How Committed Are You

How Committed Are You?

Kinda sorta or are you ALL IN?

Before you answer I want you to really check in with yourself because over the years I’ve had MANY coaches insist they’re 100% committed to building the coaching business of their dreams and creating epic success…and yet when I raise a handful of simple questions it becomes obvious…very quickly…that they are in fact NOT 100% committed.

So maybe….just maybe…you’ve been kidding yourself a little….maybe…just maybe…you’ve been skirting around the edges of “all in”....maybe…just maybe….you’ve been “all in”…except for x,y & z?

A quick way to tell is to ask yourself some tough questions…here are some I prepared earlier.

Where have you been quitting on yourself…aka: what have you SAID you were going to do…repeatedly….but NEVER follow through on?

What would be different right now if you actioned this stuff…aka: how much further ahead would you be right now IF you had followed through on this stuff?

I want you to focus NOT on the stuff you ARE doing….but on the stuff you aren’t….here’s why…

The stuff you’re doing is more likely than not passive action….busy-work…low impact stuff that keeps you busy but will NEVER cause you a breakthrough because breakthrough requires risk…..repeated risk….UNTIL.

While stuff like ticking the boxes on your daily social media activity….ensuring your website is just right and mailing your list regularly is important it’s not THE WORK you need to be doing…there’s no risk in this stuff….and you know what they say about risk right? Little risk = little reward.

And the goals you’ve set for yourself…let’s take a quick look at those shall we?

Itty bitty goals will NEVER inspire you….playing small and pretending you’re ok with that will NEVER inspire you to take the type of risks you need to take to create a breakthrough.

Let me tell you….some of the goals ya’ll have set for yourselves are not cool! It’s time to set the bar MUCH higher people!

What are you SCARED OF?  Failing?

Here’s the thing…you’re simply not going to get where you REALLY want to go WITHOUT failure….it ain’t gonna happen….so let’s get you failing fast and failing forward….let’s get that shit out of the way now so you can get to the good stuff quicker.

Ok…now that I’ve sufficiently kicked your ass it’s time for some “HOW TO”…as in how to create the breakthrough that brings success.

1: That goal you have for your coaching business? 10X it and you might be somewhere in the vacinity of what you’re REALLY capable of.

2: That list of things you’re too scared to do? DO THEM.

3: Invest in yourself….coaches who succeed have invested in high-level coaching and programs TO achieve that success (I know I did)…waiting “until” you’re successful before you invest in yourself is like saying you’ll get to the gym when you’re fit….and we all know how that works don’t we?

If..until now you’ve been relying on the “hope method” for growing your coaching business it’s time for a wake-up call….it’s time to take stock and realise that the way you’ve been operating is NOT going to get you where you want to go.

I’m all for positive thinking and hoping for the best BUT too often this is EXACTLY why coaches remain in the struggle for SOOO long….they dig themselves into a hole of dispair and struggle and lack and then avoid taking the types of risks required to turn things around…things like getting support when they can least afford it BECAUSE they know they can’t turning things around on thier own and this is when they need support the most.

I want to be REAL with you here and provide you with a reframe….creating epic success isn’t INSTA-EASY…’s fucking hard work and many coaches aren’t cut out for doing what it takes UNTIL they get there so I’d rather see you quit now and save yourself the heartache and dispair of “trying” to create success.

You can’t TRY….you need to DECIDE….and then get after it….relentessly.

You need to pick yourself up again and again and again.

You need to INVEST in this thing….that means investing in YOU and it means investing in your BUSINESS because if you’re serious about creating real and lasting success it’s going to require you TO invest in both.

If you’re not prepared to take risks and fail you shouldn’t be in the game…period…because this is what’s required.

If you ARE here for the long haul…the UNTIL…and you know you need help to take things to the next level because you don’t know what you don’t know…I only have one question for you….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

The time is now my friend…..waiting will only delay your success.

M xo

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