I find creating content SOOOO frik’n EASY I could do it in my sleep and there’s not much I love more than creating online programs.⠀

In fact, I’ve launched over 100 programs since 2006 when I first launched online….it’s my jam.⠀

But I know not everyone is good at this and that overthinking can be your WORST enemy when it comes to content creation…so I’m gonna help you out!⠀

I will do a full training on this in my new membership program (https://www.michellehext.com/membership) soon and really map out my process for you but in the meantime here are 3 things to remember.⠀

What’s your promise? ⠀
Is it to show someone how to improve gut health?⠀
Run a successful Facebook ads campaign?⠀
How to make mineral makeup from scratch?⠀
Keep your outcome in mind when you map out your framework and create from there.⠀
What are the big steps that need to take place on the way to this outcome? Those key steps are your main framework.⠀

It’s tempting to add ALL-THE-THINGS to your course because you want to give great value and you also want to convey your expertise BUT too many courses are abandoned because they’re too content heavy.⠀
One look at a 90-minute video and I run for the hills!⠀
Give enough information and tasks to give your people the result they desire and nothing more.⠀
If the length of the training looks simple and doable it’ll get done, your clients will get a result and then everyone’s happy.

Sometimes you’ll map out your framework only to find that some of the content you want to include doesn’t fit under the headings of main modules.
If you still really want to add those items to the program don’t try to squeeze them into your existing modules, instead, you can add a BONUS section and add the content there but be sure to let your people know WHY it’s there and how you’d like them to use it.

I hope that helps but please remember that creating online programs really isn’t a big deal so don’t make it bigger than it needs to be.

You have great content, you just need to wrangle it into a framework of modules that make sense and to keep things simple.

If you loved this content then you will LOVE my new membership program The Leveraged Entrepreneur – it’s $20 a month and launches soon, head here https://www.michellehext.com/membership/ and get yourself on the waitlist because when the doors open at the end of the month they’ll only be open for 1 week.

M xo

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