Michelle Hext Visibility Pt 3

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 3 – Two Types Of Messaging

Michelle Hext · Let’s Talk Visibility – Part 3 – Two Types Of Content

Two Types Of Messaging

In Part 2 I left off saying that opportunities are waiting for you at every turn and that sharing great quality content will open so many doors for you….if you get it right…so let’s talk about what “getting it right” means in my book.

In a nutshell, getting it right means speaking about what you know in a way that not only adds value to the person reading, watching or listening that feels natural to you without overthinking it!

We aren’t looking for perfection here…remember, perfection is for poor people!

Let me share a story that illustrates just how NOT perfect your presentation can be while still allowing you to make big money with your content.

One morning I was accidentally early for my Muay Thai class (doh!) so I had an unexpected hour to kill and one thing ALWAYS available to me is my online community and my ability to livesteam and spend time with them.

I really had to think about going live though because while I’d had a shower I had zero make-up on, and I hadn’t done my hair, I looked as though I’d just rolled out of bed!

I bit the bullet and decided to go live anyway and it turned out there were more people than usual on that particular livestream and that one of those people needed to hear the EXACT thing I had to say that day because before I even got off the livestream I had a message in my inbox from someone reaching out ready to start working with me.

I can’t remember the details but it was either that day or the day after that I had a new client and $16,5000 sitting in my bank account….followed by another month of coaching and another strategy call. That livestream generated close to $30K in sales….from one person.

That livestream was off the cuff, totally unscripted (as all of mine are) and COMPLETELY unpolished.

But the message was perfect for that person.

The timing was perfect for that person.

And Paul became one of my favourite and most successful clients over the 4 months we worked together.

So every time you avoid sharing your message and make excuses for not being ready or perfect enough remember this story….you NEVER know who needs to hear what you have to say or when this will be the exact nudge they need to take action.

Earlier this year I went to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak (Eat, Pray, Love) and her talk really moved me and shifted something in me…it was fabulous.

The next morning I sat down to write an email to my list about the experience.

I sent the email but had questioned whether this was going to be received well or be seen as irrelevant.

My inbox blew up and you could have knocked me over with a feather…I just didn’t expect that response AT ALL.

But you never know…you just never do…I’m often surprised by what hits home for my readers and what doesn’t.

Every time you don’t show up you miss an opportunity because that day might just be the day you show up for the right person at the right time.

Not all potential clients are quite so fast-acting and that’s ok….know you’re building relationships every time you share something new with your people.

I’ve had clients reach out to me to begin working with me and tell me they’ve been following me for YEARS.

It’s important to play the long game.

Know you’re planting seeds for future sales every time you create an awesome piece of content.

OK…back to you!

In my world, there are ONLY 2 types of messaging…authentic and inauthentic.

Put another way….messaging that comes from service and a true desire to help….the content is aimed at helping or inspiring your audience in some way…there’s value in your message.

This type of messaging is win win…your audience wins because they’re getting some great information and you win because that same information WILL inspire your audience to work with you….either now or in the future.

The other type of messaging is all about GETTING THE SALE.

It’s almost like a mathematical equation is going on in the mind of the coach that goes something like this….

What type of content will make me a sale today?

Talk about “this” to get “THIS”.

Thinly veiled sales pitches don’t create connection and community….it’s ok to sell, in fact, you MUST sell, but be upfront about it.

Your people will not remember your words but they WILL remember how you made them feel and if you make your people feel like dollar sign hovering above their heads they will leave.

If someone stumbles across you on social media and feels sold to they’re likely to switch off.

The best form of “selling” is providing value to your audience along with a genuine desire to help.

Sometimes unauthentic messaging isn’t deliberate.

In the early days, coaches can be hell-bent on getting it “right” and want to ensure they are providing value and it tips them over the edge and they go into what I call “teacher” mode.

Focused on delivering perfect content and being uber professional.

Which is great, but often it puts up a wall and disconnects you from your audience.

It’s a fine line and it takes practice.

One of my gorgeous clients Olivia is a food relationship coach and her foray into messaging took that particular turn.

Olivia is a stunning blonde who could easily be dismissed as another insta-fitspo blonde without substance but Olivia knows her shit.

She’s lived it.

She’s also super smart.

When she began messaging she was doing her best to play down the insta-fitspo thing and provide great information.

But it was sooooo dry.

Olivia was playing it safe and creating the sort of content she “thought” people wanted.

I had my work cut out for me encouraging Olivia to just show up as herself and share her message the way she’d speak to a group of girlfriends.

Basically, just tell it like it is!

I reminded Olivia that “information” is everywhere on the internet and that people weren’t going to insta for information…they want to be inspired and entertained.

After a few coaching sessions and a bit more trial and error Olivia found her voice.

She curses and she’s a straight talker and sometimes she does post photo’s of herself in a bikini but that’s not ALL she’s about.

Now she’s showing up authentically she’s building a following that fit’s her vibe and of course some of those people will want to work with her…the right people.

When anyone who’s been following me online meets me in person often the first thing they’ll say is “OMG you’re exactly the same as you are online”.


Of course I am!

What you see is what you get.

Don’t like what you see (or read) and you’ll move on…self-select…and I’m good with that.

But love me and you’ll stick around and become part of my community…part of my tribe…and you’ll get me and I’ll get YOU.

And those of you who chose to work with me will be the perfect fit BECAUSE what you see is what you get….no surprises.

Connection is everything and you can’t connect authentically if you’re not BEING authentic.

So relax!

Be you…be ALL of you and keep it real.

The highlight reel might be what attracts your audience initially but then they’re going to want more….they’re going to want REAL.

Don’t be scared by that…EMBRACE IT.

We’re going to get into where to draw your inspiration from to post regularly but before we do I want to quickly talk to you about scheduling versus not scheduling your social media content.

This is a question I’m asked a lot and I’ll be answering that for you in Part 4.

Between now and then I want you to think about the content you’ve been creating…is it working for you, and by working for you I mean are your people engaging and is it driving sales?

If not then consider the above and think about how you can change things up so you’re allowing yourself to be fully you while also providing incredible value for your people.

M x

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