If you’re clicking on anything with the word MASTERMIND in it that tells me you’re searching for a way to level up and expand.


You’re probably also pretty fed up with trying to do this thing alone AND feeling a little lonely because you’ve outgrown everyone and everything around you.


While none of that feels great it’s actually something to get excited about because what this really means is you’re poised for your next level of growth.


Perhaps right now you’re in unchartered territory…you’ve been able to take things THIS far….and now you’re not sure about where to from here or you’re just fed up with trying to work this out on your own.

Stay here long enough and things start to slide backwards fast if they haven’t started to already….so right now it’s important to make this situation work FOR you….it’s important to leverage this call for growth and expansion and use it to propel you forward…otherwise, you WILL end up in a ditch if you aren’t there already. I’ve been mentoring coaches long enough to see this play out countless times….like clockwork.

It’s never easy or comfortable to take a leap into the unknown ESPECIALLY if you’ve felt yourself slipping,  it’s natural to want to contract when things become tight I know….but I’m going to ask you to expand rather than contract because it’s really the only way to go. In a nutshell, right now you have 2 choices….slide backwards OR take a quantum leap forward and set yourself on a path for next level success in your coaching business.

It really is time to set a new standard for yourself and your coaching business and achieve a new level. Doncha think??


So….let me tell you about THE MASTERMIND.

I’ve designed this program as a blend of private coaching and a high-level group mastermind because right now you need both…you need me to help support and guide you and you need a peer group on the same level as you so you feel part of something…you need a community of like-minded and elevated thinkers who totally get you AND who will also support you (as you support them) so you don’t feel so fricken lonely anymore.

Who I’ve  Designed This Program For…





You’re motivated, resourceful and know how to hustle.


You’re 100% committed to next level success and prepared to roll up your sleeves, get uncomfortable and do whatever it takes to create the results you want FAST.


You understand that levelling up is not a matter of copying what I do but instead letting me guide you to finding what is perfectly aligned for YOU.


You know that while I’m going to share my expertise, wisdom, what works for me and everything in between I’m going to expect you to draw on your own insight and the deep knowledge you’re probably taking for granted right now.


You want honesty and can handle the odd dose of tough love because you know this the quickest, simplest way to get from A to Z.




You have to be ALL IN with your business so if your business is a hobby or you’re kinda sorta dabbling in this thing you won’t do the work required or be as committed as you need to be to get a result. The people I work best with NEED their businesses to succeed at the highest level possible.


You’re looking for someone to hold your hand and spell out what to do every step of the way. I work best with big thinkers and doers who need help with high-level strategy but know how to lean into their own inner wisdom to take care of the detail.


You’re addicted to excuses and blaming others for where you’re at. It’s important for me to work with coaches who take responsibility for their mistakes as well as their successes.

Here’s What’s Included


Private Coaching Every Month

Unlimited Support Via Private Mastermind Facebook Group + Messenger / Voicemail Chat (Monday – Friday)

1 Live Group Training Every Month

Live Group Coaching Calls

Access To Any Group Programs I Run

Access To Any Past Programs You’d Like Access To

Mastermind Content Dashboard

The Structure & Focus Of The Program


You can join this program at any time so long as there are spaces available as it a rolling program rather than syllabus based.


The focus of the program is to help you to get your coaching business humming along so you’re attracting new clients every month with ease and creating predictable high-level income month after month.


I’ll be working with you to build multiple streams of income and to help you to better leverage your time via group and digital programs.

The Investment & Commitment

OPTION ONE: $2,500 USD per month.

OPTION TWO: $13,000 USD Pay In Full For 6 months (save $2000)

It’s important that the coaches I take into this program are fully committed so I ask that you commit to a minimum stay of 3 months, after that you can decide to stay as long as you like or if you’ve got all you need from the program head off on your own with my blessing.




Please complete the form below and I’ll be in touch within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

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