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Live Masterclass



...and how YOU can start implementing these principles in your coaching business right away!


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Melbourne Time:
Thursday, September 16 at 11:00 AM
Los Angeles Time:
Wednesday, September 15 at 6:00 PM

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Inside this live Masterclass

here's some of what I cover:

How to elevate your business and increase revenue instantly by introducing high-ticket offers that put you on the map.

How to discover the perfect lead generation tool that makes attracting clients to your high-ticket offers simple.

How to become more visible, create more impact online and attract an audience of dream clients.

The secret sauce of intangibles, the mindset and inner work that makes success inevitable.

About Me


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Michelle Hext has been in the coaching industry for over three decades. (There aren’t too many coaches who can say they’ve been coaching since 1991!)


And in a world full of over inflated claims and insta-coaches (you know, coaches who have a fleeting success and then appoint themselves success coaches) Michelle is part of a rare breed who ARE the real deal and have been in this game since before Social Media was even a thing!


A three time published author with over 300 online coaching programs under her belt Michelle knows the BUSINESS OF COACHING like the back of her hand. It's in her blood and has been since she was a teen.


If you’re truly ready to step into the world of high-ticket coaching and start leveraging your hard-earned expertise you're in the right hands with Michelle. You'll not only learn how to be a brilliant coach but also to grow and sustain a successful coaching online empire.

Here's what some of

Michelle's clients have said....

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Disclaimer: Sales figures and results listed above in our marketing material are not typical and are the result of years of experience, experimenting, and learning from mistakes. These figures and results are used specifically as examples. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors.

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