Want someone to just take your idea for an online program and turn it into a product you can sell WITHOUT the tech overwhelm? I can help!


I had a great conversation with a new client recently, she came to me from yet another coaching program where once again she was filled with new information, in fact, OVERWHELMED with new information, but still stuck fast in inaction.

Sound familiar?

I quickly let her know that she didn’t need another coach right now, what she needed was implementation and for someone to take the reins on building out her online program platform and all of the other moving parts that make up taking your program online.

Basically, she needed someone to take her IDEA and turn it into a PRODUCT she could sell in the very near future.

In a nutshell, she needed someone to do the tech stuff FOR HER rather than give her information on how she could do it herself because she’d tried that SO many times before with zero success.


She needed me to work with her to create the product idea and develop the strategy for the specific online model that would best suit her product and down the track, how she would market it but most of all she just needed me to do the tech stuff for her and deliver a complete membership site ready to take on new members.

I’m a huge fan of learning how to do this stuff yourself (in fact I have my own membership program where I teach people these skills) but honestly, there is a time DIY and there is a time to delegate.

If you KNOW it’s time to delegate, read on because this is the package you need in your life right now!

This package includes:

1: An Initial Strategy Session where we map out your idea, determine the best online model etc

2: Ongoing “as needed” strategy/coaching sessions to ensure the project is delivered on time and that you’re happy.

3: A Recurring Membership or Online Program Website Build Ready For Launch

4: Sales Page Build

5: Payment integration

6: Email automation and integration

7: Lead Magnet Development & Integration

8: Simple Sales Funnel Development

9: Facebook Ads Campaign Created

10: Coaching and advice around content and online visibility

11: Training on how to use the website and upload future content


Website Hosting (Hosting can start at $3.00 p/m )

Website Theme (Around $70 USD last time I checked)

Member Software ($20 p/m USD)

Email Marketing Software (Around $20p/m)

Domain Registration (Varies but from $1 depending on deals and supplier)

Imagery & Website Copy / Lead Magnet Imagery & copy (I am happy to work with you on this though – it really is best to come from you and I can oversee and suggest changes).

Your program content

My promise is to deliver:

A membership or online program website ready for launch.

An integrated Lead Magnet (that we design together) & simple SALES FUNNEL

A Facebook Ads Campaign running to your Lead Magnet

Support & Strategy.


In most cases, I can have your product delivered within 4 weeks provided you supply me with everything I need to do my job.

It’s my aim to make this process as simple as possible for you so you’re free to create amazing content your future online clients or members are going to love.

STEP 1:   Once you’re signed up I send along a questionnaire that’s going to arm me with the information I need to get a full understanding of your big idea and how you’d like to see it brought to life and we schedule in your initial strategy session.

STEP 2:   We have our first strategy meeting and the agenda usually looks something like this:

1:        Map Out Your Online Business Model

2:         Map Out Your Offer & Pricing

3:         Discuss Look & Function Of The Membership Site

STEP 3:   After this meeting, I send you the meeting notes along with 2 lists.

The first list is everything we’ve discussed in our strategy session along with your action list.

The second list provided is all of the items I’ll need you to sign up for and allow me access to so I can get on with building your site.

STEP 4:   This is when I leave you alone to work on your program content and I get on with the job of building out your sales page and member site.

STEP 5:   We hold our second strategy session and discuss the progress so far, I take note of any changes you’d like me to make to the website and I provide you with another list of items I need for the next phase (usually your content).

STEP 6:   Once the website is complete I show you the ropes so you’re in full control of your website and I also provide you with your own video tutorial library so you can refer back to these if you forget anything.



Let’s talk…schedule a chat and let’s see if I can help you.

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