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Michelle Hext · Let’s Talk Visibility Part 1

Let’s Talk Visibility

Most coaches are working really to hard build their brands online and even those who aren’t actively being visible right now know the power of being visible, they know that content-driven marketing drives sales and that visibility can single-handedly build successful coaching brands.

In most cases, we ARE our coaching brands and we know that visibility and messaging that resonates is the key to growing our brands…yet few coaches are visible in a way that impacts in any meaningful way.

In most cases we desire to create location independence so we can work from anywhere…putting yourself out there and building a strong online community WILL help you to create that location independent lifestyle…yet few coaches are practising visibility strategies that build communities…and bottom-lines.

In most cases we’re seeking to attract a global market…..we have the WORLD at our fingertips…and yet many of you are not taking advantage of this fact.

In most cases, we’re craving a community to serve…to connect with….to spend time with….yet few coaches are tapping into the potential to create communities.

Learning how to find your voice and create a global presence online IS where it’s at if you want to play with the big kids online, have the sort of impact I know you were here to make and of course make the money I know you think is possible for you.

Being visible as a concept is pretty simple right?

You blog, shoot videos or “go live”, create pretty pictures on Insta and BOOM…instant global rockstar right?

Um….I would LOVE to say yes but the reality is that while most coaches know visibility is key to growing their businesses very few coaches actually implement any sort of visibility strategy, fewer do it well and very few do it consistently….over time.

Most coaches will find every excuse on the planet to put off showing up online and letting people know they’re there.

Most coaches will tell themselves a million stories about why now isn’t the right time.

That they’ll be “ready” next week…or next month…or when they have the “right” equipment…or when they have a bigger following….or have lost 10 pounds or get their hair done….or when the kids go back to school….or after they’ve decorated their office and have the “perfect” backdrop.

Sound familiar?

If it does you’re not alone, the greatest challenge I have when mentoring my coaches is convincing them that none of that stuff matters and that they can, in fact, start showing up and being visible TODAY.

Perfection is for poor people and if you’re waiting for “perfect” before you begin to show up and share your message be prepared for some lean times.

If you’re still reading, I know you’re on the edge.

I know your finger is hovering over the “live” button but there is something holding you back.

Or maybe you’ve been showing up, maybe even consistently…but you’re not getting anywhere, you’re not seeing any reward for your efforts and you’re wondering why not.

Visibility is a complex thing because it throws up all of our insecurities.

We’re confronted with our appearance…a quick heads up…NO-ONE is thrilled with how they look or sound on video!

We’re confronted with the “who do we think we are’s”.

We’re faced with knowing ALL THE THINGS but having every piece of knowledge we’ve ever gained desert us the moment we even think about putting our thoughts out into the world.

You might see other coaches (maybe even me) online who are killing it with content, you see the engagement and impact and banter and FUN that’s going on and draw the conclusion that it’s easy for them…for us….but I want to remind you that EVERYONE starts somewhere.

Gary Vaynerchuck said he posted on youtube for a full year before anyone paid attention to him and he’s not the only one….there are countless examples of people who dug in and persevered for a very long time before seeing the fruits of their labour. I’m one of them! I created my first youtube video in around 2006.

It does take time to create a following online, time, patience and perseverance and unfortunately, very few coaches stay the course.

I’m ALL about the long game…about doing what it takes UNTIL the result is delivered.

It’s easy to become disillusioned and want to quit when it feels as though you’ve been talking to yourself and your mum for 6 straight months and not a single person is engaging with you no matter how hard you try.

This is when most coaches will falter and question everything about themselves, their business and brand and message…even their dreams…it’s fucking confronting to be putting yourself out there week after week with zero response…there’s no doubt about that….but what have you really got to lose?

So no fairytales…..I’m not going to tell you that overnight success will be yours and that you’ll be beating away clients with a stick after your first Livestream.

But I will tell you this…….when you find your voice and your tribe finds you there is no better feeling in the world.

In my opinion, there is no better feeling than showing up every day to serve a community you adore, who adores you AND you know you’re creating value for…every day.

Knowing you make an impact with your words every day is incredibly fulfilling.

Expanding your brand from beyond the city limits to across the globe is rewarding beyond words.

In this blog series, I’m going to show you how you can build your coaching brand online by being you…as you are…right now.

I’m going to show you how to find your unique voice and how to create a global impact, find your tribe and turn your audience into paying clients.

I’m going to show you that you don’t need to be an outgoing extrovert to show up powerfully online…I like to call myself a high-functioning introvert, being visible does not come naturally to me and yet I’ve been able to create a global brand and a thriving community of coaches who follow me and allow me to impact them every day.

I’m going to show you that you can start today and then show up again tomorrow, and the day after that….and the day after that.

I’m going to show you how you CAN build your coaching brand online one piece of kickass content at a time.

I’m going to show you how to OWN your little corner of the internet, claim your space online and make a LOT of money through service.

Sound good?

Then keep an eye on your inbox and your newsfeed for the next instalment.


You can find the details here: https://www.michellehext.com/grow-with-insta/

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