A Thriving High-Level Program For Experienced,

Driven, Entrepreneurial Women.

By Michelle Hext

You're not here by accident

You've clicked on the word MASTERMIND which tells me you’re searching for a way to level up and expand beyond your current status quo.


Perhaps right now you’re in uncharted territory…you’ve been able to take things THIS far….and now you’re not quite sure about where to from here.


You realise the value of having guidance but you want someone who's done it already, who’s capable of pulling you forward. 


Or maybe you're just fed up with trying to do this whole thing solo AND feeling a little lonely because you’ve outgrown everyone and everything around you.


While none of this feels great it’s actually something to get excited about because what this really means is: 

You're Poised For Growth

It’s important to recognise and leverage this call for expansion and make it work to propel you forward…otherwise the 'in limbo' feeling can end up pulling you backwards. (If it hasn't already.)


I’ve been mentoring long enough to see this play out countless times….like clockwork.


It’s never easy, or comfortable, to take a leap into the unknown ESPECIALLY if you’ve felt yourself slipping.


It’s a natural reaction to want to contract, when things become tight, I know….


But I’m going to ask you to expand rather than contract because it’s really the only way to go.


In a nutshell, right now you have 2 choices….slide backwards OR take a quantum leap forward and set yourself on a path for the next-level of success in your business.


It really is time to set a new standard for yourself and achieve a new level. Doncha think?

Let me introduce you to



She Mastermind is designed to be a high-level, extremely focused mastermind group for women who already have an established business and are ready to turn it into a high-ticket online coaching empire. Here's what makes it different:

Structured to include planning, accountability, guidance and support every month

Provides a community of big thinking peers to support you to elevate higher

Focuses on supporting you to create predictable high-level income month after month

Includes access to ten's of thousands of dollars worth of quality online courses

TWO Live Masterclass calls every month to set targets, troubleshoot, & strategise

Additional TWO Monthly 2hr Office Hours sessions with direct access to Michelle

Monthly 'behind the scenes' training from my team on the tech side of business

Ongoing Voxer support for those urgent questions 5 days a week from Michelle

The opportunity to promote your business TWICE each month within the main FB Group

SHE Mastermind is all about giving you everything you need to take your business to the next level. Each month there is a specific focus on supporting you to create multiple streams of consistent income to enable you to create your high-ticket coaching EMPIRE.

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Who's a good fit for



You've got an established business, are a leader in your industry, highly motivated, and know how to hustle when you need to.

You're 100% committed to next-level success and prepared to do whatever it takes to create the results you want FAST.

You understand that levelling up is not a matter of just copying what I do but instead letting me guide you to find what is perfectly aligned for YOU.

You want honesty and can handle the odd dose of tough love because you know this is the quickest, simplest way to get form A to Z.

You're resourceful, capable and don't let your fears stop you from taking the necessary steps for you to succeed.

Michelle Hext has not only change my business but also my life. The mix of her decades of coaching business success, combined with awesome strategies and her compassionate heart have been the exact combination I've needed. With her, I've been totally understood AND passionately supported with practical, actionable guidance that has massively increased my income, but also my heartfelt joy in the results I'm able to deliver my clients. Michelles program has been the FIRST undeniable return - on - investment in over 16yrs in business. I could not recommend her any more highly.

Iesha Delune

Iesha Delune | Holistic Vitality

What's it like working with Michelle Hext?

Here's what her clients have to say……

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Tell me all about who is



Hi there I'm Michelle,

For the past three decades (yes, that long) I've worked in the coaching business space. I started my first online business before the internet had even really caught on and have ridden that wave. Here's a little more about me:

I love nothing more than helping industry experts to take what they know and get it out to the world via the internet so they can help more people. By doing this I feel I'm making an even bigger impact than I could on my own.

I've trained in Martial Arts since I was 22 and hold my 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. I've owned a Martial Arts School (bricks-n-mortar business) plus online fitness businesses before becoming a Results accredited coach in 1991.

I'm a mother of two grown-up kids who were my biggest teachers and who I'm immensely proud of. And I'm blessed to have a fabulous posse of girlfriends who I know have my back. 

I love luxury, sweating it out at the gym, traveling, journaling every day, walks on the ocean, my online community, and spending time with the love of my life Dave (not necessarily in that order of course!).

I'm very much about doing life and business completely on my own terms and I'll always say it as it is so you never have to wonder where you stand with me. Some people like that, others don't. 

What's included in



Every month Michelle will be guiding you through how to build multiple streams of income in your coaching business, helping you to better leverage your time using high-ticket offers AND mentoring you on how to become a more highly skilled and confident coach. Here's what else you get:

Monthly planning & targets Masterclass with a focus on having a product to promote each month and raising your profile.

Monthly troubleshooting & accountability Masterclass to make sure you are tracking correctly to achieve your targets.

Workbooks - to ensure you take action on the 4 major principles: product, promotion, profile and the intangibles and to keep you on track with your progress.

Access to ten's of thousands of dollars worth of quality online courses in the PROGRAM LIBRARY to support your success.

Live Drop-in Office Hours twice a month for 2 hours via Zoom giving you direct access to Michelle to ask questions and receive mentoring.

Monthly 'Behind the Scenes' training from MH Team on the tech side of everything to do with running your business.

Ongoing Voxer Support access to Michelle 5 days a week for those urgent questions so you can get unstuck quickly and continue moving forward.

The opportunity to go LIVE & PROMOTE TWICE each month inside the main FB Group (currently at 949 members) -> put into practice what you are learning!

"You have EVERYTHING I need to help you to build your online coaching that again...all you need to do is show up and let me help you to unpack all of that experience and wisdom and turn it into a high-ticket coaching program that get's phenomenal results for your clients and gives you the security of consistent income." - Michelle Hext



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Monthly Live Group Call

Every month there are two LIVE group calls where you can set your monthly GOALS and do the PLANNING to achieve them.

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Training Vault

Courses, Templates & Workbooks

You'll have access to my vault full of carefully chosen courses, templates, and workbooks on every topic you'll need to succeed.

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Monthly Live Support Call

On each of the monthly calls we will also hold you accountable, answer questions and provide any extra support needed.

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Growth Challenges

Monthly results implementation

To reward action & implementation, each month there will be a challenge with prizes awarded for growth and sales.

And These Bonuses Too

Bonus #1

Additional tech training

Inside the club there will be additional live trainings provided by the tech & marketing experts that form part of my team.

Bonus #2

Promotion opportunities

High Ticket Club members can do 1 promo post + 1 education post each week in the main FB Group (currently 920 members).

Bonus #3

Q & A board for extra support

For additional support you'll have access to a Q&A board to ask any questions on business, product, profile & promotion.

Digital Courses ONLY available to SHE Mastermind VIP Members

The only way to gain access to these courses below is by joining She Mastermind VIP where you will have immediate access to all of them for as long as you remain a member.

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Take your business to the next level with the right support, advice and guidance.

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