How Committed Are You?

How Committed Are You?

How Committed Are You To Your Dreams?

Kinda sorta or are you ALL IN?

Before you answer I want you to really check in with yourself because over the years I’ve had MANY coaches insist they’re 100% committed to building the coaching business of their dreams and creating epic success…and yet when I raise a handful of simple questions it becomes obvious…very quickly…that they are in fact NOT 100% committed.

So maybe….just maybe…you’ve been kidding yourself a little….maybe…just maybe…you’ve been skirting around the edges of “all in”....maybe…just maybe….you’ve been “all in”…except for x,y & z?

A quick way to tell is to ask yourself some tough questions…here are some I prepared earlier.

Where have you been quitting on yourself…aka: what have you SAID you were going to do…repeatedly….but NEVER follow through on?

What would be different right now if you actioned this stuff…aka: how much further ahead would you be right now IF you had followed through on this stuff?

I want you to focus NOT on the stuff you ARE doing….but on the stuff you aren’t….here’s why…

The stuff you’re doing is more likely than not passive action….busy-work…low impact stuff that keeps you busy but will NEVER cause you a breakthrough because breakthrough requires risk…..repeated risk….UNTIL.

While stuff like ticking the boxes on your daily social media activity….ensuring your website is just right and mailing your list regularly is important it’s not THE WORK you need to be doing…there’s no risk in this stuff….and you know what they say about risk right? Little risk = little reward.

And the goals you’ve set for yourself…let’s take a quick look at those shall we?

Itty bitty goals will NEVER inspire you….playing small and pretending you’re ok with that will NEVER inspire you to take the type of risks you need to take to create a breakthrough.

Let me tell you….some of the goals ya’ll have set for yourselves are not cool! It’s time to set the bar MUCH higher people!

What are you SCARED OF?  Failing?

Here’s the thing…you’re simply not going to get where you REALLY want to go WITHOUT failure….it ain’t gonna happen….so let’s get you failing fast and failing forward….let’s get that shit out of the way now so you can get to the good stuff quicker.

Ok…now that I’ve sufficiently kicked your ass it’s time for some “HOW TO”…as in how to create the breakthrough that brings success.

1: That goal you have for your coaching business? 10X it and you might be somewhere in the vacinity of what you’re REALLY capable of.

2: That list of things you’re too scared to do? DO THEM.

3: Invest in yourself….coaches who succeed have invested in high-level coaching and programs TO achieve that success (I know I did)…waiting “until” you’re successful before you invest in yourself is like saying you’ll get to the gym when you’re fit….and we all know how that works don’t we?

If..until now you’ve been relying on the “hope method” for growing your coaching business it’s time for a wake-up call….it’s time to take stock and realise that the way you’ve been operating is NOT going to get you where you want to go.

I’m all for positive thinking and hoping for the best BUT too often this is EXACTLY why coaches remain in the struggle for SOOO long….they dig themselves into a hole of dispair and struggle and lack and then avoid taking the types of risks required to turn things around…things like getting support when they can least afford it BECAUSE they know they can’t turning things around on thier own and this is when they need support the most.

I want to be REAL with you here and provide you with a reframe….creating epic success isn’t INSTA-EASY…’s fucking hard work and many coaches aren’t cut out for doing what it takes UNTIL they get there so I’d rather see you quit now and save yourself the heartache and dispair of “trying” to create success.

You can’t TRY….you need to DECIDE….and then get after it….relentessly.

You need to pick yourself up again and again and again.

You need to INVEST in this thing….that means investing in YOU and it means investing in your BUSINESS because if you’re serious about creating real and lasting success it’s going to require you TO invest in both.

If you’re not prepared to take risks and fail you shouldn’t be in the game…period…because this is what’s required.

If you ARE here for the long haul…the UNTIL…and you know you need help to take things to the next level because you don’t know what you don’t know…I only have one question for you….WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

The time is now my friend…..waiting will only delay your success.

M xo

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There’s A Time For HUSTLE

There’s A Time For HUSTLE


I am ALL about letting things be easy and working from a place of flow and in complete and total alignment… fact that’s how I do business 80% of the time, and then there are the times I feel the need to PUSH.

I think we can all be guilty of coasting at times and then we look up and realise it’s been a while since we REALLY pushed hard in our business, since we REALLY, TRULY hustled to make things happen, or happen faster.

Right now I’m in FULL hustle mode and for me, hustle means content, content and MORE content.

I’m committed to blogging every single weekday.

Live streaming every single weekday.

Emailing my list every single weekday.

Updating my Youtube and Website every single weekday.

Upping my insta game every single weekday.

Introducing new (to me) social platforms to spread my reach even further.

Running more free Masterclasses.

And launching more programs than I have in a while.

This isn’t new for me, if you’ve been in my world for a while you’ll have seen this before, where I pick up the pace and hustle my ass off.

I know ya’ll notice because you’re in my inbox letting me know I’m on fire.

Here’s the thing…YOU can do this too.

I’m not doing anything differently to what I would normally do, I’m just doing MORE OF IT…a lot more.

This creates momentum.

Sales pick up.

And I am so firmly in my zone you couldn’t pry me out with a crowbar.

Every time I do this I lift another level and even when I lose steam and take my foot off the pedal I’m still better for it and my usual pace of ease has a little more hustle to it.

Is this pace sustainable? 

For some people, it is…for me these days not so much but a month or so of pushing like this is all I need to create a massive impact on my bottom line.

So where are YOU at right now?

Is it time to pick up the pace and hustle?

If so you know what to do! 

Go make it happen!

M xo

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Forget The Formula & Trust Your Instincts

Forget The Formula & Trust Your Instincts

When you’re 100% committed to growing your coaching business to the level you know you’re capable of, there’s no doubt you need a game plan, a strategy that’s going to get you there AND we also need to acknowledge that there is no one size fits all formula for doing so. NO “formula” on the planet should ever trump trusting your instincts.

Your instincts are your bread and butter as a coach and they should be within your business too.

We’re overloaded with information at any given time simply because we have access to SO much of it and it can be easy to find ourselves neck deep in information we don’t know what to do with or how to apply it to our specific set of circumstances, formulas appeal to us because we want something simple we can follow that will guarantee a result.

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees even if you follow any given formula to a T because what works for one coach simply will not work for another.

I have a formula based program called The $5K Formula For Coaches and you can be assured that there is no one size fits all formula for that program, instead, each coach is encouraged to find the best way forward within the framework.

I have clients who did this program who sell their packages for $3K and not the recommended $5K because their instincts told them $3K was the right number for them and their potential clients.

I have clients to go about lead generation in a number of different ways because one way will not suit all coaches.

So even within my own formula, one I know works, I encourage my clients to trust their own instincts every step of the way because their instincts are always going to trump mine in their businesses.

Any coach who tells you to blindly follow a mapped out strategy is doing you a disservice.

A great coach will always work with you to find the way that works and feels good for you.

So we know that trusting our instincts is critical….but HOW do we learn to do that?

I’m glad you asked 🙂


1: Whenever you’re presented with an idea that pertains to your business (a marketing initiative for example) ask yourself “How do I feel REALLY about this?”.
Think about what this would look like in action and then ask ”Does this feel like a good fit for me?” and “Is this something my dream clients would respond well to?”.
Regardless of how well something is working for someone else ALWAYS run a gut check to be sure it’ll work for YOU and be appealing to YOUR dream clients.

2: Write a list of 5 times you trusted your instincts and things worked out for you.
What made you sure you were on the right track?
What thoughts and feelings were present as you made those decisions?
Remind yourself that when you DO trust your instincts things go well for you.

3: Clear your mind of any mental clutter and noise and then bring into focus your bigger vision……the big dream you’re chasing.
Spend time visualising your dreams as already achieved.
In this state ask yourself “what do I need to do next?”
Then do it.

Your internal guide is your greatest strength so please don’t underestimate the importance of creating a daily habit of tuning into and trusting your instincts as you made daily decisions in your business from who you take on as a client to the way you market your business to the coach you hire to help you grow.

Making rash decisions based on fear is the opposite of trusting your instincts so weigh your decisions, run them through your radar and then trust those decisions because if you do that second-guessing is no longer required.

I hope this helps you to feel more empowered when it comes to trusting what you know.

M xo

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The Coaches Call To FREEDOM

The Coaches Call To FREEDOM





Most of the coaches I work with all want the same things.

As COACHES they want to have a positive impact on the world, serve their communities and to help change lives for the better.

As ENTREPRENEURS, those same coaches want to create thriving coaching businesses and make money…very good money, doing what they love.

As HUMANS, those same coaches crave FREEDOM.

In fact, Freedom is at the top of the list of values for almost all of the coaches I work with.

I understand this because freedom is as important to me as the air I breathe.

Time Freedom.

Creative Freedom.

Financial Freedom.

The freedom to be ME without apology.

And I know you want that too.

Your coaching business will provide you with all of that freedom…..if you let it.

Let’s take a look at what the opposite of freedom looks like…at least for me.

I just went to write a list of what freedom doesn’t look like but scrapped that idea because in a nutshell, the opposite of freedom looks like me doing anything I don’t want to do at any time!

Freedom looks like me tuning into what feels good and following my instincts AT ALL TIMES.

Freedom looks like only working with clients who light me up.

Only running programs I feel inspired by and excited to teach.

Working from wherever I want and when I want.

These days I think it would be quite impossible for me to navigate life and business any other way.

The freedom to say I want.

When I want.

To the people I chose.

What does freedom look like to you?

That’s not a throwaway question…what DOES freedom look like to you?

Here are some examples:

You only sell group coaching programs and never do any one-on-one coaching.

You coach one day a week and that’s it.

You travel the world with your laptop and your clients are flexible enough to work around your timezone changes.

The longest you work with a client is 4 weeks.

Or One Entire Day.

You sell digital programs and only work with private clients if they’re the perfect fit and make it worth your while financially.

You sell via your content only, no sales calls.

You sell one signature program two times a year and that’s it because that’s enough.

So…again….what does freedom look like to YOU?


Get clear.

Then go make it happen because ANYTHING is possible with clarity and commitment.

M xo

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