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Launch Your Online Academy

Learn how to PLAN, BUILD, and START ENROLLING STUDENTS in your own Online Academy!




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What is an Online Academy and how you can use it to leverage your expertise! Teaching one to MANY = More Money and More Impact.

How to make a plan and get things moving! Figure out what you’ll be offering, how to deliver your content to students, and what tools you need.

How to build the academy. All the moving pieces can look overwhelming so I’m walking you through each step to make the build far less complicated.

How to start enrolling students! I’ll show you how to create a marketing strategy to get your academy in front of the right people who will quickly become your students!

BONUS CHECKLIST: You’ll get a customized checklist that I made specifically for this masterclass to make it easy for you to keep track of the step-by-step approach you’ll be learning!

It’s time to start making money off of the skills you’ve already mastered!

MICHELLE HEXT - 7+ Figure High Ticket Launch > Scale Strategist

🍾 Your VIP life is one High Ticket Offer away.

💰7 Fig+ High Ticket Offer Scale Strategist.

🏆High-Level Mentor to Multi 6/7 Fig+ entrepreneurs.

💎Build Your High Ticket Brand Online.

🚀Launch > Grow > Perfect > Scale.


Michelle Hext is the worlds leading authority in pinpointing your area of genius, crafting and Launching High Ticket Offers, growing them and them scaling them.


There aren’t too many coaches who can say they’ve been coaching since 1991 (yes, I’m showing my age!) but I want you to know that in this world of insta-coaches (you know, coaches who have a fleeting success and then appoint themselves success coaches) and over-inflated claims that there are those of us who ARE the real deal and have been in this game since before Social Media was even a thing!


I know the BUSINESS OF COACHING like the back of my hand having been in it for well over 2 decades and having launched over 300 coaching programs from low cost to high-ticket and helping my clients do the same so you can bet I know a thing or two about being a great coach AND how to grow and sustain a successful coaching business.


If you’re worried about where your next coaching client is coming from trust me when I say you’re on borrowed time, white-knuckling your way to making money in coaching business is no fun and it’s STRESSFUL!


I’ve been mentoring coaches for over 20 years so I see your struggles up close and personal every day in my business, let me say this…there’s an easier way and I can show you how.



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