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The Advisory

Expert, Experienced, Practical, Strategic Business Advice & Mentorship For Ambitious Coaches, Consultants and Industry Experts

Are You Ready

to make YOUR path to success smoother and faster?

Imagine how much further you could grow and how much faster you would progress if you had immediate answers to the questions that stand between you and your success.


Imagine that instead of second-guessing and procrastinating over your next move, you had that move "for sure" validated so you could proceed without doubt and go all-in.


Imagine if, instead of staying stuck for weeks, you had access to everything you needed to get unstuck FAST and keep moving forward so your goals remained within reach, achievable, and ON TIME.

Imagine no more...The Advisory is here...


When we strive to bring a bigger vision to life, our brains can do some crazy things that cause us to quit, question, and spin, and we then become the very thing holding ourselves back.


We create confusion and chaos where there is none.


In a panic, we create obstacles that feel insurmountable when we should be seeking solutions and answers to the questions we don't have answers for.


More often than not, strategies need refining and fine-tuning before they deliver the ultimate result. Left to our own devices, we often aren't disciplined enough to work through the challenge, so we chase the next bright, shiny idea, hoping for a different outcome. And so remains the cycle of never quite achieving the ultimate outcome.


Within The ADVISORY, I'm there to steady the ship for you, to help you navigate rough waters and guide you back to smooth seas so you can keep moving forward with clarity and confidence.


Imagine having 30+ years of business experience, wisdom, insight and strategy in your back pocket. THAT is The ADVISORY.




The ADVISORY is hands-on. While this is a group offer, I want to see your business up close and personal every quarter, so we repeat the following process every three months you're enrolled.



During this call, I’ll gain an in-depth understanding of your business, clarify where you want it to go, and provide the strategy you need to get it there.


Together, we will gain clarity for your BIG Vision, set a milestone 90-day goal on the way to that Vision and map a clear path for you to attain your next level.


Every quarter, you’ll be invited to book another customised Advisory Call where we’ll revisit your Big Vision, set a new 90-day goal and map out your next quarter together.


Based on our call, I will provide access to whatever courses or resources you need that will support you in achieving your 90-day goal so you can get to work.


This could be an entire course from my course catalogue, specific training resources, mindset exercises or a combination of these.


The idea is not to overwhelm you with coursework but to give you only what you need to reach your 90-day goal.



This is where you implement your quarterly growth strategy…

Then we rinse and repeat every quarter with a new call and a new 90-day goal to work towards on the way to your BIG VISION>

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I work with my private clients weekly because a lot can happen in a week. Weekly calls allow us to stay on top of and ahead of any challenges that pop up or that might slow you down.


The ADVISORY has been developed to mimic working with me privately as closely as possible....here's what that looks like.


Weekly Live Calls: Every week, you’ll have direct access to ask my advice on anything you need support with in implementing your 90-day game plan. This is the advice support you’ve been missing!

Submit Questions: Any day, you can submit questions, and I’ll answer them on the live weekly call. So, as things pop up you need clarity on, send them in.

Facebook Group: Need an urgent answer to a question so that you can move on to the next step in your plan… this is where you can have that answered.


I'm sure you'll agree that everything I've listed above already makes The ADVISORY exactly what you need...but, just as I do for my private clients, I love adding even more value, so you can expect the following:


What's Working Right Now: My private clients will happily tell you that I don't hold back. If something is working for me, I share it with them IMMEDIATELY.


Don’t waste time with antiquated strategies from last year. I’ll share with you what’s working right now! How do I know?


Because I am constantly investing time and resources into testing new strategies, innovations, and ideas, I share with you immediately what’s working (and what isn’t!) so you can reap the benefits.


I implement > review > systemise and then share what works so you can implement strategies that work quickly.

Behind The Scenes: I don’t just talk strategy. I also peel back the curtain and show you my processes and how I overcome challenges. You’ll see the real side of what it takes to succeed.

Bonus Resources & Training: I mentioned earlier that I systemise EVERYTHING! And I’m an oversharer. So, if I discover something that’s valuable and is going to get you to your goal quicker or easier, then I’ll turn it into a bonus resource or training for you.

Guest Experts: I have access to some very cool people doing very cool things. From time to time, I will invite them onto a call so you can benefit from their experience too.

Exclusive Access To Private Support: Need more time with me or a top-up session? As part of The Advisory you can purchase “on-demand” extra support at a special VIP rate.

But remember! I've designed The ADVISORY so you won't need extra support, but it will be there if you feel you want it.



Month 1: $4995 (includes a private Advisory call, your personalised resources and your first month's access to all the support).


Ongoing Monthly Payment: $2,997


Join for a single month or stay as long as you like.

The ADVISORY is set up as a monthly membership subscription that you are in full control of.

You’ll be prompted to book another Advisory Call every three months to plan your next 90-day sprint.

If, at any time, you feel you’ve got everything you need, you can cancel your subscription, no questions asked, and come back again at any time. *You will be subject to any price increases that have occurred since your original subscription*

And immediately receive the link to schedule your Advisory Call


As part of The Advisory you will have the opportunity to utilise some (or all) of the following resources.

Rather than giving you instant access to ALL of the resources (hello overwhelm), following your 1:1 call customised access will be provided to carefully selected resources just for you.

Whatever courses or resources you need to support you in achieving your 90-day goal!


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