Most coaches will overcomplicate the process of making money in their business, and they will spend time on tasks that keep them busy...and broke.

How To Make 6 Figures In 6 Months As A High-Ticket Coach is my proven framework for helping coaches become profitable fast by gaining clarity and then executing simple and effective strategies that move the needle on money-making!

If you're fed up with putting in the work and not making money, I invite you to step into my world so we can remedy that quick smart!

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Less than 5% of the coaching industry will hit six figures.

Not because they aren't great coaches, they simply don't have the clarity or the business and marketing skills required to create financial success.

Coaching is one thing - business and marketing another.

This book teaches you the four fundamentals you MUST master if you want to be successful in this industry.

  • What You're Selling
  • Who You're Selling To
  • How To Sell
  • How To Attract Paying Clients

Most coaches will fail to make any significant money in their coaching business because:

* They lack clarity.

* They lack confidence in their offers.

* They lack marketing skills.

* They lack the skills required to be a successful online entrepreneur (part of the deal with being a coach).

* They’re stuck in perpetual planning with very little execution.

* They’re overwhelmed.

* They’re confused.

* They’re consumed with busy-work that doesn’t deliver a financial outcome.

* Their messaging is confusing and noisy and does very little to turn an audience into paying clients.

There is a hard way to make money as a coach…and there is an easy way. In this practical guide, I am going to show you the easy way.

My way is simple.

It’s strategic,

And it works.

I’ve developed a reputation for getting big financial results for my clients FAST.

I deliver exceptional results on repeat because I know what my clients need to do to start making money. I cut through the crap and the noise and the “should do’s”, and we get to work.

In this book, I am sharing the same strategies I share with my clients to take them from zero (or stalled) to highly profitable quickly, establish themselves as influential leaders in their niche and develop the marketing and entrepreneurial skills they need to sustain ever-increasing success for the long haul.

Sound like something you need?

Excellent, then I hope you’ll download the opening chapter of this labour of love and trust me to lead you to profitability quickly and simply.

My name is Michelle Hext.

I've been mentoring coaches to success for over 20 years.

I wrote this book for the industry I love and the people within it because our industry needs it. There are more coaches online than ever before, yet very few are making money.

If you aren't making money in your coaching business in spite of all of your efforts, I encourage you to download the first chapter of my book; I think you will see very quickly where you've been misled and how quickly we can turn things around for you.

If you already have experienced success, you know there's another level tapping on your shoulder; I encourage you to grab this free chapter also; you might just find that my simple, strategic and practical approach has been what you've been seeking to take your business to another level.

Enjoy your free chapter, and I'm excited to hear of your successes once you start implementing the lessons I am teaching inside.

Michelle Hext, Author, High Ticket Offer Launch & Scale Strategist, Mentor