The level of success you crave for your coaching business lies in your ability to consistently generate great quality coaching leads that you can convert into paid clients.

This program is my step-by-step process for automating the lead generation process in your coaching business.

If I were to poll 100 coaches today I’d almost guarantee that 99% of them would tell me the thing they're struggling with most right now is "not enough coaching clients"....and by default, not making anywhere enough money in their coaching businesses.

The vast majority of coaches are NEVER financially supported entirely via their coaching businesses. That honestly just blows my mind.


But what blows my mind, even more, is the fact that almost none of those coaches have implemented any sort of automated lead generation to provide those clients.


Hustling for clients every month is exhausting….no-one wants to be in the cycle of worrying where their clients (and money) are going to come from next month. Automated lead generation takes care of this yet few coaches are actually doing it.


Hustling for clients removes your focus from doing the work you love and impacting lives and places it on survival, constant struggle, and feelings of inadequacy. THAT shit is no fun. AND it's not sustainable, which is why most coaches quit before they ever see any real success.


It doesn’t need to be this way….it really doesn’t.



Lead Generation should be an ongoing and automated process that just “is” in your business...it is, in fact, an INTEGRAL part of any successful coaching business growth strategy.


It should be a given that you can rely on new people discovering you and coming into your world every-single-day....and that some of those new people WILL become clients.


The success you’re craving right now is simply a numbers game.


YES…you do need to be a great coach…you can’t put lipstick on a pig and call it a supermodel…so I’m going to just assume you’re a great coach or know you will be (if you can actually find clients who will pay you)….and with that as a given, you can take the above statement to the bank….let me repeat it for you….THE SUCCESS YOU’RE CRAVING IS SIMPLY A NUMBERS GAME.


Let me tell you what I mean by that.....

Let’s just say that for every 100 people who discover you 10 of those 100 people will engage with you and think you’re the bomb….of those 10 people 1 will take action and become a client.


Say it takes you 3 months of hustling for those 100 new people to come into your world. 100 new people after months of working your ass off.


100 new people in 3 months is me being GENEROUS…because most coaches aren’t doing what it takes to bring in even 100 new people into their world every quarter.


So in 3 months of hustling your sweet ass off, you’ve managed to attract 100 new people, 1 of which became a client.


2 THINGS…1: You’ll starve at this rate and 2: What you have here is NOT a business, but a very expensive hobby that is costing you more than you might think.


This IS the reality for most coaches.



Now…still playing with numbers….let’s take another look.


You bring in 100 new people but this time it takes you only 10 days (I’m being mindful of your budget here..we’re scaling slowly) and you make a new sale every 10 days…we’re now at 3 new clients per month.


This is where I need you to listen hard…..if you’re not willing to raise your prices and charge premium prices this won’t work….here’s why.


For every lead, you’ll be paying anywhere from under $5 to infinity…but let’s say, for argument's sake your leads are costing $10 each (mine have been as low as $1.25)…this means for every 100 leads you’re investing $1000 in paid traffic (Facebook / Insta Ads).


If you charge $1000 for your coaching package you’ll break even…so we need to put your prices up but with some leads up your sleeve and knowing that a % of the leads that don’t take immediate action WILL become clients at some point….(they just need to get to know you better)…if, of course, you’re not short-sighted and ignore those leads because you didn’t get an instant result....then you're still better off than you were before but it's a long, slow, painfully slow route IF you don't charge a premium fee for your service.


The more new eyes you have on you every month the more sales you’ll make, it’s that simple.


So now you know that the success you desire is simply a numbers game (a numbers game you can win) you have 2 choices.


Choice No:1 is to do nothing and stay on the rollercoaster you’re on right now.


Choice No: 2 is to get cracking on learning how to automate the process of generating leads for your coaching business.



I know what I’d be choosing because the best time to start building your lead magnet and automating your lead generation is last month…the next best time to start is NOW.


SO….are you ready to hear about how I can help you make this happen?


Inside my program LEAD MAGNET MASTERY FOR COACHES, I’m going to teach you, step-by-step, how to automate your lead generation so you can finally stop stressing about where your next clients are going to come from every damned month.


I’m going to teach you a skill set that will mean you always know how to make money in your coaching business with ANY offer you create.


Your programs might change.

Your brand might change.

The type of coaching you do might change.


But this skillset will move with you so no matter how you decide to pivot because the principles remain the same.


I’m going to show you how to create the perfect lead funnel for attracting your dream clients and then I'm going to show you how to start bringing in leads via paid traffic. The most predictable and reliable way to generate leads week after week.


A well-converting lead magnet has many moving parts and until all of them are working in perfect harmony they won’t convert as well as you’d like them to (or at all) and a lot of time and money can be wasted trying to achieve the result your trying to achieve.


I’m going to help you collapse some timeframes and make this happen much faster....in 4 weeks.


Let's break down the different elements you’ll need to start bringing in those leads.


Landing (Opt-In) Page > Content Page (and actual content) With Strong Call To Action > Email nurture sequence > Ads Campaign > Paid Traffic.


Most coaches will fall at the first hurdle because this stuff can be overwhelming with many of you becoming stuck in a cycle of overthinking, overcomplicating and paralysis by analysis leading you to “abort mission” even though you KNOW you need to do this.


It really is a lot…I mean the actual lead magnet needs to grab the person's attention and then hold their attention long enough to get them to take action and opt-in, to do that your landing page needs to be visually appealing to your desired clients, have the right message and make the right promise...that alone is a lot of work.


And that’s just the first step, then we take a look at the actual marketing of the lead magnet which will rely on paid traffic and again..MANY moving parts.


The imagery used in the ad.

The wording used in the ad.

Correct targeting.

Flow from ad to lead page.


Then we come to the actual content you’ll be sharing…then the email nurture sequencing etc


It’s no wonder this stuff never gets done because it is SO MUCH to try to navigate on your own.


This is why I am SO excited to lead you through this process in a very simple, stepped-out way.


I want you to get this done.


I want to see you bringing in new coaching leads every single day.


I want to see your numbers improve every single month.


Because when you’re achieving this I KNOW you’re going to have the success you truly want sometime very soon.


THE PROGRAM - Lead Magnet Mastery


MODULE ONE: Develop Your Lead Generation Map


During this module, we'll be taking a look at the offer you want to sell and work backwards from there to create your lead magnet.


The Lead Magnet will only work if it's a cohesive flow from freebie to the sales process to your offer. Most coaches create lead magnets willy-nilly without any real thought to the journey they're taking the lead through.


We'll also consider the software you have access to and your level of tech skills. There are MANY options for lead magnets, beginning with those that even the most tech-challenged human can create.


By the end of module one, you'll have your plan of attack and know exactly what you need to do to bring this to life.


MODULE TWO: Build Your Lead Magnet & Sales Process


In module two, we get to work on creating your lead magnet.


This course isn't simply theory or information you'll take on board and never use; it is about implementation and getting it DONE so you can get those leads coming in.


We'll also look at how you want your clients to buy from you and ensure you have everything in place for this to occur easily.




MODULE THREE: Email Sequencing 


There will be many sales made in your nurture email sequence and follow-ups.


I've had people on my list for over 5 years who are only beginning to purchase now.


I've had people on my list for 5 minutes who book a private coaching call.


Your email marketing copy is an important component to consider when you're developing your lead generation strategy and in this module, you'll have all of the tools you need to create killer email sequences.


We'll also be covering sequence frequency and software options for automation.

MODULE FOUR: Create & Launch Your Paid Traffic Campaign


Week four is where the rubber really hits the road as we begin to point paid traffic to your carefully crafted lead magnet.


I'm going to show you how to create a paid traffic campaign that will be simple to set up and simple to manage.


Paid campaigns don't need to be complicated and overwhelming and trying to do too much too soon with your paid campaign will cause overwhelm.


You'll get your ads up and running, and I'll show you how to manage your campaign day to day to continue to improve your results.




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I've had successful bricks-n-mortar businesses (Martial Arts Schools) as well as online businesses and my area of expertise is helping entrepreneurs build high-ticket brands by launching, growing and then scaling high-ticket offers so my clients get to choose ONLY working with high-level clients who are hungry for results.


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