Let's make 2023 the year you get to DO it all, BE it all and HAVE it all!

January 4th - 6th 2023

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JANUARY 4th-6th, 2023

Coming in HOT is an's the energy of boldly and unapologetically making your moves... letting the internet know you're here....and claiming the success you know is meant for you.

There is something incredibly exciting about a New Year. It's a chance to reset and begin again...with renewed energy, focus and a fresh vision for everything we hope to achieve in the year ahead...but this year? This year you're going ALL IN from the very beginning....and it starts with showing up fully as the leader you know you are (or could be).

Let me introduce you to...The NEXT-LEVEL YOU...she's a TOTAL're going to love the crap outta her and what she's able to achieve.


She shows up to SLAY...not tick the mother-trucking BOXES.


She's unapologetic...she is who she her, hate her? She doesn't give a f@ck (well, she's not letting it stop her anyway!)....because SHE love's who she is, and she knows what she's here to do.


She owns it!   Owns what? ALL OF IT!


Her dreams.

Her desires.

Her message.

Her imperfections, flaws and insecurities.

Her wildness.

Her passion.

Her ABSOLUTE commitment to growth and expansion.

Her decisions.

Her mistakes and misguided ideas.

Her too-muchness (what even IS that btw?)



It's time to unleash her.


The difference between succeeding at a higher level and not succeeding will almost always come down to self-identity...the way you see yourself, believe is possible and therefore conduct yourself on the interwebs.


If you're preoccupied with failure, not feeling good enough, worthy enough, polished enough, knowledgeable enough, pretty enough, rich enough, smart enough WILL NOT reach the level of success you KNOW is possible for you.


Just like you won't get rich thinking poor thoughts, you won't become successful thinking loser thoughts.


I KNOW you have moments of courage, moments of "I can do anything!!" and "this is SO doable". If you didn't, you wouldn't still be in the game.


But the answer isn't to cling to the rare "I can do it moment" and then milk it for all it's worth until you run out of steam again.


The answer is to RE-DEFINE who you your core based on who you KNOW. yourself to be...even if you're not fully owning this yet.


This is all about ACTIVATING the very best parts of you...the BADASS you know you truly are...and then RE-CALIBRATING to you get to adopt this part of you as your ENTIRE identity.


It's not about being someone else.


It's NOT about changing who you are but PAYING ATTENTION to who you are at your core, your TRUE desires [not the ones you're settling for], your values…your weirdness and passions [to name a few] and dialling THOSE up, so people really SEE you and everything you stand for.


Embody the wealthy, confident, successful coach in your mind...and you WILL become these things in reality....let's talk about HOW we do this.....









On day one, you will make some DECISIONS about how 2023 gets to be for you. This is your chance to release the past and anything else that no longer serves you so you can head into 2023 with a fresh perspective of what's truly possible for you.


You'll be developing an exciting vision for 2023 for your life....not just your business, because 2023 is the year you stop TRYING to build your business...this is the year you DO IT and have plenty of time and money to live a rich, juicy life outside of the grind, overwhelm and hustle.


Day one is all about letting go, releasing and then, with fresh eyes, creating your epic vision for 2023.




To bring your epic vision to life, you're going to need to BECOME the badass, entrepreneur success story you created on day one. You'll need to think like her, act like'll need to BE her.


You'll need to be clear on who you'll need to be, how you'll need to show up and you'll need to be UNAPOLOGETIC about being that person. The version of you who brings your epic vision to life.


On day two you will have the tools you need to step fully into being that person now.


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Most of the humans I work with have big goals around business and money, and I know you're no different, so on day three, get strategic.


On day three, you will get clear on how you'll grow your business and make your money on a whole new level in 2023.


This is the day you'll create your strategic plan of attack for hitting your business and money goals YOUR full alignment with your values and how you wish to do business if you knew you could do it ANY WAY you choose.



This 3-day workshop will be hosted January 4-6 via zoom.

If you can't make the live calls, you will have access to the recordings the same day.

This course costs one single payment $297 ($197 during early bird).

You will have lifetime access to this course via my member dashboard.


Meet your host....Michelle Hext

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Let me introduce myself a little. (As much as you can in a couple of paragraphs). I've been mentoring now for three decades (yes, before Insta was even a thing) and I've seen a lot of coaches come and go. For me though, the business of launching, growing & scaling high ticket offers has been in my blood for as long as I can remember.

I've had successful bricks-n-mortar businesses (Martial Arts Schools) as well as online businesses and my area of expertise is helping entrepreneurs build high-ticket brands by launching, growing and then scaling high-ticket offers so my clients get to choose ONLY working with high-level clients who are hungry for results.


It's impossible to get to know me in just a few words but if you want my full ABOUT bio you can click HERE.