On my newsfeed in the last 30 minutes I’ve seen “copy my top 6 sales funnels” and “I’m giving you access to all of my swipe files”.



If being a successful entrepreneur was really a simple matter of copy and paste wouldn’t everyone be doing it?

And everyone would successful, right??

I’m calling BS on those offers and don’t even get me started on how annoyed I get when people fall for that shit!

Copying someone’s email swipe files or sales funnel isn’t going to make you successful….it makes you a copycat (even though you have permission which is a whole other issue I struggle to wrap my head around!).

And it makes you a lazy thinker relying on someone else’s thinking.

And it tells me you don’t trust yourself to get it right without copying someone else.

And that you’re hoping for some kind of quick fix miracle overdoing the actual work to come up with your own unique ideas.

True entrepreneurs aren’t interested in copying someone else’s work or cutting and pasting their way to success.

True entrepreneurs are excited about uncovering what makes their market tick and then creating something they KNOW will excite their market and get them talking. AND it excites us as much to share it!

That’s part of the entrepreneurial game.

There are no shortcuts.

So stop looking for them and instead do the work.

Love your tribe enough to want to bring them something you’re dying for them to experience based on your own inspired thinking and gut instinct.

I’m not sure how excited you can get about copying someone else’s ideas.

So….if even for a fleeting moment you find yourself considering the idea because it seems EASY and FASTER…trust me, you won’t respect yourself in the morning if you do it so STEP AWAY from the buy button!!

You’re better than that!


Whew….can I just say that for the first time in a very long time I’m SOOOO bloody happy it’s Friday!!

My content has been a little light on because my usual steady stream of ideas seemingly dried up the minute I landed back in Melbourne!

BUT the focus for me over the last week has been to keep following my routine as closely as possible and know it would turn around eventually. NOT something I’ve struggled with for a very long time (it was the bloody holiday that did it!!).

When I racked my brain and came up with “I got noth’n” time and time again I didn’t force it…I’d rather deliver you less than pump out content I wasn’t feeling.

Turns out I was just a little pooped after hitting the ground running and not having too many moments to spare to just let my mind be.

I spent half of the day on the couch yesterday and the only reason I actually got my ass out of my trackies and dressed was because my gorgeous girl came to visit and well….no-one needs to see that!

Yesterday’s downtime and a light on day today have me feeling the love again and while I’m looking forward to taking the weekend to recharge and not do a whole lot I am SOOOO excited to get back to my usual pace come Monday.

So please excuse my less than sassy self since my return and I promise I’ll be back to usual bouncy, creative, content delivering best next week.

Big mwah xox

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