Lets Talk Visibility Part 5 Michelle Hext

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY: Part 5 – Getting Started With Livestreaming & Where To Find Content Ideas

Michelle Hext · LET’S TALK VISIBILITY: Part 5 – Getting Started With Livestreaming & Where To Find Content Ideas

I hope by now you’re getting your head around the fact that your content doesn’t need to be perfectly practiced and scheduled within an inch of its life but instead should come from the heart and be REAL.

I hope you’re fully getting it when I say your people want to see YOU and not some homogenised, pasteurised version of you and that what this means is you can get started right now…no need to lose 10lbs, purchase a new microphone or carefully crafted backdrop.

No excuses…you are ready now.



From this point on, the thing that usually trips up my coaches is the fear that if they commit to showing up and sharing content every day that they’re going to have days where they don’t know what to say.

Getting started really is the most difficult part and people can procrastinate over starting for MONTHS (or years) before finally pulling the trigger and taking the plunge, so to help you get there faster I’m going to share with you 2 things.

1 – Your FIRST message.

2 – Examples of where you can draw inspiration for ongoing content.

Before we dive into that though I want to remind you that Live video is where it’s at so we want to make this a priority in our newsfeeds.

Facebook favours live-streaming and your videos will reach people your written content won’t however we do want a mix of content types…longer written posts with visuals that attract attention, short and sweet and punchy posts that are fast and easy to digest and everything in between.

For the purpose of this exercise, I’m going to use live streaming as the main example because it’s the thing that will get you noticed faster than anything else.

I can remember seeing a woman popping up live in my newsfeed every single day and after about a week I could no longer ignore her….I figured she had 10’s of 1,000’s of followers or more because she really100% owned her presence online and showed up like she a boss.

I followed her back to her Facebook business page and she had less than a 1,000 followers but my immediate thought was…”I’ll bet that when I come back and check her numbers in 6 months she’ll be up there”…and she was.

It also turned out that she was warming her audience up for a launch and she’d been committed to warming up her audience for a handful of months prior to that launch so that A: her audience would pay attention to her ads (when they ran) because they knew her already and B: her ad costs would be lower because of the above.

This is a strategy I’ve used many times and one I encourage my clients to use as well, it takes time and patience but we’re building sustainable, and BIG success…and that doesn’t happen overnight… despite what the guru’s on the interwebs are trying to tell you!

Consistent, quality content WILL put you on the map, get you noticed and help you to build your business in a wonderful way that feels good, for you AND for your audience.

Ok….so back to the focus of this post….


Your first Livestream is an opportunity to introduce yourself online (or reintroduce yourself after a pivot) and tell people what you do and how you do it but it’s also really important to remember why people are watching your Livestream in the first place.

That reason?

To get something.

Consciously or unconsciously your audience will be asking “what’s in this for me?”.

Your “story” will only hold their interest for so long UNLESS you can make it relevant to your people so while your introduction is about you it also MUST be about them.

How do you do that?

It’s not as difficult as you might think IF you’re speaking from the heart about why choose to do the work you do and why it’s important for you to help the people you want to help.

Tell your people what they can now expect from you in terms of content and how you plan to keep helping them.

Make sure you illustrate that you understand your people, their struggles and desires and that you’ve got their back.

Let them know you CARE.

Let them know that you’re going to continue to be a source of guidance for them…regularly.

It’s a given you’re a businesswoman (or man) and that it’s your desire for your content to generate clients and make you money but as I said in an earlier post, coming from a place of “how can I get my content to make me some money” doesn’t work, what works is TRULY being of service and showcasing your expertise in a generous and loving way.

Use your introduction video to set the scene for how you intend to continue SO be clear about how you plan to continue.

Importantly…only set promises you can keep…don’t go making big, bold promises, if you can’t keep them or have a history of not keeping them thinking “this time, will be different”…often it’s not so it’s important to work with HOW YOU ARE….rather than try to stuff yourself into a mould you know doesn’t fit you.

So tell it how it is.

If you don’t know how often you’ll live, just say it.

If you plan to go live every Monday at 10 am and CAN keep that promise…say it.

Spend some time ahead of time thinking about how you’re going to keep this ball rolling so you don’t get caught up in the moment and make promises you can’t keep.

Know yourself.

Work WITH your natural tendencies and start there, you can always ramp things up once you’re rolling.


Something magical happens when you make sharing your message a daily thing (something we’ll get to later) and that is that the more content you create the easier your content ideas will flow because your brain is in a constant state of asking the question “what can I talk about next?”.

That said, sometimes we can draw a blank and in those times it’s good to have a list of ways to inspire content…so here are some of my favourites.


Obviously, we want permission from our clients to share OR we keep names and details private and work from the concept of the breakthrough.

This can be a current client breakthrough or a past client breakthrough.


I can remember being fired up about how bad coaches are at setting themselves up for DISCOVERY CALLS.

I’d been looking to work with a life coach and after looking at about 20 websites not ONE coach had an online scheduler….I’m not going to call or email to schedule a call if I want to take action I want to press a button and schedule myself in there and then…(make it easy for your people to say yes / take action).

I spoke about my frustration and then that evolved into an experiment…I wanted to know how the actual discovery calls were conducted if getting people INTO those calls was a pain I knew there was a high chance the Discovery Calls themselves would also need work.

Sure enough, the discovery calls sucked and that led me to keep talking about how to improve discovery calls and the DC process, screening clients etc

I ran a 3-day challenge in my group and that one rant gave me a good month worth of content and made a tidy little sum of money as well because off the back of that I offered a Discovery Call Training Session to work with coaches to help them sharpen their own DC process and calls and sold it for $1500 USD



Our audience LOVES to hear that we’re human.

While WE know we’re human and do NOT have it going on as much as our audience thinks we do THEY don’t.

Our audience sees us as an authority and often we’re what they’re aspiring to be so when we open up and share a struggle we’ve overcome that’s relevant to our audience they really connect with it and suddenly the gap from where they are to where WE are isn’t so great, and it makes them realise they CAN do this….that we through challenges too…they aren’t the only ones who struggle and from there, who do you think it makes sense to reach out to? YOU of course.

What we’re essentially saying is “Just because your struggling, doesn’t mean you won’t make it”….don’t underestimate how important that message is for your people.


Don’t be shy about sharing your clients’ success and letting the world see TANGIBLE evidence that you know your shit!

One of my favourite things was to interview with a client of mine who was killing it and so instead of me telling you all how awesome I am…my client did that for me.

Sales significantly spiked after that.



You should KNOW your clients’ pain points…pick one and help them but be creative about HOW.

You have a depth of wisdom and insight based on your experiences outside of coaching as well as inside of it so don’t be afraid to share stories and examples from your own life about how you overcame a particular pain point.

This is a great way to relate to your audience and remind them YOU also started somewhere, you also experienced what they’re experiencing now, you got past it and you can show them how to get past it also.


Be where you’re people are and be a fly on the wall.

Head into Facebook groups where your dream clients are hanging out and pay attention to their struggles and then focus on the struggles you know you can help them with and use that to create content.

This one strategy alone is enough to inspire all of the content ideas you’ll ever need!

SO…I want you to understand that inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

If you’re not feeling inspired and are stuck for ideas that’s going to be more about YOU and where your head is at than it is about reality.

Anytime you’re feeling stuck reconnect with what it is your trying to achieve and why.

Anytime I think of the coaches in my community struggling to take things to the next level I want to help them because I see the struggle as SO unnecessary and I know I can help them take at least one step forwards with my content.

I go back to my big picture vision and re-connect that with my daily content.

I think about all of the times I know my content made a massive impact.

I think about what I would have wanted and needed to help me move forward.

I imagine the coaching collective, all of the amazing souls out there who WANT to serve at a higher level and who are amazing at that they do…but they’re either undercharging and overworked or their coaching businesses are slowly dying day after day because they never have enough clients to bring in the income they know they’re capable of.

I want coaches coaching and I want them doing it at a high level.

I want to see coaches succeeding.

I KNOW the impact coaches have on the world and I want them ALL to have the impact they know they can have.

Whenever I go to that place in my mind, I can’t help but be inspired to show up and serve.

So what’s your why?

What gives you the feels?

What would inspire you to show up and serve?

What is it that’s going to make your community MORE important than your discomfort or lack of inspiration?



I promise the rewards will heavily outweigh your any discomfort or resistance you feel.

NEXT SESSION: I’ll be talking about how and why I make money through my content and how you can too.

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