Hello and welcome…I’m very glad you’re here.

If you’re experiencing the kind of burnout that goes hand in hand with working one-to-one in your coaching business OR you’re experiencing the highs and lows of FEAST OR FAMINE due to client fluctuations I know a few things about you.

You’re TIRED! Because right now the only way you can make MORE money is to work MORE hours and because you have drive, ambition and strong financial goals you WILL work yourself into the ground to achieve that.

Plus it’s hard to turn down clients right?

And you’re stressed because you’re always trying to juggle that feast and famine roller coaster.

You also know that there’s an easier way to make a lot more money than you’re making now without killing yourself but because you’re time poor, exhausted and overwhelmed you don’t even know where to start.

I know that if you’re burning out from working too many hours it means you’re GREAT at what you do!

You wouldn’t be booked solid if you weren’t….except for those times you aren’t #feastorfamine.

In your gut, you KNOW you could have a greater impact than you’re having now, a more far-reaching impact if only you weren’t so inconsistent in your efforts to get your message out there.

And I know your greatest fear is downtime because if you’re sick or take time out to travel your income stops dead in its tracks.

When you stop so does your income.

So you stay on the hamster wheel pumping out the hours because it’s safe and too scary not to.

Once upon a time, this was your greatest goal – to be THIS busy.

But now it’s turning into a prison because you’re trapped by your own success.

And you feel stuck, SO stuck.

I know that you’re craving time freedom.


Because instead of working one-to-one and selling hours for dollars you’ll be leveraging your time to the nth degree working one-to-MANY.

You see back in 1991 I began just like you did, selling hours for dollars but that all changed for me in 2006 when I launched my first online business which was online fitness business targetting women who wanted to lose weight and get in shape.

I’ve been leveraging my time ever since via Online Group Programs, Digital Products, Online Membership Programs, High-end Group Coaching Programs and Masterminds, VIP Days and Retreats.

In fact, I’ve launched over 100 programs and products since 2006, as well as authoring 3 books (1 of which is an Amazon Best Seller across 3 categories) and speaking on stage both here and in the US countless times.

I’ve been making every single hour I put into my business count because I leverage it to the hilt.

And it’s about time you did too.

So…are you ready to move on from selling hours for dollars and into creating a new normal?

A normal that sees you making more money and more impact and doing what you love with EASE and whole lot more FREEDOM than you have now.

I know you want to have a greater impact than you’re having.

And I know you want to create abundance in all areas of your life, including financially and you want to even out the cashflow peaks and troughs.

Maybe even ESPECIALLY financially and why not, you work hard and you’re great at what you do, you should be rewarded.

Deep down I know you know what I knew.

I knew I was meant for more, and I know it too.

I knew I was meant to have a greater impact on a global scale, not just in my backyard. I believe you know this too.

I’ve always believed that I get to write the rules of my life.

That I get to do this thing called life, and business, MY WAY.

And I know you want that too.

What I’m excited to tell you is that you CAN have more freedom..time freedom and creative freedom.

You CAN have a global impact.

And you CAN create financial abundance that has no limits because it is NOT dependent on how many hours you work.

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