Lets Talk Visibility Part 7 Michelle Hext

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 7 – My 30 day Challenge To You.

Michelle Hext · Let’s Talk Visibility – Part 7 – My 30 Day Challenge To You.

It’s time for action!

Strategy without action is only ever going to result in more knowledge and I KNOW that knowledge isn’t your problem…you have more than enough knowledge to get cracking on your content creation right now.

It’s time to start APPLYING that knowledge so you start seeing the results I know you want.

Many years ago I set myself a challenge of writing a new blog post every single weekday for 30 days straight and it was a revelation.

I noticed how much more readily the content ideas came to me and that in no time at all I had created a daily habit of sitting down to write before I did anything else (much like the process I use when I’m writing my books).

I also noticed that, in general, I felt more inspired, alive and switched on in my business because every day I was reminded of just how much I knew and how much I had to share…content that I knew was helping my people.

I also noticed that engagement increased and that my inbox was busier than ever before with people sharing their thank-you’s, aha’s and making enquiries.

A whole new energy around my business was created by simply making the commitment to write every single day and I haven’t looked back since.

Once I had wrapped up my 30 days of blogging I decided that because I was on a roll I would livestream every single weekday for 30 days.

The engagement and energy that came from writing every day paled into significance when compared to what was created by going live every day.

Going live every day for 30 days put me on the map and got me noticed unlike anything else I’d ever experience before.

Again I noticed how easily ideas came to me for content day after day.

It wasn’t unusual for me to keep pen and paper handy and make notes DURING my livestreams as other ideas come to me while I was ON the call.

There was not a single downside to doing livestreams every day…simply put, it blew up my business.

From that 30 days, I just kept going and for 2 years I was live 5 days a week, give or take the odd missed session.

Livestreaming worked back then and it works now and by works I mean it cuts through the other noise in the feed because Facebook pushes livestreams out ahead of anything else AND your audience is watching them…every single day….multiple times each day.

It’s the same for the other platforms as well, livestreaming or live content in general (stories for example) is where it’s at.

All of that said….I have a challenge for you 

It’s the same challenge I give to my private clients to get them moving and into the routine of creating regular, great quality, free content.


Ok…here we go….

I want YOU to commit to livestreaming every weekday for 30 days.

Now if that totally freaks you out you have my permission (not that you need it) to write a new blog post every day for 30 days to find your feet and THEN roll into 30 days of livestreams (remember, this is how I did it).

The most common fear my clients have around committing to 30 days of either blogs or livestreams is the fear that they will run out of stuff to share.

Trust me when I say that this couldn’t be further from the truth with my clients reporting that they are sharing my experience of being in content flow…the more put out the more ideas come through.

One of my gorgeous clients really struggled with regular posting and live-streaming was just a leap too far in the beginning so I left her to come up with something she could commit to for 30 days.

Her idea was to post “30 Days Of Fun” on her instagram account.

Every day she would post about something fun she loves to do inviting her followers to share their own fun.

By about week 2 she was in the swing and ready to move onto something more challenging (in her mind) and start to share longer, more creative ideas.

It doesn’t matter HOW you start…so long as you start 

If you’re feeling super stuck or worried that you will run out of ideas I have a program called “Content Mastery Bootcamp” that will walk you through 30 days of content.

If you want to go ahead and purchase this program I have a gift for you!

For a short time, you will receive 50% off this program (including the instalment plan) if you enter the code CMB50 at the checkout.

The program comprises of 4 masterclasses, daily messaging prompts and pep talks to keep you focused and committed.

Purchase this program and you’ll have NO excuses left for not being visible ????

Either way NOW is the time to get yourself into action so announce it to the world that as of TODAY you’ll be going live (or blogging) every single day for the next 30 days.

Announcing it will keep you accountable and start the ball rolling.

You can do this…so go….do it….and I promise you WILL thank me for pushing you to do this today when 30 days from now your business is transformed!

We’re not done yet though…in part 8 of this series, I share two money-making content strategies so keep an eye out for that one very soon.

M x

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