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Leverage your industry expertise and transform your knowledge to take you from $0 to $10k months...FAST!

Does this sound like you?

You have a successful business but you're working a ridiculous amount of hours to sustain it.

You are a leader and innovator within your industry but you've hit an upper limit.

You want to help others in your industry have the same success but don't know how to do that.

You've dabbled online but don't have time to wade through all the white noise to find what works.

You want more profit, working less hours, so you can spend more time with your family.

You're set up online but want a fast and sure fire way of scaling to the next level. 

Isn't it time you put your expertise out into the online world and leverage it to create even more financial security and freedom for you and your family

The High Ticket Coaches Club is the perfect blend of practical strategies, high-vibe group environment, and real accountability designed to elevate you from where you are now to stepping into the role of a high-ticket industry specific successful business.

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The Proven Method

Each month we'll dive deeper into my proven method for growing an online business empire. The exact same strategies I use with my private six and seven figure clients AND that I've used in my own business to do the same.



CREATE carefully designed 'products' (offers) that feel good, get phenomenal results, and turn your clients into raving fans.


SHINE the light on your expertise and expand your profile to attract the quality ideal clients you want to be working with. 


SCALE your audience by implementing the latest tried and tested promotional strategies and increase your income to six figures...fast!


This is what brings it all together! The secret sauce to both your personal and business success. The missing link.

Hi Michelle,
I just wanted to share my awesome news with you...I've just landed my first YES for a $6.5k coaching package!!

I'm so THRILLED and grateful your training and support, and for you telling me to pull my socks up and ask for the sale!

You really helped increase my confidence and it's paid off.

Thank you

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Nirelle Bennett | Business Coach & Hypnotherapist


Imagine being given everything you need each month to generate consistent high level income and achieve six figures in your business.

Here’s how we’re going to do just that….

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Monthly Live Group Call

Every month there are two LIVE group calls where you can set your monthly GOALS and do the PLANNING to achieve them.

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Training Vault

Courses, Templates & Workbooks

You'll have access to my vault full of carefully chosen courses, templates, and workbooks on every topic you'll need to succeed.

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Monthly Live Support Call

On each of the monthly calls we will also hold you accountable, answer questions and provide any extra support needed.

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Growth Challenges

Monthly results implementation

To reward action & implementation, each month there will be a challenge with prizes awarded for growth and sales.

And These Bonuses Too

Bonus #1

Additional tech training

Inside the club there will be additional live trainings provided by the tech & marketing experts that form part of my team.

Bonus #2

Promotion opportunities

High Ticket Club members can do 2 promo post each month inside the main FB Group (currently 1,000+ members).

Bonus #3

Q & A board for extra support

For additional support you'll have access to a Q&A board to ask any questions on business, product, profile & promotion.


Leverage your industry expertise and transform your knowledge to take you from $0 to $10k months...FAST!

I have worked hard over the last 20 years to get where I am today and I'm finally putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Best thing I've done this year is reach out to Michelle Hext. The second best thing I've done is leave my business partnership (on good terms) to do what I want to do 100%. My clients are getting fantastic results and I am feeling more confident and accomplished every day. Thanks Michelle for everything! When we first spoke I don't think I believed in myself 100% but I AM a goal-getter and when I want something I now go out and get it xx

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Nicole Forgione | Fitness & Nutrition Coach

Who is this for

The whole premise of the high ticket club is business growth

Business Owners to gain the knowledge, support and expert guidance to grow their business to the next level.

Coaches from all industries to stop playing small and create the mindset and know how to start charging higher prices. 

Entrepreneurs who are DONE with doing it all themselves and working a million hours are ready to scale. 

Industry Leaders that already have a successful business and now want to teach others how to do the same.

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How is it delivered


We understand how precious your time is, and no one likes having to search for their login details (Am I right?!)

So, to make it quick and easy for you to access everything you need it will all be housed inside of the High Ticket Club Private Facebook Group.

All the monthly calls, the workbooks, the training, everything will be in the one place.

And don't worry, it will be organised so you can quickly and easily find what you want via the different tabs.

Simple, quick & effective delivery...

There's SO much included in your Membership

The High-ticket Coaches Club

Monthly live (on Zoom) Goals & Planning Coaching Call

A SECOND monthly live (on Zoom) Accountability & Support Call

A monthly workbook covering Product, Profile, Promotion for that month

Access to the High-Ticket Business Vault of masterclasses, downloads, templates, blueprints

Additional training from my expert team of marketers, social media managers, and technical assistance

Q&A Board for you to post your questions and get support

Monthly Accountability Challenges (with prizes awarded for growth & sales)

The exclusive opportunity to promote your business within the Build Your Empire FB Group

Plus a live interactive Private FB Group of your peers to lean on, collaborate and celebrate with

The Intangibles

The ENTIRE PREMISE of this Club Membership is GROWTH for you and your business.

Thread throughout this entire program is the stuff that makes ALL the difference….the “intangible”.

The Mindset Stuff + The Energy Stuff (nothing too woo woo or crazy I promise) + The Wisdom Stuff that I bring having been in this game for DECADES!!

These alone make this program priceless.

Hear what my fabulous clients have to say……

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Who is it delivered by

Hi I'm Michelle Hext

online business growth specialist

I absolutely love to work with business owners who have the knowledge and experience to make phenomenal shifts for their clients and want to bottle all that up and put it online.

Having been in this industry for over three decades, (yes that long!) through personal experience I've basically made the mistakes so that you don't have to.

This means I can cut through all the white noise out there, minimise your learning curve, and take you straight to what's going to work for YOUR business.

Over the years, (and thousands of clients) I've devised a simple framework that gives you the right foundations but is also flexible to adapt to each individual and unique business. There's no cookie cutter or squeezing you into a box here!

So, if you're serious about where you want to take your business then I know I can get you there.

But if you don't like me showing up in my training gear, being told the truth, or the occasional swear word, then I might not be your girl and that's ok too.


Leverage your industry expertise and transform your knowledge to take you from $0 to $10k months...FAST!

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Our Guarantee


You will be challenged and stretched beyond the levels you've limited yourself to so far.

We will share the behind the scenes stuff so you get the facts and real life experience.

You will have to do things you haven't done before but we'll show you how. 

We will provide the support you need to make your business a success online.

It will be well and truly worth it as you get to experience the success you dream of.

Michelle has an incredible ability to quickly understand the nuances of each different business and encapsulate the strengths and benefits clearly and succinctly.

She ignites within us a way to connect with our own intuitive understanding of our business and tease out our unique offer that will speak compellingly to potential clients.

She instils a sense of enthusiasm and confidence, a “Can Do” approach that is simple and effective.

Michelle is truly passionate about her clients wins, and so effective in guiding them to attain them and go beyond.

Julie Cumming

Julie Cumming | Property educator & advocate, Hatch property

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Frequently asked questions



Leverage your industry expertise and transform your knowledge to take you from $0 to $10k months...FAST!