The Next Level Is Calling You…..


Whilst I’m writing this as our current DECADE comes to a close ya’ll know you can apply this anytime you’re feeling those frustrating and uncomfortable growing pains right?

Growing pains….let’s discuss!

Not all kids experience actual growing pains but I suffered really badly from them…I can remember often laying awake at night in SOOO much pain as my legs ached like a bitch….I think the writing was on the wall there and then!

Not all adults experience growing pains either…..most adults are happy to tick along and live inside their comfort zones letting life take them wherever it likes.

But us?

We’re locked into a life of growth and expansion and this means that at times we’re going to suffer growing pains…so we better learn to recognise and embrace this part of ourselves and use it to our advantage.

You know what it feels like…you’re unsettled, irritable, you can’t focus, you’re bored out of your brain and things can start to turn destructive because we’re looking for relief from being in the wilderness that is uncertainty….we don’t know what the hell to do with ourselves.

Now to the uninitiated this might seem like a BAD thing…but it’s not….this is the part of you that recognises that it’s time to grow nudging the part of you that isn’t aware of it yet…..something inside of you is trying to get your attention and like a toddler throwing a tantrum things will ramp up UNTIL you give it the attention it’s calling for.

So…we’ve established now that while this FEELS crappy, it’s actually a GOOD thing…in fact THE thing that set’s us apart from most…it’s our special spidey senses telling us we’ve hung around in mediocrity (for us) too long and it’s time to shake shit up.

Now that we’ve recognised this we need to move on to the next step…this usually means acknowledging the thing we’ve been pretending isn’t there…..we’re on the edge of change….on the edge of something BIG and it’s scares the shit out of us because it’s going to mean taking risks and while we KNOW this is inevitable on the way to success we also know it feels sucky because BIG risk is scary….even for us.

Risk in this sense doesn’t mean jumping out of a plane or embarking on a cave diving mission….in fact most of us would PREFER that kind of risk compared to the risks we’re facing.

Risks like DECIDING that you’re sick of playing small and knowing that means putting yourself out there in a more prolific way.

Like 10X-ing your prices as you position yourself as a high-ticket coach because you KNOW it’s time.

Risks like deciding on your NICHE and truly going for it in that space.

Running your first event….speaking on stage…….launching your first high-ticket program……all big juicy risks in our world.

Sure…no-one’s going to die when you take any of the action above but it FEELS BIG when you’re on the edge of a leap and uncertainty, doubt and fear are kicking your ass.

But my love….it’s time.

You know it.

I know it.

WE know it.

So there’s only one thing to do…’s time to LEAP.

It’s time to turn your attention to what you really want.

And what you really want is a big life…..with all the trappings……freedom in all it’s forms (financial, creative, time)…impact……the dream clients…..playing at the level of those you admire….it really is your time…isn’t it?

You can’t un-see your dreams…..your REAL dreams…..they’re there….and you WILL keep experiencing those growing pains UNTIL you decide to make them happen.

So make them happen.

What have you got to lose?

Only your MIND if you don’t!

It only takes a moment of courage to DECIDE and then take your first action so there IS no going back.

The next level is calling you……what does that look like for you?

Spend some time now answering the following questions.


1: What do you want?

2: What do you REALLY want?

3: Stop playing small….what do you really, really, REALLY want?

4: What DECISION do you need to make right now?

5: What’s the very first ACTION you need to take right NOW…so you can’t go back?


And join me at the High-Ticket Table….it’s good here……the work INVIGORATES you…..EXCELLENT clients….the money’s great and life is filled with freedom and fun….don’t you want that too?

You’d be mad not to!


P.S: Not sure where to start?

Then let me help! One of my greatest gifts is helping coaches dream big and help them to see what they’re TRULY capable, often we’re too close out our own stuff and stuck in our own baggage to see how poweful and brilliant we really are and without that KNOWING it’s tough to get out of the gates…so read on to see how we can make this happen for you fast.


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