Lets Talk Visibility Part 4 Michelle Hext

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 4 – Scheduled Content V Non-Scheduled Content.

Michelle Hext · Let’s Talk Visibility – Part 4 – Scheduled V Non-Scheduled Content

Most entrepreneurs (and trust me, as a coaching brand, make no mistake you ARE an entrepreneur) are more than a little free-spirited and while we can crave structure and routine to help us tame our crazy and keep us sane we also yearn spontaneity and a break from routine right?

I know I do.

Certain areas of my life and business ARE reasonably rigid, I’ve disciplined myself to sit and write every day, to train my body every day, to eat great food that keeps me humming along and meet the demands of my training and life every day.

Over the years these things have become second nature….just like brushing my teeth and taking a shower every morning.

Discipline is my best friend but I also need FREEEEDOM.

I need time freedom.

Financial freedom.

But most of all I NEEEED creative freedom.

And I’m thinking you might too.

I rely on structure and discipline in the “business” side of my business…so the important things are taken care of and free me up to focus on other, more creative things.

But I allow myself the freedom to create whatever content I want whenever I want and how I want (live versus written etc) often based around themes that tie in with whatever I am launching or selling at the time.

It’s a non-negotiable for me to have the freedom to write or speak about what I feel like in the moment because in THAT moment I’m passionate about it and in my experience, passion is where it’s at as far as moving your people into action / to take the next step.

These days I couldn’t think of anything worse than having my content mapped out for a week let alone a full year (seeing this a lot in my facebook feed at the moment).

Tell me I need to write or speak about a certain topic on Monday 27th June at midday and that’s a surefire way to KILL my creativity and for many of you, I know what would overwhelm the crap out of you.

BUT…I did begin with a schedule while I found my content creation feet so there is 100% a time and a place for some sort of framework.

Below is going to be separated into 2 sections.


If you haven’t been sharing content at all or if you’re inconsistent more than you’ve been consistent scheduled content is a great place to begin because it will build your consistency muscle and force you to be creative even when you don’t feel like it….content creation in those early weeks and months, really is a discipline, especially if it doesn’t come easily to you.

Rather than set myself specific posts to write on any given day I focus on the themes I spoke about earlier and allow my creative freedom to flow from there once I’ve found my jumping-off point.

To get started I want you to think about 3-5 problems you know your dream clients are struggling with today….bonus points if you have a specific program you wish to sell right now and you can work those problems around a theme.

If I were doing this exercise for the coaches I love to work with I’d be looking at things like:

Not enough clients.

Inconsistent Messaging.

Confusion around packing and pricing.

Discovery Calls not converting.

Attracting wrong clients.

Once I have my 5 problems these become my themes (you’ll notice that many of my programs are built around these themes / how to solve this particular problem).

I would then map it out like this:

Monday – P1 (problem 1)

Tuesday – P2

Wednesday – P3

Thursday – P4

Friday – P5

Note: These days I am more likely to maintain one theme for each day as it relates to the program I’m selling at the time.

If I felt like it, I could break it down further to look like:

Monday – P1 – Livestream

Tuesday – P2 – Blog

You would then work around logistics…for example, there are days of my week where I’m training multiple times a day and I’m a sweaty mess ALL DAY and know I’m not going to want to get showered and dressed to go live so these are the days I would schedule in a blog day.

For you, it might be that your kids are at daycare on Wednesdays so that might be the day you go live.

OR you could choose to do a livestream every single day OR write every single day…or both! I’ve certainly done that for long periods of time over the years.

The point is to go where your energy takes you on the day because your energy, combined with inspired and value-driven content IS the content sweet spot.

Get to Wednesday and you don’t want to talk about that problem?

Then ditch it and talk about something else, you will likely find a way to tie your new idea into the theme anyway…but if not that’s ok too.

You never want to become a prisoner to your schedule…you must allow for creativity and following your passion because, as I’ve said many times before, your passion is what will engage people.

Create a structure that excites YOU.

Start there and then let it evolve.

I’ve made a planner for you to make it easier to map this stuff out.


Weekly Content Schedule
Weekly Content Schedule

The way I create content now is far less structured.

Creating content almost daily is now a non-negotiable for me and if too many days go by without posting something I start to feel freaked out! Just like if I stopped moving my body every day….my body lets me know it’s time to move and if I ignore that my anxiety rises UNTIL I get my shit together and train. I LIKE that I have such deeply ingrained defaults now that it feels plain WRONG when I’m not doing what I know is good for me and good for my business.

The more I content I create, the easier it gets….and it will be the same for you too.

There more I produce the more ideas that come….and it will be the same for you.

It WILL be the same for you…once you get tapped into who you’re creating for and you find your particular voice and style of writing and speaking (video / live) connecting with your dream clients every day will become addictive in the best of ways.

In summary, here is how I create content….

I decide on my content that day based on what I feel like talking about that’s relevant to my audience and what it is I’m promoting.

The first thing I do is get myself into the mindset I know my audience is in.

Like you, I coach what I know, I’m coaching people who were me…who are where I was 3 years ago…or 5 years ago…..10 years ago!

I ask myself “what would I have needed to hear today if I was struggling with X?”

I think about what REALLY would have helped me to feel better, to be inspired, actually KNOW what to do next.

And then I create that.

I’m never worried about giving away too much.

I’m never concerned that I’ll give so much that other people will steal it.

Or that I’ve given so much that people won’t need to pay to work with me.

And neither should you.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that human nature dictates that we can have all of the information we need and still do nothing with it.

NOTHING will replace working with you.

NO free content will compare with becoming a client and working with you privately.

So share freely.

Don’t just tick the boxes on your content.


Share from the heart.

And your people will respond.

It’s not going to serve you to overthink your content….just speak what’s on your mind and TRUST that what you share is perfect for that day.

Because it is ????

Next session I’ll be talking more specifically about where to draw your content from…I’ll see you then and in the meantime, if you think someone else would love this series please use the share button and help me to spread the word.

M x

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