Why Most Coaches Suck At Sales

Why most coaches suck at sales.

I used to constantly tell myself I sucked at selling and so it became a self-fulfilling prophecy…. I really DID suck at sales and the more I told myself I sucked the suckier I became!

Sound familiar? I wouldn’t be surprised if it does because this is a pretty common thing for the coaches I work with and the coaches inside my community. https://www.facebook.com/groups/secretcoachesbusiness/

They, like me up until a few years ago, would do anything to avoid running sales calls, or as we commonly call them in the coaching industry “discovery calls” and their businesses reflected this.

HERE’S WHAT I DISCOVERED that changed everything for me.

Most successful coaches LOVE sales calls…in fact, this is often HOW they become successful and can then go ahead and scale beyond running calls BUT most of the successful coaches you see, me included, got great at these calls. 

This was truly a game-changer for me and so I got over myself and decided to embrace the fact that this was a skill I would need to learn if I wanted the same success I was witnessing other coaches achieve.

Today I LOVE my discovery calls and my conversation rate is ridiculous (in a good way).

Let me just say that this is NOT because I became a master salesperson or fell in love with selling.

Far from it.

Plus I’m an introvert who loathes being on the phone and so while I can barely muster the energy to call my mum on a regular basis, these days I adore coaching my private clients AND running discovery calls..who knew!! 

When my calls began converting at a ridiculous rate (this turned around fast) and I found myself working with dream client after dream client BECAUSE of these calls I became hooked.

I want you to become hooked too!

If you want to hear about why most coaches suck at sales, how I changed my sales game and how I teach my clients to sell with confidence then please keep reading.


There’s a multitude of reasons really but here are the top 3 that keep coming up in my work with coaches.

1: They’re trying to use the dodge sales script/ process their coaching training provided and that doesn’t work for most coaches because it feels staged and unnatural and if you’re not comfortable in the sales conversation your potential clients won’t be either and it just ends up being some awkward conversation that comes to an abrupt ending with everyone feeling weirded out, which is why so few coaches follow up after these calls but that’s a post for another day.

2: They head into the sales call desperate for the sale, this is what kills most calls dead in the water. It’s like when you head into a bar and you can sense the most desperate single in the room…everyone’s avoiding them…because it’s nasty energy. That’s what it feels like for your potential client when they come onto a call and you’re all desperate and needy for the sale.

3:  They start coaching on the call, this is a big no-no. Do NOT coach in your sales calls people! When you do this your potential client’s mind shifts into getting off the call so they can take action and you’ve lost them.  Discovery Calls are an exploration ie: can you help this person? Are they a good fit? Can they afford you? Are you a good fit for them?  ZERO coaching should take place on DC’s. The minute you start jumping through hoops and “performing”, trying to prove yourself…you’ve lost the sale.

4: The calls are unqualified and so they have no idea about the person coming onto the call (if they even show up). ALL of my discovery calls are screened ahead of time so I’m never wasting my precious time on calls I know will go nowhere.

5:  This is a big one….they lack clarity and confidence in themselves as coaches and what it is they offer.  If you’re not 100% convicted that you’re an amazing coach who knows they’re shiz and 100% clear on what you do and how you do it you WILL struggle to close any sale.


Again there’s a multitude of things I have changed over the years but in the interests of keeping this to a reasonable length, I’ll cover the main ones.

1: I stopped talking and started listening, these days if I’m doing more talking than my caller I know I’m trying too hard. The majority of my call is spent listening for what’s really going on so I can share my true observations with my caller and also determine: Is this someone I can help?  Do I like this person? Are they being honest? The ENTIRE time I’m listening for clues about what’s really going on for my caller and determining if I want to work with them. 

2: I screen all of my calls first to ensure I’m not wasting my time or my callers…you can see how I do that here: https://www.michellehext.com/discovery-call/

3: I’m completely detached from any outcome, if the person becomes a client that’s great, if not that’s ok either. This is NOT something determined by an overflowing bank balance, I adopted this when I sucked and needed to make money. I’m also playing the long game and I know that even if the caller isn’t a good fit now or not ready now, there’s a good chance they will be ready in the future. I have had people get in touch with me years after a discovery call ready to get started. Every call is another seed planted for the future so I work hard to ensure the experience is good and that the person always feels they can reach out to me at any time in the future. 

4: I’m 100% confident and 100% clear.

5: I’m super relaxed and feel zero pressure to perform or to prove anything to anyone, I create a lot of high-quality free content and my sales pages are super clear so far me these calls are mostly a formality because my callers have either been in my community or have consumed my free content and already know they want to work with me if I think they’re a good fit.


What I really want you to understand is that the sales call is the final piece of the puzzle and it really everything you do BEFORE the call that set’s you up for a win and makes the calls a formality.

The checklist I’m running in the background preparing my clients for confident selling goes like this:

1: Are they confident they can deliver a result for their client? If not we work on that.

2: Do they have a clear offer that is easy for dream clients to understand and say yes to? If not we work on that.

3: Are they prepared for a yes? Meaning, if a client says yes do they have their systems in place to swing into action? If not we work on that.

4: Are they creating high-quality content for their potential clients to consume so that when they schedule a discovery call the person is already familiar with their work? If not we work on that.

5: Do they feel comfortable in a sales conversation and in asking for the sale? If not we work on that.

Many coaches come to me lacking clarity and confidence and it’s my job to ensure both of those challenges are overcome by developing congruency and alignment across all facets of their business so that when those discovery calls start coming in they’re eager to run them and confident their conversion rate will climb quickly.

M xo

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