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This is not for the faint hearted...

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To work with Michelle at the HIGHEST level?

Like you, I’ve been in business and making plenty of money for a long time now.

I LOVE what I do and have solid foundations in place for the continued growth of my online empire.


But... it wasn’t always that way.

There was a time when I had hit a threshold.

I was earning good money & working comfortable hours... But I felt stuck.

In the eyes of others I was ‘successful’ yet I felt empty. Unsatisfied. 

As you know, money alone doesn't signify success.

When you know you're able to generate consistently high income, making more money doesn't hold the same excitement or challenge it once did.

....ESPECIALLY for driven, sharp AF, fast-moving entrepreneurs like us. Am I right!!!

The financial comfort and security we used to strive for, we’ve achieved, and suddenly it feels like something else....boredom maybe....or just plain comfortable?

Our new normal becomes routine. 

What happens next, (I know because I’ve been here before) is you start to feel edgy. There’s an element of discontent.

You see, you want more...you need the thrill of the chase...the EXHILARATION of creating something new...the unknown...that feeling of conquering something SO BIG it scares the shit out of you...in the best possible way of course.

You're ready to create newer, BIGGER solutions...ready to expand...

People like you and I feel SO alive when we're in the mix and figuring things out...when we’re challenged, and then get to see our efforts take us to new levels.


Often we KNOW there's something there to be done that we can't yet see but we know it's BIG.


Then there’s a realisation as you look around at your current circle of friends and peers and realise you’ve outgrown them. 


You are now the one leading the pack all the time. The smartest one in the room all the time.


There’s no one beside you to challenge you, question you, or inspire you to a higher standard. 


So you go in search of the something MORE…


You are without a doubt in your mind the result of those you spend the most time with and so you go in search of a new circle


There are programs, courses, masterclasses and inner circles galore. 


Carefully choosing those that promise you the higher level of strategy. The elevated level of peers. The growth environment you are looking for. 


Only to be disappointed yet again when you discover it’s not what you were looking for and again, you are the smartest person in the room. 


I know what this feels like having been there before. 


I remember investing tens of thousands of dollars in a so-called High Level Inner Circle in the hope to immerse myself in an environment where growth couldn’t NOT happen.


Only to discover, once there, it was a mix of cashed up startups, twenty-something 'Instagramers' and those barely past the side hustle stage. 


I eventually did find my inner-circle. Actually I created my own! But that took me much longer and hence my business growth wasn’t as fast as it could have been.


I don’t want you to have to wait! 

Michelle Hext Copy

Tell me if this sounds like you...

You're craving for a room of super successful, high-vibe women who are killing it in their industry.

You want people you can learn from and contribute to their learning equally.

You want to be inspired, impressed even, and occasionally in awe of the brilliance of the minds around you.

You want to be in an environment where you naturally elevate and expand your dream and possibility.

You want to be around those who don't see competition only abundance and opportunities.

Welcome to my inner circle..

Michelle x

What you can expect...

You will be exposed to new levels of success you just can't achieve on your own.

Opportunities to collaborate with people you wouldn't normally have access to.

Massive opportunities for you to grow both personally and business wise each month.

To have your ass kicked when needed and be reminded of what you're capable of.

What will be expected of you...

Be prepared to set massive goals and do what it takes to bring them to fruition. 

Be prepared to share what's worked for you as your knowledge and input is expected. 

Be willing to go all in, create super high end offers, and have massive business expansion. 

The nuts and bolts...

Every quarter a 3 Day LIVE in person (or via zoom) Intensive.

Access to ALL She Mastermind and High Ticket Coaches Club benefits.

Personal support via Voxer and private sessions as needed (Mon - Fri).

Access to any previous and current programs as needed plus behind the scenes.

If this all sounds good to you...

Then Apply Below...

NOTE: This level of private support requires a minimum of $10k investment each month. If this isn't within your budget then this package probably isn't for you yet and one of my other programs might be better suited.
- Michelle x

Investment $10k/month
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