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Want to know how how to create your premium coaching offer that sells itself ... in just 5 days?

I coined the phrase “Your VIP Life Is One High Ticket Offer Away” because I’ve seen this transformation in my client's coaching businesses over and over again.

I’ve helped change the lives of thousands of coaches just like you with the development of a single premium offer.

And not only that…but offers that attract your dream clients…you know the ones….cashed-up, low maintenance and the perfect fit for your particular style of coaching because you KNOW you can get them a result.


Pricing and packaging offers is an overlooked skill for most coaches and yet this skill holds the greatest potential for business growth….for making money…for calling in the right clients…it’s ALL tied to how you offer your services.


Many of you put the packaging of your offers last on the list while you busy yourself with branding and websites and content creation.


I see a lot of action, lot’s of pretty websites without substance and a lot of content being pumped out onto the interwebs but when I ask the coach “but what are you selling?” they can’t tell me because they’re not clear.


So if this is you…if you’re hustling and taking action and doing all the things, but you aren’t making sales…or enough sales…or easy sales….then I’d put money on the fact you haven’t got your packaging right just yet.


So let me help you figure this out.


You're attracting clients who can't afford you so you're doing discovery call after discovery call and getting a lot of NOs.

The clients who are saying yes are sucking the life out of you, they're demanding and using you like the Googles!

You're putting out a lot of content and getting the likes and maybe even the comments, but nobody's buying.

Your main selling feature is the price, how many sessions are included and that you provide ongoing support in between sessions.

You're not getting results for your clients and it's stressing you out.



Suddenly people fully understand what you do and realise they need you and they're in your inbox asking if you can chat.

You feel completely in your zone when you're working with your dream clients and results happen easily. You build a reputation for results in this space.

Your messaging is clear and cut's through because you know what you need to say in order to drive people into your offers or inbox.

You're less concerned with "selling yourself" because you're selling an outcome...people LOVE clear outcomes.

This is why I say "Your VIP LIfe Is One High Ticket Offer Away".

OK....let's dive into how HOW I'm going to help you figure this out once and for all.

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Here's what we'll cover over 5 days....

DAY ONE: The Zero Competition Formula


People like to say the market’s flooded and I guess that’s true when you’re simply one of the beige masses.


My clients often come to me as part of the beige coaching landscape struggling to stand out online and make an impact but I very quickly help them to uncover what makes them unique and show them how to leverage this so they do stand out online.


I’ll be showing you how to do the same on day one.




DAY TWO: The Secret To Magnetic Offers


Most coaches have no idea what problem they’re solving in the marketplace and they often have zero idea about why their potential clients would need them.


This is a problem!


For your offers to be MAGNETIC you need to know the problem you’re solving for your client AND what it takes for a potential client to say YES.


I’m going to teach you the art of making big, bold promises you can keep and that get your clients over the line because what you have to offer is SO compelling they know they need it.

DAY THREE: Develop Your Coaching Framework


When I help my clients create their offers we also build out their coaching framework so they feel confident they can deliver an outstanding result…on repeat…with predictability.


I call this framework your Client Success Pathway which simply means we map out the steps and milestones you’ll need to lead your client through to get the result they desire.


When developing this framework I’m also conscious that my clients will want to scale their offer beyond its current capacity, this framework ensures my clients can deliver their offer one to one, in a group setting, as a VIP Day, as a retreat or even a digital course.


I’m going to take you through this process on day 3.

DAY FOUR: Copy Writing Mastery


Most of the coaches I work with are in a rush to handball the copywriting.


They tell themselves various versions of “I suck at copywriting” and it’s simply not true, they just didn’t have me teaching them HOW to create copy that sells 🙂


I’m definitely not anti-hire-a-copywriter but until you have found your unique voice and style it’s not a great idea. Copywriters in the coaching space can do a much better job for you when they have something to work with.


SO…I’m going to show you how to connect with your audience in a compelling way so your offer sells itself.


This one skill can completely change the game for you. I’m excited to show you how to become an expert copywriter for your business.

DAY FIVE: Ready For A YES!


Having a great offer is one thing but there's no point in having a signature offer you love if you don't know how to pull it all together and start selling it.


Many of you will stall when it comes to putting the offer out there…you know out THERE where it begins to make you money!

I like to say to my clients...let's get you ready for a YES and this means building out digital assets and setting up systems for selling and onboarding your new clients in the simplest, least techy way possible.

On day 5 we’re going to get you ready for a YES…aka…ready for sales to come in.

THAT is the kind of needle-moving action I love because this is when the rubber hits the road. 

You’re going to love it!



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There is one pre-recorded lesson every day for five days following the outline above.

There will be five live ZOOM group calls where you can ask questions and get feedback.

There is a Private Facebook Support Group where I hang out daily while the course is running.

You will have lifetime access to the course.

NOTE: Every participant will receive personalised feedback on their offer.

Meet your host....Michelle Hext

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Let me introduce myself a little. (As much as you can in a couple of paragraphs). I've been mentoring now for three decades (yes, before Insta was even a thing) and I've seen a lot of coaches come and go. For me though, the business of launching, growing & scaling high ticket offers has been in my blood for as long as I can remember.

I've had successful bricks-n-mortar businesses (Martial Arts Schools) as well as online businesses and my area of expertise is helping entrepreneurs build high-ticket brands by launching, growing and then scaling high-ticket offers so my clients get to choose ONLY working with high-level clients who are hungry for results.


It's impossible to get to know me in just a few words but if you want my full ABOUT bio you can click HERE.