Here’s Why Most Coaches Don’t Gain Traction

Here’s why most coaches don’t gain traction.

The one strategy most coaches DON’T implement is the single reason they’re failing to get the traction they want.

Most coaches will take their lack of success personally and make it about them…I’m not good enough, no-one wants to buy my stuff, my competitors are better, I’m not experienced enough etcOR they make it about choosing the wrong font or colour code…” if ONLY I’d gone with Playlist Script instead of Lobster” (lol).Yeah….nope, that is NOT the reason you’re behind the 8-ball.I’ve seen a lot of REALLY tacky looking coaching brands make millions so trust me, it ain’t that.

Alrighty then….quick question…what’s the lifeblood of ANY coaching business?

No, it isn’t the perfect website.No, it isn’t the right’s not about the number of followers you have on social media.It’s not even about the size of your list or your coaching packages.The lifeblood of any coaching business is CLIENTS.Without clients, you’re screwed…without clients, you don’t HAVE a coaching business right?

This is where you might say “Michelle I’m TRYING to find clients!”

In fact, trying is probably an understatement right?Finding clients is the one thing most coaches ARE trying to do…all-the-freaking-TIME!Too often “trying to find clients” is an exhausting and never-ending struggle with very little reward.

Can I tell you something? Something BIG?

Ok…here we go…..TRYING IS NOT A STRATEGY.Relying on your current resources to generate a steady stream of coaching leads is where you’re making it tough on yourself because unless your community is growing constantly with fresh, new people you’re going to tap out at some point if you haven’t already.This is the pinch-point.This is where things start screaming backwards.This is where you start freaking out about paying the bills every month.This is where the STRESS set’s in….bigtime.

I know, I’ve been there.

SO…what’s THE ONE STRATEGY most coaches fail to implement?

Paid Lead Generation.

Anyone can go to the traffic shop and buy leads.A-N-Y-O-N-E.But very few coaches DO.Want to know why they don’t?Because they’re confused.Because they’re overwhelmed.Because they’re too scared to invest money not knowing if they’ll get it back and they cannot afford to spend money and not make it back.Sound familiar?Here’s the deal though…..if you want to pull yourself out of the grind.If you want to stop white-knuckling it month after month.If you want to start making life a whole lot easier and much more pleasant for yourself you’ll listen up.


It’s time to get off the roller-coaster and start operating your coaching business like a fully-fledged grown-up coach/entrepreneur and start employing the same tactics and strategies successful coaches use to ensure they ALWAYS have enough clients.

This isn’t rocket science but I know it can be overwhelming so let me break it down for you.

BEFORE you spend a single cent on paid traffic you need to set yourself up to win and have your ducks in a row.

Here’s what I believe that means.

1: You need your HERO offer – in my world, I call that your sweetspot high-ticket coaching program or package.2: You need an exciting lead magnet that is geared towards moving people into your Hero Offer.3: You need a paid traffic strategy that takes people TO your lead magnet.4: You need a high-ticket conversion strategy you feel confident in and comfortable with.5: You need high-quality, value-driven content (much like this) to engage your dream clients.Ok…so…did I just freak you out?I mean you probably KNOW all of this already right?And the fact I’m pointing this out has probably got your heart rate up because you KNOW you need to get on top of this stuff.You’ve probably known it for a long while now.

And yet you feel STUCK in your stuckness and can’t pull the trigger on MAKING-IT-HAPPEN.

Well, guess what….I can help you pull this thing together.

I mean ALL of it.Start to finish.You know…so it’s DONE!And fast.

Coaching Leads On Repeat is my newest program and in it, I show you how to do ALL of the above.

Not only do I show you but I basically help you set a timeline and project manage your @ss the whole way through so it gets done.Together we map out and create your Hero Offer and if you already have one I run it through the Michelle Filter to ensure it’s up to speed.Then based on your hero offer we map out and create your Lead Magnet, but not just ANY lead magnet, we want to make this fun for you and exciting for your we do that.Once we have those things in place we start working on some key content pieces and get you ready to run paid traffic to your lead magnet.But before we do that I’m going to show you how to create an environment for high-level conversions so you’re ready to make FULL use of the leads coming your way.THEN we turn on paid traffic and watch the leads come in.Sometimes it happens fast.Sometimes it takes some tweaking.Sometimes leads are cheap.Other times leads are expensive..BUT with high-ticket coaching offers you can AFFORD to pay for expensive leads…leads most other people will NOT pay for.

Once you learn this process you’ll be able to do this anytime you like for any offer you create.

I’m teaching you to FISH.Master this skill and you will ALWAYS have Coaching Leads ON REPEAT.You will always have a steady stream of quality clients to work with.Trust me when I say that bringing clients into your coaching business every month does NOT need to be hard work.Get your systems right and you can focus on the thing you want to focus on most and that is COACHING clients instead of trying to find them.If you want to know more about Coaching Leads On Repeat head here: xo

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