I LOVE being a coach (along with being a Coaching Business Strategist) but last year I ALMOST quit coaching for good.

I even stopped CALLING myself a coach.

Coaching’s developed a bad wrap over the past few years and with good reason, there are a LOT of crap coaches out there, in fact, many who call themselves coaches are in fact NOT coaches at all, but they don’t let that stop them “coaching” people.

I’d hit a wall where I was burned out from clients who drained the life out of me and feeling as though I was lost amongst the masses of wannabe coaches, despite the fact I’ve been a qualified coach for coming up to 20 years now and was coaching for close to a decade before that in Martial Arts & Fitness.

I’m one of those people who’s been a coach and teacher her whole life, from 7 or 8 years of age I ran a classroom out of my backyard and loved “coaching” the ones who fell behind!

In my 20’s I began coaching Martial Arts and Fitness (I owned martial arts schools and online fitness businesses) and then when I turned 30 I discovered that you could become qualified in coaching and quickly signed myself up for coaching accreditation through Results Coaching Systems (founded by David Rock).

My natural ability to lead was front and centre and I quickly became Regional Coaching Manager for Victoria where I organised events for coaches and supported them as they built their new businesses.

Coaching is in my blood.

And coaches are my people.

I believe the world needs GREAT coaches and it’s my passion to use my experience and wisdom to help coaches stay in love with coaching (there are MANY reasons we fall out of love with it) and to also build thriving coaching business.


Gain clarity around the area of coaching they love the most AND have the most impact in.

To become more confident in themselves as coaches and in their ability to deliver a result for their clients.

Unpack their ideas and turn them into products (coaching based programs and products) they can deliver online or live.

Grow thriving coaching businesses both offline and online.


Know how to SELL their programs with confidence.

Feel supported during a crisis of confidence and to overcome the crisis and become an empowered and confident coach.

I’ve also authored 3 books (one becoming an Amazon Bestseller in 3 categories), I’m a global speaker and serial entrepreneur.



My entrepreneurial world changed for the better in 2006 when I launched my first online business because what I discovered was a way to LEVERAGE my time, create more FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE and have more far-reaching IMPACT than I could ever have working offline.

Working online also offered me something I craved more than anything else in my business….FREEDOM.

Time freedom and FULL creative freedom and then the greatest freedom of all…THE FREEDOM TO BE ME.

I was already well versed in the one-to-MANY concept because I’d been running Martial Arts Schools since the very early 90’s and I knew that there was always a way to make more money doing the same work, meaning if I had 10 students in a class I was making X dollars, and if I had 40 students I was making 4 times that amount of money…for the same amount of effort.

The online space started to open up and by 2006 I was ready.

I KNEW that this was a way to leverage my time even further and so I launched my first online fitness website where once I was limited to working with small groups of women at a time, suddenly there was NO limit to how many clients I could take on at one time.

My whole entrepreneurial life I’ve leveraged one-to-MANY in a 100 different ways…High-Ticket Mastermind Programs, Low-End Group Programs, Automated Self-Study Programs, Group Coaching Programs, E-Courses, Webinar Based Online Programs, Digital Products and more.  The ways you can leverage one-to MANY are endless.

I’ve sold one-to-MANY programs and digital products that cost just a couple of dollars, all the way up to high-ticket group programs for $25K.

And you can too.


As much as I LOVE my business, your business, and ALL THINGS business I also try to have a life outside the 4 walls of my office and live a rich and juicy life filled to the brim with the things, people and experiences I adore.

Before we get to that…who am I?

I’m a 49-year-old mum to Cody (22) and Chloe (20) who have both flown the coup leaving me to live with the love of my life Dave (who I proposed to in Vegas last year – he said yes) in the seaside township of Williamstown, just a few kilometers from Melbournes CBD.

I love to laugh and have fun and my family and friends are oh so precious to me.

I also love travel….a LOT! I’ll find any excuse to jump on a plane and explore the world.

I love flying. In fact when I was 22 I had a pilots license and was also a regular passenger in the aerobatic planes at the airfield, could NOT get enough of that.

I love luxury and I also love the opposite of that – contrast is where it’s at.

I journal every day and have done since I was 12 years old.

I write every day because I can’t not.

I love my online community, they’re as dear to me as my offline community.

And I am ALL about doing life and business COMPLETELY on my terms.

I’ve trained in the Martial Art’s since I was 22 years of age and hold my 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and I’m also an Australasian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame inductee and I was a state and national competitor in full contact sparring from 1991 to 1998.

I like to stay fit, strong and healthy so I’m at the gym or walking by the water most days.

I have a ridiculous weakness for heels, candles, perfume, flowers and “activewear” 🙂

I have a fabulous posse of girlfriends and our looooong lunches are legendary (it’s usually dark when I get home!).

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