Dear applicant,

I will not try to pitch or pressure you to enrol in my mastermind, this is simply an opportunity to learn more about the program to gauge if this is a good fit for you or not.


Business coaches who are doing 6 figures in their coaching business or close to it.

Experts and business owners who are doing 6 figures and are now ready to move into the coaching and mentoring space.

Coaches who are ready to become specialists in their niche.

Coaches or experts who are ready to stop selling hours for dollars and move into a more leveraged business model.

Coaches, consultants and experts who help others make money.



Life Coaches.

Multi-passionate entrepreneurs.

Anyone struggling financially.


Let's get this out of the way up front.....this mastermind is a significant investment.

It's a significant financial investment AND a significant time commitment.

You will be expected to PRODUCE an outcome. This program is not theory-based, and you will be expected to execute the strategies I'll be sharing with you quickly and efficiently.

Doing the work is a requirement of being in this program.


The first step is to complete the questionnaire below fully.

Your answers will help me to understand you and your business and will also help me determine if you are a good fit for this program or not.

I will be in touch either way.

If I believe this program is a good fit for you, you'll be asked to schedule a call so we can chat further. Please note there will be no pressure to purchase; I'll simply be sharing what this mastermind is about and give you a chance to ask questions.

If I don't believe you're a good fit right now, I'll email you to let you know.

The mastermind is for high-value, serious and driven individuals who are ready to make big moves and fully step into their position as a leading authority in their niche.


Are you a business coach , consultant or industry expert?(Required)
If your business contributes to the bottomline of your clients business, I consider you a business coach.
What is your revenue for the next 12 months?(Required)
What is your revenue target for the last 12 months?(Required)
Is your vision of success important enough for you to invest the money required to take this to the next level?(Required)
The clients I work with best are fully committed & ALL IN on their decision to create epic success in their businesses.…are you prepared to be all in?(Required)
It’s important for me to manage your expectations, whilst myself and my team will provide world class strategy, content and support, you realise that you are responsible for your own results in this program. It’s your responsibility to seek support when you need it and to seek clarification if you’re unsure. Do you agree?(Required)
My clients are a community of big thinkers and high achievers who are committed to continued growth and expansion and willing to operate and converse at a high level. It's important in a community like this (with big ideas flying around) that privacy is maintained (what happens in the group stays in the group). Are you prepared to keep operate at a high level and maintain group privacy?