There’s A Time For Hustle

There’s A Time For HUSTLE

I am ALL about letting things be easy and working from a place of flow and in complete and total alignment… fact that’s how I do business 80% of the time, and then there are the times I feel the need to PUSH.

I think we can all be guilty of coasting at times and then we look up and realise it’s been a while since we REALLY pushed hard in our business, since we REALLY, TRULY hustled to make things happen, or happen faster.

Right now I’m in FULL hustle mode and for me, hustle means content, content and MORE content.

I’m committed to blogging every single weekday.

Live streaming every single weekday.

Emailing my list every single weekday.

Updating my Youtube and Website every single weekday.

Upping my insta game every single weekday.

Introducing new (to me) social platforms to spread my reach even further.

Running more free Masterclasses.

And launching more programs than I have in a while.

This isn’t new for me, if you’ve been in my world for a while you’ll have seen this before, where I pick up the pace and hustle my ass off.

I know ya’ll notice because you’re in my inbox letting me know I’m on fire.

Here’s the thing…YOU can do this too.

I’m not doing anything differently to what I would normally do, I’m just doing MORE OF IT…a lot more.

This creates momentum.

Sales pick up.

And I am so firmly in my zone you couldn’t pry me out with a crowbar.

Every time I do this I lift another level and even when I lose steam and take my foot off the pedal I’m still better for it and my usual pace of ease has a little more hustle to it.

Is this pace sustainable? 

For some people, it is…for me these days not so much but a month or so of pushing like this is all I need to create a massive impact on my bottom line.

So where are YOU at right now?

Is it time to pick up the pace and hustle?

If so you know what to do! 

Go make it happen!

M xo

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