Success Is Messy

Success Is Messy

A little while ago I bumped into a past colleague of mine, a real blast from the past, and a little while later we met up for coffee and a chat.

The conversation was fantastic, the sort that two battle hardened entrepreneurs LOVE to have as we shared our individual journeys over the past 6 or 7 years since we’d been in touch.

It was interesting and at the same time familiar to hear how after many years of changing tack and going off on tangents she had arrived at EXACTLY where she is most powerful in business.

I’ve done the same thing myself.

In fact I have yet to meet a coach who 10 years down the track is doing the thing they started out doing all those years ago.

You see success is messy and it’s more than ok to make the mother of all messes along the way….in fact…it’s a right of passage to make messes along the way because this is what brings us something that money can’t buy…EXPERIENCE.

As my colleague and I chatted about the detours we took and the messes we made along the way we both acknowledged that this is what experience is made of and that every single experience piles on top of the one before it to create a mountain of knowledge and experience that is priceless.

No course on earth will ever teach you the same resilience you find through having to repeatedly pick yourself up and dust yourself off for another round.

My colleague said “we are still here, we worked through it, we figured it out and we didn’t stop when it got too hard”.

She was right, many people we know have fallen by the wayside, have taken jobs and abandoned their entrepreneurial dreams in favour of safety (and sanity no doubt!).

For some this is the perfect choice but those of us with entrepreneurial blood running through our veins that can never be a viable option and we will fight on UNTIL….until we achieve what we’re after.

Myself, along with many of my fellow coaches, have suffered lean times, experienced set backs, hit brick walls we thought we couldn’t get through and have experienced epic failures but never, ever did we want to quit.

We head back to the drawing board, take time to lick our wounds and come out bigger and better than ever before and full of optimism.

We support one another, we lift each other up and utter the phrase “we’ve all been THERE!!” more than once (and probably will again).

We’ve ALL made a mess at some point (you can create success without it), we’ve all had to lick our wounds and start again and none of us would trade it for quids.

So when you’re thinking “this is a mess” know you are doing it right!

Have faith that this is simply a big messy question you need to figure out the answer too.

Back yourself that you can and will find that answer….that you WILL figure it out and that when you do you will once again be picked up on a wave of momentum that will carry you for weeks if not months or years.

So if you want success…if you want to REALLY, ABSOLUTELY, FOR SURE want to live the life of a successful coach and entrepreneurial …. roll your sleeves up, foster your conviction to make stuff happen and prepare to make a mess……and know that success (along with pride and fulfilment) will be waiting for you at the other end.

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I’ll see you there.

M x

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