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LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 6 – How & Why I Make Money With Content

Michelle Hext · LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 6 – PART SIX: How & Why I Make Money With Content

Without the regular content I share across my socials I wouldn’t have a business.

My entire business is content-driven and my content is driven by my desire to help the tribe I’m building and to see them succeed.

Content is EVERYTHING.

From my regular messaging via my:



Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Group.



To my paid stuff… content-based products/programs and books.

To my marketing efforts:

Facebook Ads Copy.

Funnel Sequence.

It’s ALL content.

If you want to create success for yourself as a high-ticket coach with a thriving community, it’s important to get your head around just how important content creation is in this process.

My business has been created from the ideas that pop into my head and my ability to translate those ideas into products AND content that inspires people to purchase those products.

And yours is or can be too.

Doesn’t that excite you?

To know that you have the opportunity to create an incredible lifestyle for yourself based on the ideas you have between your ears?

To know what ANYTHING is possible if you can find a way to bring those ideas to life (so long as you hold the belief this is possible for you).

Some coaches come to me with certifications in this or that and we build programs around these, for example, a past client of mine is a certified Bob Proctor Consultant and uses Bob’s process to coach and guide her clients but the marketing, the positioning, the content and lead generation strategies are all based on my client’s ideas, experiences and wisdom.

For the most part coaches come to me with nothing more than a jumble of ideas, a dream and a desire to make that dream happen.

My job is to help them take those ideas and wrangle them into a successful premium coaching business, something I’ll never grow tired of.

ALL of that comes from the content contained in my clients’ brains.

From those ideas I draw out the content we need to:

Create their sweet spot premium coaching offer, which is the outcome-based coaching program they will now begin to offer clients with confidence.

Build their coaching brand and begin to position themselves as leaders in their niche.

Find their voice and start showing up on social media because this is where most of you will begin to grow your coaching business or EXPAND your coaching business.

I want you to TRUST that you have everything you need within you right now to begin making BIG money in your coaching business by sharing the wisdom, experience and expertise you have within you.

Soon I’ll be sharing various strategies for making money with your content but before I get to that I want to break down why I think my free content consistently generates sales and how yours can too.

I’m not suggesting there is a specific formula I want you to follow for each content piece because nothing kills creativity like trying to make your message fit to follow a to-do list.

Instead, I want to you consider just a couple of things ahead of writing your next piece or sharing your next livestream so you can move your content from simply sharing information for the sake of “visibility” and actually moving your audience to take the next step…the step you want them to take.

Ok…let’s go.


Our audience regularly forgets what’s important to them and they forget that they’re chasing the big goal they’ve set for themselves as they become distracted by setbacks …they also forget they’re amazing.

Often our people are in the grind and often failing so they can’t see how amazing they really are.

Or they’ve forgotten they’re capable of more than they’re aiming for right now, I know I’m guilty of setting the bar way too low sometimes and then find myself wondering why I’m uninspired.

We want to remind our people of who they are and what they’re capable of because when they’re reminded that they’re badasses who can make ANYTHING happen they’re going to be inspired to act….be inspired to take the next step…with you.

We want to reignite the spark and remind them that anything is possible for the very same reasons.

Remind your people that their dreams ARE possible and that it’s time to get back on the horse and start going for it again.

We need to break them out of their apathy and get their hearts pumping with excitement for the future.

When our people are in this state they’re ready to take action and as we are the ones inspiring that action it makes for them to reach out to us…to YOU in that moment to get the help they desperately need to get things moving in the right direction.


Everyone has gaps in their knowledge, skillset and mindset…we want to show our people that we can help them fill those gaps.

You have a specific area of expertise that your people need, so show them that you know your stuff.

You have the answers they’re looking for so GIVE them those answers.

Show what you know and be generous…as I’ve said in previous posts, nothing compares to working with you and human nature has illustrated time and time again that lack of information is NOT the reason people remain stuck.

By showing up for your people and teaching them things they don’t already know (or reminding them of things long forgotten) you’re layering credibility on top of your ability to connect with them and show you care.

Sharing your expertise lets your audience see that there is substance to your content and that you’re not simply another wannabe showing up online making a noise on the internet for the sake of it.

Your knowledge AND the way you share it is what will set you apart.


It’s important to remind your people of their dreams and it’s important to let them see you now your stuff but leave it there and you’ve only done half the job.

The final piece of the puzzle is to inspire your audience to take the next step by making sure you have a strong call to action at the end of each piece that tells your people PRECISELY what you’d love them to do next.

Your call to action is the pitch at the end of your content encouraging them to sign up for your program, join your list or your upcoming facebook challenge, to schedule a discovery call, to message you, to share your content.

We’re busy.

The internet is a madhouse.

Our minds are scattered and easily distracted.

So you must spell out what you want your people to do next.

Please don’t underestimate the power of this.

We think our audience knows to tag or share or like or comment but unless we ask them to, they won’t…it’s that simple….so be clear about what you want them to do next….and ask for it.


Just a reminder that adding a call to action is not something you need to feel awkward or weird about.

If you’ve given some great quality content that you know will help your people you’ve well and truly earned the right to ask for something in return….keep that close to your heart to remind you that no-one is asking you to show up on the interwebs and help people, no-one is (directly) paying you to give up 20 minutes of your day to livestream….you’re being generous with your time and expertise and you’ve earned the right to ask for something in return.

Be ok with that.


I’ve found the most effective way to make money with my content is to create content around my latest offer so it fits with the program I want to fill at the time.

As an example, if I want to fill my BECOME A HIGH-TICKET COACH Mentoring Program all of my content will relate to High-Ticket Coaching.

I’ll be focused on things like not charging enough equates to poor client results versus charge more, give more and get better results for your clients.

I’ll be talking about how charging more attracts a better quality client and better quality clients mean you WILL get better results for your clients and that those results will help you build your reputation quickly.

I’ll talk about the difference between High-Ticket Coaching and regular, low-cost coaching.

I’ll talk about what it takes to become a High-Ticket Coach.

I could go on and on but I hope you see what I’m talking about…I make the content relevant to what I’m offering so that my call to action inspires people to do the thing I want them to do next which is to apply for my program.

My livestreams are relevant to the offer.

My blogs are relevant to the offer.

My social posts are relevant to the offer.

My facebook group challenges are relevant to the offer.

Every day we want to prompt our community to think about our latest offer and weigh it up…our daily content is our opportunity to show our people that this is the perfect solution for them right now based on our ability to solve the problem they need help with.

Make sense?

Alrightie…tomorrow I’m going to issue you a challenge and if you choose to accept it, you have the potential to EXPLODE your coaching business over the coming weeks.

Keep your eyes open for when I drop Part 6.

M x

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