast-moving entrepreneurs like us. Am I right!!!

The financial comfort and security you once strived for, you’ve achieved, and you realise that it's not enough and that there really is no magical "there".

The work're always seeking a new "there". 

What happens next (I know because I’ve been here before) is you start to feel edgy.

There’s an element of discontent.

You want need the thrill of the chase...the EXHILARATION of creating something new...the unknown...that feeling of conquering something SO BIG it scares the shit out of the best possible way, of course.

For me...the answer is always to go next level! To bite off more than I can chew and then chew like crazy...because there is ALWAYS a reward on the other side.

I know you know what I'm talking about...true entrepreneurs are hardwired to consistently seek new levels of challenge and's what keeps us relevant.

You're ready to create newer, BIGGER solutions...ready to elevate and want a BREAKTHROUGH that collapses timeframes.



You know your shit; you’re ambitious, driven…successful.,,but you don’t FEEL successful…enough.


There’s a level you haven’t yet reached, and that makes you feel like a failure.


You don’t hate your work, in fact you still love it..but you feel DONE with where you’re at and you know it’s time to move on or up or SOMETHING and you’re too scared to make the move in case you fuck up what you’ve created.


You’re slightly panicking because what once worked for you no longer does, and it CONSUMES your thoughts daily - WHY THE FUCK AM I HERE AGAIN?? STILL??? Urgh!


Once upon a time, you could have told me what you wanted - now you don’t know. Something has shifted, and you don’t even know what you want anymore…except for when you…and then you don’t…URGH!


You thought you would have reached the ultimate outcome by now and it would be time to slow down and take a load off, but you’re being pulled back into chasing bright, shiny things again, looking for answers.


Answers outside of yourself...answers that pull you out of your sweet spot.


Part of you has a sneaky suspicion that you once had the idea for what would make you happy but felt you failed at it before…you didn’t; you just got in your head about it.


The fundamentals are the same, though…you still want MORE.


More money. More freedom. More impact. More Success. More Excitement.


Maybe the thing you’re ACTUALLY done with is trying to do this on your own, cobbling bits and pieces together.


Maybe....just maybe, you're just realising how small you've been playing, how much you've been holding yourself back and that what you are is UNDERSTIMULATED because you've been playing it safe.

Maybe...just's time to REALLY go all in on your business to see how far you can take it because I know you didn't come this far ONLY to come this far....did you?


The way you market your business no longer feels aligned, OR it stopped working, and you're operating from fear and half-assing it instead of strategically.


The way you currently work with clients exhausts you, and you need another way to do business that feels better.

Your offers feel old and worn out, even if they're still producing results.  You've outgrown that era.


Your messaging is all over the place, and you don't know how to get it back on track because you CANNOT keep talking about the same old things another minute more!

Maybe you're in constant launch mode, and you're ready to move into your LEGACY Era, where you create the program that is your life's work.


Perhaps it's time to scale but you're not sure how to do that with your current business model.


You've outgrown your current community, and it feels tapped out.  You're craving new people and new energy for your business.


You feel stuck, and you can't get unstuck, no matter how hard you try (and you HAVE been trying).


You're fed up with paying agencies and hiring people to do your marketing without a result, and you're ready to learn how to do this stuff yourself. You're ready to add to your skillset, so you're in full control of the results.

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My 6 Month Private Mentoring Package WILL Deliver Next Level Results If You Want To:

Elevate & Expand Your Online Presence.

Launch Yourself Into The High-Ticket Space In A More Significant Way So You Can Attract Higher Paying, Higher Quality Results.

Scale Beyond Where You Are Now, And Then Beyond THAT.

Launch The Offer You've Been Too Scared To Launch & Now You're Ready To Partner With Me To DO THE DAMNED THING.

Create Next Level Results On EVERY Level: Fame - Income - Impact - LIFE.

Want To Stop Pushing Your True Desired Level Of Wealth & Influence Into The Future & Make It Happen NOW.

Take Yourself Off The Leash - You KNOW You've Been Holding Back, That You Have SO Much More In You & You Want Me To Bring That Out.

Is this mentorship a good fit for you?


  • You're a Service-Based Online Entrepreneur or Coach
  • You're good at what you do and you know it
  • You have created success, but you've stalled or outgrown it
  • You're ambitious and driven
  • You know your way around tech well enough
  • You want MORE
  • You're willing to work for it
  • You ask for help when you need it
  • You feel you're on the edge of something bigger
  • You're willing to be visible and create an impact
  • You don't make excuses, you find solutions
  • You're willing to learn new skills and ways of doing things
  • You're open to testing and trying new things
  • You're ready to develop mastery in your work
  • You're ready to move on from your "winging it" era
  • You have an abundance mindset


  • You have a scarcity mindset
  • You're scared of being visible and not willing to change that
  • You tend to make excuses and drag your heels
  • You're deep in fear and desperate for a magic bullet fix
  • You're a multi-passionate entrepreneur who can't commit to one idea
  • You lack confidence in your ability to get results for your clients
  • You take rejection personally and let it derail you often
  • You're tech-challenged, and it slows you down for weeks
  • You tend to blame others for your lack of results
  • You aren't prepared to step up and own your place on the interwebs
  • You're scared to test or try new things
  • You're not prepared to become THE BEST at your thing
  • You're uncomfortable with structure
  • You need your hand held every step of the way

If that sounds like you, no beating around the bush, I want to work with you because I KNOW I'll be able to help you create success beyond what even you can imagine.

Here's what you can expect...

Next Level Accountability. A word of warning, if you tell me you want it, I'm going to hold you accountable.

I have decades of experience, I've made pretty much every mistake in the book, I'll save you years and 10's of $1,000's in mistakes. I made them so you don't have to.

You will always know what to do next and how to do it.

A rapid pace...the universe loves momentum and speed creates momentum. There is no time for overthinking and entertaining doubt...we have an empire to build!

Here's what will be expected of you...

Be prepared to set massive goals and do what it takes to bring them to fruition. 

Be prepared to trust me but to always speak up if something doesn't feel aligned for you.

Be willing to go all in, create high end offers, and have massive business expansion. 

The nuts and bolts...

Fortnightly (bi-weekly for my US peeps) Private Mentoring Zoom Calls where we'll map out your plan for attack for the following two weeks.

Voxer app support Monday through Friday to ask questions, get support, seek feedback or just need a kick in the ass to get you moving.

You'll receive access to any live programs I'm running and any of my digital courses IF I think they will help you (rather than distract you).

Access to any resources or contacts I have that will help you be more successful faster.

If you're in Australia or wish to fly to Australia during your package we will spend a day together doing our thing. If I'm travelling in your country during our package same deal. NOTE: This is a BONUS if you can make use of it and not something I'll make up if you can't make the trip.

I think that's all for now other than to tell you HOW to get the ball rolling!

The investment for both paid-in-full and monthly payments can be found below; if either of these options is within your budget, then please complete the application form below, and I will be in touch.


If this program is outside of your budget, I recommend you check out THE ADVISORY


PAY IN FULL: $25K (Save $2K)

PAY MONTHLY: 6 Payments of $4.5K


Need to chat about this first?