Hear what my fabulous clients have to say……

I highly recommend Michelle! Gosh what have I accomplished? 

I have created facebook ads and funnels that convert, something that I have wanted to do for a long while now.  I knew the strategy but it was the ‘doing’ and pushing myself through my beliefs and staying the course that was the hardest part. 

Michelle is a fantastic strategist but she is also a great mindset coach who will challenge your beliefs and help you push past them. 

Being a mindset coach myself I truly take my hat off for her. She is the master! 

I believe everyone needs a coach. Lol we are all coaches but boy do we need someone to keep us accountable! We are all human at the end of the day and Michelle totally lives what she teaches.  So tap into her mindset and attitude! That is gold!

The results? 

I sold a high ticket program that more than covered the cost of Michelle’s program.

I now have a working funnel I can replicate and use for selling any program. 

But most important of all, I know so much more about myself. 

I realised the reason I failed in the past in getting any traction is because of ‘shiny object syndrome’ but Michelle held me firmly to our strategy and this is how I got there in the end.

Being an entrepreneur requires you to become super laser-focused. 

Refuse to even entertain any other strategy or method until you maximise and scale the strategy that is working for YOU. 

There are millions of ways things can work but if you have something that works for you, please stick with it and scale it, this is aa lesson I had to learn repeatedly and thanks to Michelle it stuck because she really pushed me here.

 Life as an entrepreneur is supposed to get easier and easier. Don’t think it’s about working harder and harder. This is something I teach to my clients but now I truly understand it. 

So if you are ready to take your business to the next level and yourself to the next level of thinking, go and work with Michelle! 

Thanks Michelle!

Melody Lee – Breakthrough Coach


Melody Lee

Mindset Coach, Melody Lee

I can’t express enough how valuable this program was.

Michelle was invaluable. She has an incredible ability to quickly understand the nuances of each different business and encapsulate the strengths and benefits clearly and succinctly.

She ignites within us a way to connect with our own intuitive understanding of our business and tease out our unique offer that will speak compellingly to potential clients.

She instils a sense of enthusiasm and confidence, a “Can Do” approach that is simple and effective.

Michelle is truly passionate about her clients wins, and so effective in guiding them to attain them and go beyond.

Julie Cumming

Property Educator & Advocate, HATCH PROPERTY

This program is a game changer. 
I didn’t realise what value I already had in my business that I could package up for my clients and there were several A-ha moments!
Michelle’s innate ability to take what I thought was complicated and present it in an easy to follow formula.
Coupled with her genuine passion and enthusiasm to see each and every one of her clients succeed.
She’s the real deal and it’s not just all strategy either. 
You actually finish this program having put everything you’ve learned into practice and ready to go so there’s nothing stopping you from selling your first $5K Package.
Tegan Marshall


A BIG thanks to Michelle for the 5k formula for coaches workshop. It was a fabulous day! It was as such a great feeling to come away with a clear picture of the coaching package which I will kick off when I return from maternity leave. Not to mention coming away from the workshop with the sales page/copy to go with this!

Most of all your workshop helped me make the much-needed shift from seriously undercharging for my services and have less time to devote to my clients, to feeling excited and confident about offering a higher priced and higher value package. I know it’s absolutely deliverable for me and worth every cent to my clients as well.

Thanks again!
Emily Wilks


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