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Successful As [email protected]?

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The NEXT-LEVEL You...She's a TOTAL Badass..You're Going To Love The Crap Outta Her!

She shows up to SLAY...not tick the mother-trucking BOXES.

She's unapologetic...she is who she is...love her, hate her?  She doesn't give a [email protected] SHE love's who she is.

She owns it...owns what?


Her dreams.

Her desires.

Her messy message.

Her imperfections, flaws and insecurities.

Her wildness.

Her passion.

Her ABSOLUTE commitment to growth and expansion.

Her decisions.

Her mistakes and misguided ideas.

Her too-muchness (what even IS that btw?)


It's time to unleash her.


The difference between succeeding at a higher level and not succeeding will almost always come down to is self-identity...the way you see yourself and therefore go forth onto the interwebs.


If you're preoccupied with failure, not feeling good enough, worthy enough, polished enough, knowledgeable enough, pretty enough, rich enough, smart enough etc...you WILL NOT reach the level of success you KNOW is possible for you.


Just like you won't get rich thinking poor thoughts, you won't become successful thinking loser thoughts.


I KNOW you have moments of courage and moments of "I can do anything!!" and moments of "this is SO doable".


If you didn't, you wouldn't still be in the game.


But the answer isn't to cling to the rare "I can do it moment" and then milk it for all it's worth until you run out of steam again.


The answer is to RE-DEFINE who you are...at your core.


This is all about ACTIVATING the very best parts of you...the BADASS you know you truly are...and then RE-CALIBRATING to that..so you get to adopt this part of you as your ENTIRE identity.


It's not about being someone else.


It's NOT about changing who you are but PAYING ATTENTION to who you are at your core, your TRUE desires [not the one's you're settling for], your values…your weirdness and passions [just to name a few] and dialling THOSE up so people really SEE you and everything you stand for.


The intangibles around success are everything, it's all to do with mindset and energy...embodying the energy of someone who's a badass in business and smashing it out of the park IS the secret sauce.


The bigger secret is doing it your way...improving your self-identity and bringing that energy.


Do that and you cannot lose...so...are you READY to not just read this...but FULLY integrate it?


Then let me tell you about SUCCESSFUL AS FUCK: The Program


How To Define, Then Activate The [Inner] BADASS In Business You Were Always Meant To Be & How to Re-Activate Her Whenever You Need To [Coz life!].

How To EMBODY Her [You] Vibe Every Day So You Show Up Online Powerfully & SLAY In ALL Of Your Fabulous Badassness!

How To Deliberately & Consciously Re-Calibrate To The Frequency & Vibe Of Your Inner Badass [You Were Her All Along] and THEN Level Up From There - NO More Playing Small.

How To Leverage The Skill Of Manifestation To Create OUTRAGEOUS Success From THIS Place Of Power ALWAYS & Forever.

Michelle Hext Mercedes Day

Tell me if this sounds like you...

Some days you feel you're SO close to achieving your dreams & believing EVERYTHING is possible...then the next...you think you're kidding yourself.

You KNOW how important it is to be in the "frequency of success" but right now you just can't seem to get there...tapping into the vibe feels beyond you.

You understand that manifestation is a real thing but you aren't sure how to apply PRACTICAL action to it in your day to day. You want practicality...you want stuff to actually DO to bring your dreams to life.

You totally understand that accessing the most powerful, BADASS version of you is where the MAGIC is...you're just unsure how to get there.

You're ready to FULLY step into next-level EPIC SUCCESS....100% on YOUR terms...it's your time and you're ready for the next step.

I want you to know....I got you boo! This is PRECISELY why I created this program.

Michelle x

Here's what you can expect from SUCCESSFUL AS FUCK: The Program

The nuts and bolts...

There are 4 Learning Modules with Videos & Workbooks.

You'll receive instant access to all of the lessons so you can learn at your own pace.

What will be expected of you...

Be prepared to show up for yourself and your dreams.

Be prepared to go ALL IN on this....bring it.

Be willing to move through any discomfort...I PROMISE it will all be worth it. 

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