Lets Talk Visibility Part 8 Michelle Hext

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 8 – Two Money Making Content Strategies

Michelle Hext · LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 8

I know you’re probably at the point now where you’re all SHOW ME THE MONEY…and so here we are…by now I hope you’re brimming with confidence and super eager to start showing up online like a BOSS…. so….let’s get you making money from your content asap.

The 30-day content challenge I set you in Part 7 will get you into the swing of daily content and it will do wonders for your business I promise but I also want to share 2 other money-making content strategies I use in my own business and encourage my clients to use also.

To be significantly successful both of these strategies rely on paid traffic in the form of Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads or both and as new platforms are introduced, so long as they suit your specific audience, you want to be leveraging paid traffic there too.

You CAN employ these strategies without spending money if you can get your offers into the hands of enough people to make it work but this is the exception for most coaches, rather than the rule and investing in paid traffic will always allow you to dial up any results you do experience.

Honestly, if you’re serious about growing your coaching business you will need to get your head around the need to invest in paid traffic to grow and scale your coaching business to the generate the financial numbers that will create the type of lifestyle I know you want to live.

BUT…before you spend a cent on marketing I BEG you to do your homework first, know your market, know what they need, what will spark their interest in terms of content and imagery and make sure the quality of your landing page is high because you only have one chance to make a first impression when it comes to the cold traffic that will be engaging with your ads and landing pages.

And that one chance lasts a nano-second so everything I’ve mentioned above really has to pop and make a big impact fast.

Ok…without further ado here are my top 2 strategies for making money with free content (as opposed to paid content in the form of digital or coaching based programs).


As I have already mentioned, I always begin with the offer I’m enrolling at the time and work backwards from there.

Sometimes I’ll use both of these strategies as part of a campaign and other times just one, this is flexible and it’s meant to be a GUIDE, not a set in stone formula you should follow blindly so remember to trust your instincts and go with what feels like the most right, and most fun for you.

If you run with the strategy you’re most excited about you can’t go wrong…energy is everything and your people will pick up on your infectious energy.

STRATEGY ONE – Facebook Challenge

Facebook Challenges are a really great way to get your people involved and increase engagement inside your community.

If you aren’t already a member of my free FB community “Become A High-Ticket Coach” go there IMMEDIATELY ???? 

Once inside you’ll be able to see my past challenges and how they have tied in with the offer I was running at the time.


Here is an example of a challenge I recently ran: https://www.michellehext.com/how-to-get-more-coaching-clients

We ran ads to this landing page and instead of asking people to opt-in to be added to my mailing list, I sent them directly to the group.

Usually with something like this you’d request participants to opt-in but I wanted ZERO friction here, meaning that asking people to opt-in will lead to a drop off rate making my ads more expensive and lead to fewer coaches joining my community.

I’m relying on the fact that my group, the content I’ve provided inside already along with the upcoming challenge will keep those coaches in my world despite not having them on my email list.

Adding people to my list wasn’t my priority here….growing my group was.

There are a bazillion Challenge’s being marketed every day on the interwebs so your challenge MUST be compelling.

Think about what your people really want and need right now….in my example you can see that this is “getting more coaching clients”, something I know my people struggle with all the time..this IS compelling.

The challenge must match that with YOUR genius skillset so you SHINE as you lead this challenge.

You must present your challenge in a visually appealing and compelling way so it creates visual impact and tells the story of your brand quickly.

Ensure you’re targeting the right audience to ensure the right traffic running to your challenge landing page.

And voila….get all of this right and your challenge WILL fill, and from there, while people are excited and engaged you can share your offer and sign people up.


1 – A Compelling Challenge Idea

2 – A Gorgeous Landing Page

3 – Facebook Group

4 – Paid Traffic Campaign

5 – The Offer You Wish To Sell 

Feel free to test this without spending money the first time around if you haven’t run a challenge before and once you’ve had success with it run it again with paid traffic.

In an upcoming series, I’ll be diving into about lead generation where I’ll go into the step by step strategy for creating your Lead generate / sales funnel but for now, I want to give you a place to start.

STRATEGY TWO – Simple Lead Generation Content Strategy

Before you freak out and start thinking “tech nightmare” I want you to calm the hell down ????

I’m going to show you how to create THE SIMPLEST lead generation content strategy in the history of the internet.

I want you to create the best piece of livestream content you’ve ever created!

Think about a problem you know your people are facing right now and that you know you can help them with like a BADASS!

This is your zone of genius….your sweet spot.

I’m going to need you to step up and BE the EXPERT.

I’m also going to want you to prepare for this one because you’ll be running it as a masterclass just like this one:https://www.michellehext.com/how-to-get-coaching-clients-video

In my example there are two things my people can do…they can either message me to chat (this is a lead) OR they can purchase my Start-Up Coach Success Accelerator Digital Program (Even better than a lead! )

Your call to action can be to schedule a time to chat with you for a limited time only, to send you a message or to purchase something if you have something like this available.

DO NOT get bogged down creating a digital program if you don’t have one already, instead focus on what you have right now to get started and for my newbie coaches, this is usually always to offer some sort of discovery or strategy call complete with an embedded scheduler on the page to make it easy for people to say yes to a discovery call.


1 – Kickass Livestream That Excites & Inspires Action.

2 – Great Copy Above The Livestream With Bullet points.

3 – Messenger plugin / Digital program link OR the offer of a free call complete with embedded scheduler at the bottom of the page.

Typically the more you charge for your services the greater the need to run discovery calls simply because people feel more comfortable investing larger amounts having made some contact.

That said, I’ve sold many high-ticket coaching packages via messenger after someone has reached out to me there….this comes with confidence, an audience who knows you and the decision to accept this as a legitimate way to sign up new clients ????

So there you have it…2 really simple and effective ways to begin using your free content to make money in your coaching business.

Which one will you begin with?

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