Are You Ready?

To Launch, Grow & Scale A High Ticket Brand Online?

Are You Ready?

For SERIOUS growth & expansion in your online business.

Then you might want to STOP doing this stuff...

STOP listening to so called "GURUS" who haven't got their own runs on the board.

STOP trying to fit your business into a COOKIE CUTTER system that doesn't suit you.

STOP working your ass off on things that AREN'T moving your business forward.

STOP doing course after course and NEVER actually applying what you learn.

STOP looking for the 'ONE THING' that's going to turn your business around.

AND STOP overdelivering and UNDERVALUING what you do for your clients.

You're sitting on a mountain of value that I suspect you can't see Trust me on this, when you discover your TRUE worth as a PREMIUM, High-Ticket Brand, that's when the magic begins.

That's when things get exciting for you!

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Hi I'm Michelle Hext

7 Figure High Ticket  Launch > Scale Strategist & mentor

I absolutely love to work with business owners who have the knowledge and experience to make phenomenal shifts for their clients and want to bottle all that up and put it online.

Having been in this industry for over three decades, (yes that long!) through personal experience I've basically made the mistakes so that you don't have to.

This means I can cut through all the white noise out there, minimise your learning curve, and take you straight to what's going to work for YOUR business.

Over the years, (and thousands of clients) I've devised a simple framework that gives you the right foundations but is also flexible to adapt to each individual and unique business. There's no cookie cutter or squeezing you into a box here!

So, if you're serious about where you want to take your business then I know I can get you there.

But if you don't like me showing up in my training gear, being told the truth, or the occasional swear word, then I might not be your girl and that's ok too.

I have worked hard over the last 20 years to get where I am today and I'm finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Best thing I've done this year is reach out to Michelle Hext. The second best thing I've done is leave my business partnership (on good terms) to do what I want to do 100%. My clients are getting fantastic results and I am feeling more confident and accomplished every day. Thanks Michelle for everything! When we first spoke I don't think I believed in myself 100% but I AM a goal-getter and when I want something I now go out and get it xx

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Nicole Forgione | Fitness & Nutrition Coach

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Who's a good fit for working with



A special kind of woman....

She knows she's good at what she does but also knows she's sitting on a gold mine of untapped potential for success.

She owns her DREAMS, desires, and passions EQUALLY as much as her IMPERFECTIONS, insecurities and too-muchness.

She's UNAPOLOGETIC (or want's to be) about who she is and what she's trying to accomplish in the world.

You truly want honesty (you're done with yes people) and can handle the odd dose of tough love because you know this is the quickest, simplest way to get from A to Z.

She's committed to her goals but flexible in her approach, she's ambitious and driven but she doesn't want to waste time and energy when she knows there's a quicker way (like hiring a mentor who's achieved what she's trying to achieve).

Want to know more about how I can assist you in bringing your business vision to life?

HANDS DOWN the BEST thing I ever did for myself and for my business was start working with Michelle!
I came to her with no niche and no idea how to run a coaching business. Within six months of working with her I identified my niche as a Food Relationship Coach, had my website built, lead magnet and funnel I know my potential clients love, FB ads generating leads, discovery calls booked, and I've mastered the art of crafting killer sales pages for my programs. PLUS, I really found my voice online and now feel 100% confident in the message I share with the world. As far as Michelle is concerned, implementation is everything and it was her encouragement and support (along with some butt kicking) that helped me to follow through on the strategies we set out to implement.


Olivia Holgye | Food Relationship Coach

Michelle Hext has not only changed my business but also my life. The mix of her decades of coaching business success, combined with awesome strategies and her compassionate heart have been the exact combination I've needed. With her, I've been totally understood AND passionately supported with practical, actionable guidance that has massively increased my income, but also my heartfelt joy in the results I'm able to deliver my clients. Michelles program has been the FIRST undeniable return - on - investment in over 16yrs in business. I could not recommend her any more highly.

Iesha Delune

Iesha Delune | Holistic Vitality