3 Questions To Make Your Day More Powerful

3 Questions To Make Your Day More Powerful

3 Questions To Make Your Day More Powerful….

It’s important for any driven woman to know she’s growing, aligned and powerful DAILY..without this, confidence can take a nosedive and in business confidence is everything!

A few years ago I adopted the habit of asking myself three centering questions the moment I open my eyes and the effect has been powerful because it brings with it daily clarity and purpose.

How can I play a bigger game in my business and life today?

What opportunities are in front of me today?

How can I honour ALL parts of me today?

HUGE questions.

Questions that expand my thinking and force me to elevate from the moment my day begins…..these questions immediately have me focused on what I want rather than what I fear and when we focus on what we want we quieten any fears that are lurking around the corner.

For most of us building our empire becomes an obsession, our driving force and the place we choose to focus the majority of our energy and time … and for good reason — because it fulfills us…so much of our identity and how we feel about ourselves as women is deeply tied to the success or failure of our business….rightly or wrongly.

BUT, here’s the thing …

Most of us didn’t begin our businesses or go into our field because we wanted to work 20 hours a day, even though we love our work.

A large part of the motivation for many of us is the lifestyle we hoped would accompany our work..time freedom, travel, beautiful clothes, fine dining, a beautiful home, the luxury car, and flowers and candles … lots of flowers and candles.

I’m as guilty as the next person of entering `the cave’ (the place where a new idea forms and life becomes all about bringing this thing to life) and not surfacing for a long while.

This is a necessary part of the deal at times, however it is so important to take the time to remember that we owe it to ourselves to not only have a thriving business but also a thriving life!

When my spark is missing and I go searching for it, it can usually be found buried under work and to my spark back, I know I need to live my life bigger OUTSIDE of my business.

Sometimes I don’t even know what this looks like I’m so deep in the cave!

I forget the things that bring me joy.

I forget that it’s worth driving 90 minutes to my favourite beach to walk for three hours listening to podcasts that inspire me.

I forget that catching up with my mum for the day is fun and also feeds my soul.

I forget that driving to the outside Olympic sized pool is worth the effort and that swimming in that pool makes me feel alive.

I forget that a day shopping and dining in fancy restaurants with my friends is often just what the doctor ordered.

I forget that weekends away without my laptop opens my eyes to the things I’ve been missing.

I forget what it feels like to live a day in my house that doesn’t involve 78 trips to my office just in case I miss something!!

By asking myself the question “How can I live a bigger life today?” I’m reminding myself that life is of equal importance to work and that not every single goal I have in life needs to revolve around my business!

How can YOU live a bigger life today?

This is the question that continually forces growth for me and adds an injection of excitement into my working day.

How big can I go?

How far can I take this thing?

What can I create that will excite and engage my community?

For too many years more than I can count I underestimated my capacity for greatness and I’m sure you’re probably guilty of this too.

I aimed too low and that’s where I landed….can you relate to that?

I no longer accept comfort as my daily state, for me these days is all about expanding until I’m extremely uncomfortable and then I hustle to get comfortable.

Luckily for me I adapt fast and it isn’t long before I’m ready to scare the pants off myself again.

Unluckily for me this means constantly scaring the bejeezus out of myself as I force myself to grow, grow, grow.

But I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But we need to balance this out to stay fresh.

Life feels simple and balanced  (as opposed to overwhelming) for me when I’m honouring ALL of the MAIN parts of me.

I know if I honour the following four main areas I’m happy, as in as balanced as I’m going to get and feel as though I’m living a full and authentic life.

The Coach & Entrepreneur: Honouring my brand and my clients and striving for growth daily.

The Martial Artist: Humbled, disciplined, quiet, philosophical, striving for excellence.

The Partner: Showing up as the women my man fell in love with…because I love this woman too.

The Mum: Who stays on top of everything: being available, catching them before they fall, after they fall and making sure my kids feel loved and supported always. If I feel I’m not being a good mum nothing else works right.

If I honour the entrepreneur but not the Marital Artist I lose my edge, I lose my deeper wisdom, I lose feeling grounded and connected with this thing that helped shape me in the best possible way. In the reverse I feel “off-brand”.

If I’m training and embracing Martial Arts Philosophy, killing it in business and being a good mum but not showing up as the woman I love to be for my man (and for me) the balance is also off.

It may sound like a huge task to get all of my ducks in row each day but it’s not and any time spent doing so is 1,000,000,000 times worth the effort.

It doesn’t take a lot to honour all parts of me so I feel aligned and in flow…..to spend a solid 3-5hrs on growing my business and serving my clients the best way I know how most days of the week…to spend 5 minutes reading or pondering how I can bring Martial Arts Philosophy into my day…to communicate with my kids and tell them I love and am proud of them….to spend 5 minutes grounding myself in how I want to feel as a woman today and put effort into my appearance. I also pause during the day to check in that I’m on track.

What do you need to do each day to honour all parts of YOU?

Clarity is power but Vision is the diving force.

By asking yourself these questions day after day you keep Vision front of mind.

By keeping Vision front of mind you can be sure you’re heading in the direction of your dreams.

And THAT is the direction we all want to be headed in right?

M x

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5 Simple Reasons Your Coaching Package Isn’t Selling

5 Simple Reasons Your Coaching Package Isn’t Selling

5 Simple Reasons Your Coaching Package Isn’t Selling….

You completed your coaching certification training and despite some fear around coaching actual PAYING clients you were keen to start making money from your passion and excited to begin helping your dream clients live their best life…amiright?

And then came the stunning realisation that getting those paying clients was NOT as simple as your trainers had told you it would be, from the moment you opened the (real or metaphorical) doors it’s been a struggle and you now feel like a failure…in fact you’re so OVER putting on a brave face and faking success that you’re just about to throw in the towel.

Sound like you?

If so I’m not surprised because this experience is far more common than you’d expect; it was also MY experience for far too long so I know just how soul destroying it is to be in that place.

Before you throw in the towel I have some good news for you, there IS a way to turn it around, but before we get to that I want you to remember a few important things.

You Began Your Coaching Certification For A Reason.

I’ve never come across a coach who decided on a whim that coaching was a good business idea; the coaches I speak with week after week are women who had a life experience, learned a shitload, then decided they wanted to help other women (or whatever market it is you’re in) get to where they are, on the other side of that experience and better for it.

There’s a good chance that once you reached the other side of YOUR experience you looked back and wished you’d had someone to guide you through and support you so you got there a whole lot quicker and with a whole lot less pain and suffering….hence the decsion to become a coach.

You became a coach because you KNEW you had what it took to help people get from whatever your version of A – Z looks like, you were convicted that your market needed this and that YOU were the best person to help them.

I want you to get back to that place, go there in your mind now…remember your WHY.

You Had A Vision.

At one time you clearly saw yourself succeeding in your business.

In your mind you saw yourself kicking coaching ass, working with your dream clients, changing lives and being an awesome coach.

You also imagined the lifestyle this kind of success would bring, the lovely office, the new clothes (and those shoes!), the trips to Paris, the new car, the house of your dreams.

I now want you to go there in your mind….revisit that vision, feel it in your gut, see it in great detail, pull out your old vision board if you still have it.

Plant that vision firmly in your mind once again.

You believed you could and I’m here to remind you that you CAN.

NO-ONE ever sets a goal for themselves that they don’t, on some level, believe they can achieve.

Even if the moment is fleeting, you had the moment and once that seed is planted you can’t go back, that belief is going to haunt you until you make it a reality.

If you’re an entrepreneur that’s the way we’re wired, you WILL spend your lifetime chasing that vision because you once believed you could.

You may be able to push it down for a period of time but it ain’t going anywhere.

You once believed you could and I’m here to tell you THAT is enough for me to know you can.

Remember that feeling in your gut now…remember the time you truly felt you could make that vision your reality.

Okey dokey…now you’re plugged back into your why, your vision and the belief you could make it happen let’s look at things with fresh eyes.

Here’s the deal…..

Chances are you’ve been hell bent on becoming the best coach you can be and focused on honing your coaching skills so you feel confident you’ll be a great coach for your clients which is important but it’s NOT the most important thing.

Marketing yourself is…and there are a whole bunch of ducks you need to get into a row before you can do that confidently and successfully.

And with that, let me share with you the top 5 reasons I see coaches failing to build 6 figure businesses (or oftentimes even 5 figure businesses!) and what you can do to turn your own business around.

REASON NO.1 – You No Longer Believe You Can.

When you’ve been failing at trying to gain clients for a long time it’s only natural that you begin to doubt your ability to really make this thing work, you can only handle so many rejections and so many weeks of zero leads coming in before you it impacts your self-belief but if you don’t believe you can sell your coaching packages no-one else is going to either.

I can’t express strongly enough just how important it is to get yourself re-aligned with your why, and your vision and again become TOTALLY CONVICTED about your ability to grow your coaching business to 6 figures (or beyond if you’re already there).

Without self-belief you have nothing so this should be your first priority.

Sure what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked and that’s ok, you now know how NOT to go about this! Believe you can and then get on to thinking about the how…Success is not a matter of “if” but a matter of “when” if you’re convicted and committed.

REASON NO:2 – You’re Not Showing Your Value

You know the difference you can make in your clients lives and you know what outcome you can deliver but are you making that clear?

Too often we’re in our own head when it comes to spelling out the benefits, we’re thinking about what we want our clients to know when what we should be thinking about BEFORE we write a stroke of copy is “what does my market really want?”.

If you can tap into what it is your market truly desires along with what they fear most your copy will write itself.

Know what your market wants and then let them know you know what they want and that you can deliver it PLUS what that whole experience looks like.

For example a Personal Trainer is NEVER going to sell me on price or the list of qualifications they own because those things means nothing to me.

I’m interested in where I’m going to BE at the end of our time together; if the PT has done their job right, identified a niche and smashed out a message that hits home for me (for example : deadlift like a pro & smash out 20 chin-ups in 4 weeks ) then that will grab my attention because I can see what I’m getting, I can clearly see the outcome.

This also tells me that this trainer knows their stuff, if this is SPECIFICALLY what they’re selling they MUST know how to deliver it.

Think about your own positioning and marketing messages…are you telling your ideal clients exactly what they can expect from working with you? Or have you been spelling out what YOU think is important but can now see is irrelevant to you ideal client?

REASON NO:3 – Your Message Is Confusing & You Stand For Nothing

In my experience the coaches who fail to gain traction are the coaches who try to be everything to everyone (life coach, relationship coach AND business coach??!! I don’t think so) and their message becomes so muddled it’s just too much like hard work figuring out if this is the coach for me (or you) and my (or your) needs.

I am NEVER going to take on a business coach who is also a life coach, I want my coach to be excellent at ONE thing, not half-assed at 75 different things.

You don’t want anyone coming to your website (or chatting with you at a networking event) to have to work hard to understand what it is you do and how you do it or what the next step is.

Pick a single focus and drill down deep into that, they say that while a niche is only a foot wide it’s miles deep, you’re far better off speaking DIRECTLY to your intended market and have them hear you than you are speaking to anyone and everyone and have no-one hear you.

Be super clear in your message about what it is you’re offering, the outcome the client can expect and how your clients will get it, for example if you’re the best relationship break-up coach going around focus on that, STAND for that, make your brand ALL about that, THIS is how a brand gets noticed by an intended market.

REASON NO:4 – Your Coaching Program Isn’t Solving An Easily Recognisable Problem For Your Market

When I work with clients and I help them develop their product offerings we always begin with identifying the key challenges their target market face and work backwards from there making sure that my masterminders skills, passions and zone of genius all align with one or more of these challenges.

From there we create the packages, pricing and marketing messages that will engage that market.

Offering “Life Coaching” is beige and isn’t offering me much in the way of what PROBLEM this is solving for me.

Creating a coaching package that will solve a specific problem for me will get my attention.

Money Coaches are on the rise and now you’ll find women searching online for a “Money Coach” rather than a life coach they can talk with about their money issues.

Money Coaching is a great idea of niching done well AND a great example of offering the solution to recognised problems within their market.

Are you offering packages and if so are they solving a specific problem for your market?

If not spend some time thinking about how you can craft some coaching packages that do just that, I promise you this will be 100 times easier to sell than generic “coaching”.

REASON NO:5 – The Risk Is Too High

I learned this lesson the hard way!

If you’re offering a pricey coaching package (whatever that is for you) you MUST ease your ideal clients into the idea of investing with you.

If you don’t have an established reputation with hoards of potential clients knocking on your door it’s rare that someone will meet you at a networking event or stumble across your website and buy your core coaching program without first engaging with you; the risk is just too high, especially with so many snake oils salesmen (and women) out there on the interwebs. So you MUST provide a way to reduce the risk of doing business with you.

Providing awesome free content (hopefully like you feel this is) and running great quality Discover Calls are two ways of reducing the risk for your potential clients and besides, it’s always good to know the coaching relationship you’re getting yourself into, particuarly in high-ticket coaching, so you can screen your potential client to ensure this is someone you both WANT to work with and can help.

Please DO NOT feel overwhelmed by the information I’ve provided here……

If your coaching business isn’t making money and you’re not doing these things then that’s great news!

It’s great news because this means you have SO much you can now do to improve your bottom line, if you really, truly want to grow a successful coaching business (online or otherwise) then it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work, you now know where to begin.

I wish you well and if you want a partner in crime to help you navigate your way through this process and also want to see how I run my own discovery calls click the image below and let’s chat….I’d love to help you breakthrough 6 figures a whole lot faster than you’re likely to do alone.

P.S: If you know a coach who would benefit from this article please share it with them, your share’s are always appreciated.

Michelle xo

2 Foolproof Ways For Getting Unstuck FAST!

2 Foolproof Ways For Getting Unstuck FAST!

2 Foolproof Ways For Getting Unstuck….

In my Private Facebook Community “Secret Coaches Business” I often run free challenges and workshops and by far ones with the most engagement always revolve around getting unstuck.

It’s a popular topic!

I’m convinced that the way of the coach / entrepreneur resembles something like this…..

IDEA!!!! :-)))) > Action > Varied result > STUCK

Sometimes its the big kinda stuck where major unstuck type of activity is called for with much deeper questioning and pondering required.

But other times it’s the naggging…I’m spending WAAA-HAY-HAY too much time on FB doing NADA kinda stuck.

This is the kind of stuck where you know where you’re going but can’t seem to find the inspiration to move forward in any prolific way.

Either way both of these actions work.

The first is to get yourself a coach / mentor, even if it’s for only 1 session.

A coach brings clarity of distance (we’re not as close to your stuff as you are), they pick up on the unspoken and challenge you to give yourself permission to really go for what you want most in life.

Plus they see around corners, we’ve been there, done that and can often pre-empt any unforeseen challenges, saving you time, heartache and often a shizload of $$$$

The second is to remove yourself from your regular environment.

Head somewhere super high-end and fabulous.

Soak up the opulence, the elegance, the LUXURY.

You cannot help but be inspired in an inspiring environment.

You cannot help but EXPAND your thinking in up-levelled environment.

You don’t need to sell a kidney for a room at The Ritz, head to your closest uber expensive hotel or casino and sit in a bar, order a glass of bubbles and watch the magic happen.

I have a super popular blog post on how I do my New Year Planning in style…keep an eye out as I’ll be sharing the updated version sometime in late November.

But I digress….

Honestly, nothing expands your thinking like stepping into the life you want, if only for a moment.

Whenever I run any events and back when I used to run my Live Masterminds I ALWAYS chose stunning venues.

Every single time I stay somewhere fabulous magic happens.

My thinking expands, what once seemed beyond my wildest dreams suddenly seems mundane.

Tip: Don’t create a bunch of rules around “when” the right time is to take action on these two things…if you’re stuck NOW is the time.

Schedule them in your diary over the next 7 days and then get your ass moving…you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

Excuses or reasons surfacing already?

My advice??


All of my wins have come from a moment of courage, a single moment of courage where I’m called to act on an inspired idea, an inspired thought…

NEVER have I regretted my leaps, they’ve always netted me something truly amazing…my next step up, my next win, my next up-level.

To make it easy for you to hire a mentor / coach I have an offer for you at the bottom of this blog but to finish….you want success right??

Throw EVERYTHING at it, every-single-thing…and make it happen.

Without action, the life I have created for myself would still be a dream.

Without action, this life I lead would have remained in the future.

If your time is now it’s time to take the leap…before you accidentally settle for mediocre.

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The Art Of Not F@#king Up Your Hard-Earned Success.

The Art Of Not F@#king Up Your Hard-Earned Success.

The Art Of Not F@#king Up Your Hard-Earned Success….

Here’s the thing no-one tells you about success.

When it arrives it brings with it a can of worms you’re unprepared for.

Sure, there’s the momentary euphoria of having “made it”, of having finally achieved what you’d been working so hard to achieve but far too often the feeling of euphoria short lived.

Despite the many hours you’ve probably spent imagining your success when it hits sometimes it can take a little while for everything else to catch up. I guess it’s not too dissimilar to someone who’s had lap band surgery without the psychological counselling required to come to grips with the fact that EVERYTHING surrounding their relationship with food has to change including socially (a friend told me the story of a relative of hers who blended her entire Christmas Day meal into a smoothie and freaked everyone out as she sat at the table drinking it though a straw),

Had they been prepared psychologically for the change I’m sure adjustment and acceptance would have been less traumatic.

Don’t get me wrong I am NOT for a second suggesting success is traumatic, in fact it’s the most amazing feeling in the world.

At the guts of it what I want to tell you is that success doesn’t automatically correct your mental and emotional crap, in fact it can make it scream louder for a time because the risk to what you have is now greater than it was before.

Another analogy (stay with me) is bodybuilding, I recently attended a training camp with World Champ Nicole Wilkins and she voiced what I already knew to be true, if anyone takes on the challenge of getting on stage because they think it will “fix” the relationship they have with their body or food or whatever brand of battle it is they’re fighting, they’re sadly mistaken, the mental and emotional crap is tamed (maybe) in the lead up to being on stage but the minute they step off stage and are able to hydrate and eat (and their immediately loses it’s stage magnificence) the mental battle begins in earnest.

It’s the same with success.

It won’t fix your crap.

But the awesome news is that it forces you to deal with said crap because (again) the risks are higher than ever before, if you don’t fix what you need to fix NOW you can watch your gains slip away.

After a particuarly trying time a few years ago I reflected on what was revealed to be a pattern that accompanies my successes (one you may only begin to recognise) and it goes like this.


Like any cycle, this one has triggers and warning signs I’m now aware of, there’s zero guarantee this cycle won’t repeat itself but knowing it exists already has me fired up and ready to face it head on if or when it arises, in fact I can’t wait to test my approach for dealing with it.

Here’s what this cycle looks like in a bit more detail…


The leap is where you’ve created your vision, set yourself a goal and you’ve launched yourself into action.

This is where you’re making shit happen on a grand scale and excitement is high.


The double edged sword, freaking AWESOME because you’ve finally achieved the very thing you’ve been working so hard to achieve but crappy because it’s (or can be) the trigger for the shitty phase to follow.


This is where the shit hits the fan.

Success is like a drug that is soooo highly addictive, we become addicted to the high of winning and in the times between the chase and the wins, in the downtime, this is where our crap surfaces….usually always self-worth stuff or some version of it.

I feel most alive when I’m experiencing the thrill of the chase, when I’ve trusted my gut, followed my instincts and I’m seeing the first signs that it’s going to pay off.

When the win comes it’s euphoric…heady stuff and there is no high like it but with any high comes the low.

The adrenaline rush of success gives way to “what now?” and if you don’t catch it here it can spiral into living in your head and spending way too much time aimlessly trawling through Social Media looking for the meaning of life.

Integration is where the crap surfaces but it’s here where we deal with our crap and come out the other side, weary, beaten up but stronger and wiser than ever before.

The other side of this is the real win.


Whenever we’ve been to hell and back it forces us to re-evaluate who we are, how we do things and what we really want our lives to look like for the next leg of the journey.

Recently a girlfriend reminded me of my “irritants” philosophy which basically means I decide to audit and clean up my life of all the things that are pissing me off.

Basically I list up all of the things in my life that are irritating (and distracting) me and then set about the process of eliminating every single one of them.

Some things you can’t eliminate entirely (like an errant family member) but you can eliminate your response to them.

In life things pile on top of us one after the other and when we’re busy instead of rejecting the things that annoy us we absorb them and before we know it we’re weighed down by a pile of crap, often lots of small things that have gone unnoticed.

For me recently one small thing was I joined a gym when I moved and I don’t like it, every day I went (or didn’t) it pissed me off and I was putting up with it.

After that one line from my friend it dawned on me that I’d let the “irritants’ pile up.

The same day I went and signed up at a different gym and I’ve been loving it!

I call this an irritants list because it’s not big stuff, usually we’re forced or called to deal with the big stuff but the small stuff, the small irritating stuff, can pile up.

The times after I work though this are when I feel the clearest, most aligned and at ease with where I’m taking my life and my business.

Its a powerful tool, a life “de-clutter” I guess you could call it.


This is visioning, goal setting and deciding on the next course of action given everything that’s been thrown up in the last few phases.

This is where I can feel my pulse return, my energy lift and the excitement build in my belly

These days I keep things reigned in at this stage so I don’t run off half cocked, I’ve forcibly inserted the next step to ensure I don’t go too deep down a rabbit hole that will ultimately take me no-where.


This is where I let myself go nuts and get excited.

One of the greatest assets an entrepreneur can possess is self-awareness, knowing yourself and what makes you tick is critical at this stage.

Knowing your strengths and the things that will trip you up will mean you can tap into whether or not this decision is right for you right now.

Alignment for me looks like values work, journalling, journalling and more journalling, setting new crystal clear goals and deciding the how…how I’m going to get from A to Z while fully enjoying the process.

Ease, Hustle, Fun and Adventure are all key components of alignment for me.


This is where the rubber meets the road and I’m off and racing again.

I create MASSIVE action and momentum that propels me deep into the process, so far into the process that there’s no turning back.

This is the thrill of the chase with the anticipation of success.

I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t my favourite part.

So there you have it, what I call my success cycle with the good, the bad and the ugly bits.

Writing this was awesome, deciding to hit publish of course made me ponder “what if I’m the only one who experiences this??!!, god I’ll look like a whack job!!!!”, however I know from countless conversations with my peers and with my clients that most women experience some version of this around success so I’ll take one for the team and put it out there hoping it helps bring some understanding to your own struggles whether they be in the past, one your experiencing now or so you can tuck it away in the memory bank in case you ever need it.

This probably goes without saying but this is in no way a reason to avoid great success, the growth and wisdom gained is well worth the frustration and it will serve you to go again, bigger, better and badder than ever before.

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M x

5 Lessons I Learned Taking My Coaching Business To The Next Level

5 Lessons I Learned Taking My Coaching Business To The Next Level


5 Lessons I Learned Taking My Coaching Business To The Next Level….

*This is a post I orignally wrote in early 2016 as I was on my way to Sydney to run a day event….I had 3 women sign on to the Sydney Mastermind*

Deciding to step away from the Honourable Martial Arts Entrepreneur brand I’d lovingly created (and felt immense pride in) in favour of launching myself into the unchartered waters of launching a high-end mastermind in the female entrepreneur (My $25K Live Mastermind) was a huge leap of faith but every cell in my body screamed “you have to do this”….and so I did.

What lay before me was definitely something I’d dreamed of (and my gut told me was possible) but as most of us are, I’m a highly optimistic entrepreneur and in my lifetime had set MANY epic goals that didn’t quite come to fruition the way I’d planned; at gut level I “believed” but there was also a huge element of SHOW ME THE MONEY. The proof of success in business is not in the pudding but in bringing in the big bucks….I was on the cusp and dying to see if I could pull this off and make it happen.

As I begin this post I’m sitting on the airstrip at Melbourne Airport waiting to fly to Sydney to launch my mastermind in Sydney.

I’m excited but I’d be lying if I said I was fearless in the face of this launch, you just never know what you’re going to get until you try so on the eve of my launch I’m confident, my gut is happy and I feel good about this next step in my business.

However…..I have a Plan B, C D and, well as many plans as I need to make this thing a success (whatever that turns out to be in this instance).

From the outside looking in the success of others always looks easy but we’re both smart enough to know that this is simply the highlight reel and that behind the shine a battle of epic proportions has been fought and won.

(At this point I’m checked into my suite at the Sangri-La (DIVINE) and I’m now sitting at The Waterfront tapping away with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge as my backdrop, the sky is blue and the sun is out in full force – perfection!!).

As I sit here soaking up the view and feeling more alive than I’ve felt in weeks (a whole other blog) I feel this is the perfect time to revisit some of the lessons I learned doing EXACTLY what I’m doing now.

Taking a risk.

Testing the untested.

Once again attempting to take my business to the next level.

LESSON 1 – There is no “I’ve made it” moment.

Ok so I may have had a split second moment of “I’ve made it” when I shot THIS video on the day I kicked off my first mastermind in Melbourne 14 months ago but that was pretty short lived.

That particular program had some teething problems I hadn’t anticipated but even with having to work through all of that I was off and racing towards the next target within weeks.

In my experience the attainment of every desired outcome simply becomes a stepping stone for the next level because as ambitious women we’re always striving, we always want more, there is ALWAYS a next level.

Rather than find myself excited by the prospect of having secured a 6 figure income for the following 12 on months straight out of the gate I got to thinking..wow, ok, if I can do that what else can I do???

The “I’ve made it” moment was nice while it lasted and I treasure the memory but I’m also ok with knowing “the comfort zone” and I are never going to be best mates and I’m built to strive….for the next thing…always.

LESSON 2 – The mental crap you deal with is the same.

I’d love to be able to tell you your mind is transformed when you reach that sought after “next level” but I’d be telling a big fat porky.

It’s the same crap.

I launched my first mastermind with a bang, the 2nd one was 100 times better and I’d found my groove so you’d think that when I decided to launch in Sydney it would be a no brainer right?

WRONG…so very wrong!!

I upper-limited like a mad woman (If you haven’t read The Big Leap by Bay Hendricks go and do it NOW!) and eff’d it up before I’d even started, I postponed dates, gave money back and essentially had a nice little meltdown around the whole idea of “Sydney”.

A-Total-Nightmare and I just couldn’t get over the fact I thought I was past all the fear and self-doubt crap given how far I’d come.

I was wrong….yep, so very wrong.

It look a lot of metaphorical repeated slapping myself around the head before I came to my senses, sucked it up and DECIDED I WAS going to launch Sydney, no if’s, but’s or maybe’s.

Day 1 is sold out and Day 2 is ok, not sold out as I’d hoped but I’m sitting here knowing I did whatever the hell it took to feet the best numbers I could. A win.

A win because I had the balls to try when all I wanted to do was chalk up the $3.5k I’d paid for the venue up to experience and remain in Melbourne.

I’ve let the frustration of the call to “please some to Sydney” then hearing crickets when I did commit to coming to Sydney go and instead I’ve prided myself on making things work.

***UPDATE….Sydney was a dream!! I set the target for 4 women in this mastermind and I already have 3 ladies with another 2 women very keen. This is an exciting group of female entrepreneurs and I’m so excited to kick this off in Sydney on the 19th of this month!!

I’ve already started ads for my next Melbourne campaign and am also looking at venues in Brisbane.

So the lesson here is to make peace with your inner crap, know there’s a good chance it will surface again when you least need it and be prepared to fight the same old battles again and again but with less effort, over time the crap becomes a minor distraction unless you give it too much airtime (as I did!).

BONUS LESSON – Suck every bit of juice out of your momentum.

The update above is a very telling sign of how I work, whenever I experience success I push again while I’m feeling bulletproof and then again and again and again.

Success creates the type of energy we wish we had in our businesses every single day, the setbacks and roadblocks eat into this energy and deplete us if we’re not careful.

It’s critical we remain optimistic but even the best of us are hit by self-doubt at times, when you have a win and you’re sitting on top of the world milk that feeling for all it’s worth, DO NOT sit back and bask in the glow of success until you’ve followed it up with another win and then another win.

Solidify your success by creating more of it and then spend a moment high-fiving yourself before you set your sights on the next success.

I’m speaking from experience here, 2 Melbourne launches close together kept me pumping, I left it too long between that 2nd launch and Sydney and it took it’s toll, had I kept on and followed through with Sydney when I first set the intention I would have avoided a massive head-f@!K and a bad dose of procrastination that set me back 6 months.

Thankfully I’ve made up for lost time and Brisbane will set me ahead (I’d planned Brissy for 2017), this is the power of using momentum.

LESSON 3 – It’s not as hard as I figured it would be.

This may sound contradictory considering the last lesson but once I made the decision early on that I was going to push through any challenges and find a way to make this thing fly regardless of any setbacks the rest was just the doing.

**This is something that continues to be true….ANY time I truly decide I want something…it happens.**

I was SO called to launch this program and my instincts were proving to be right every step of the way and the way forward seemed effortless, I just KNEW which step to take next every step of the way.

The biggest battle I’d fought in the past (and again more recently) was the one I fought with myself, this is probably a revelation to anyone who knows me (my mum was floored) but I’m as filled with self-doubt and second guessing as the next person, I’ve just gotten better at choosing where I send my mind.

I could have given in to the fear and self-doubt that was holding me back around Sydney but I chose to DECIDE to go ahead and figure shit out along the way….like I always have!

When I first launched my recurring thought theme went something like this… “you came SOOO close last time and you whimped out, you tasted success on a grand scale then you ran scared when you told yourself you couldn’t do it again..THAT is not happening again, THAT is not an option this time round. You’re seeing this through to the end. You’ve got this, you can do it, just do it”.

And with that commitment the road opened up, I think I do look back over my shoulder with rose coloured glasses at that first launch because it seemed like a dream to bring to fruition although I’m sure there were many challenges along the way.

LESSON 4 – Confidence is your best growth strategy.

Whatever space you want to claim as your Zone of Genius (your sweetspot) you need to OWN IT!!

If you don’t believe you can sell your offering or deliver it with excellence no-one else will either.

I had run a small group 5 month program in my last business but had never run anything over 12 months before, I had a very clear strategy for the program but I hadn’t DONE IT yet.

BUT I was 100% confident I could and I was 100% confident I could sell it.

I know for sure that had I gone in with anything less than 100% confidence I would have failed.

The success of that launch hinged entirely on how confident I was that I could make it work and deliver on promise.

Sydney was the same, sure I stuffed around and made a mess in my head but I did the work to get myself feeling 100% confident I could pull it off, made the decision to go ahead and then continued to feed my confidence every day so that when I ran my events I owned it.

Had I gone to Sydney a whimpering mess of self-doubt the outcome would have been very, very different.

If you’re lacking confidence your job right now is to do whatever it takes to get yourself to a place of 100% confidence.

Look at your past and current successes.

Look back at why you figured this would work in the first place.

Look at others doing what you’re doing…if someone else is doing it successfully so can you.

Have confidence in yourself to push though any challenges and to find a way to figure shit out so you can move forward with the next step.

You have everything you need to make a success of whatever it is your doing, you just need to work out how to use gifts you’ve been given, this includes the ability to know your limitations and to outsource when you need to.

My biggest challenge is that I exceeded my own expectations decades ago and so every step higher on the success ladder is unchartered waters for this little mind of mine, when you leave school at 14 and grow up in shitty circumstances with zero expectations you’ll do anything special it’s not a bar set very high.

Setting huge goals and achieving them is normal practice for me but when I achieve I have this weird mix of “I knew I could do it” Versus “I can’t believe I just did that!”, the part that had been winning was “I can’t believe I just did that” which lead to thoughts of “So I probably can’t do it again”.

My biggest personal lesson has been opening up and really allowing myself to see the possibility before me and to believe that I have as good a chance as anyone to succeed, in fact a better chance because I need it more, I want it more, it means more to me and I know from experience now that I can have anything I want in this life once I figure out how to get it.

My take-away for you here is that awesome quote “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

We all have fears, we all have our own crap that holds us back, the trick is to fight and win the battle and to keep fighting and winning the battle.

You are destined for greatness, don’t let your crap win out and deny you of it.

LESSON 5 – The Biggie…..Oh…THIS is me doing it!

This is kind of a weird one and potentially something only I’ve experienced but here we go…

There have been many days where I’ve been sitting at my desk feeling the need to PUSH, to DO, to MAKE SHIT HAPPEN and I become frustrated when I don’t know what to do next.

Upon reflection I realise I’m doing it and there is nothing more, unless I want to create busy work.

When I’m launching my events I’m running ads, keeping an eye on my feed and messages to answer any questions that come up, tweak ads if I need to, I’m still doing podcast interviews, blogging, running my newsletter, hanging out in Facebook groups and making a noise, following up old enquires etc etc etc

THAT is me doing it….this is the goal achievement process in action…it’s happening.

It’s at this point that I realise I need to relax and trust the process, the strategy, the fact that this worked last time and the time before that.

Then there’s the white knuckle fear of stretching myself, diving in then having to figure out a way to make it work.

These are the times I ask myself “what the fuck were you thinking???” and “why did I do this to myself???”.

Then I remember that THIS is also the goal achievement process in action.

It’s scary and painful and uncomfortable and riddled with fear and anxiety but this is the way big goals get met.

This is part of the bigass scary goal getting process.

I catch myself in these moments and then remind myself I need to start to get excited because any time I’ve achieved anything HUGE in my life it has been preceded with these feelings.

I remind myself “oh yeah, this is me doing epic shit, this is what it feels like, payday is just around the corner”.

Every time it seems the world is conspiring to make my life difficult when I’m trying to achieve something great is a reminder that the breakthroughs follow the (near) breakdowns, this is The Big U testing you…how bad do you want it?? How bad do you REALLY want it??

Birthing a bigass goal is just like birthing a baby, messy, painful, scary and something you’re never really 100% prepared for BUT the reward is so worth it.

Don’t be scared of feeling all of those emotions that make us anxious, instead acknowledge them for what they are…they’re growing pains, they’re necessary and part of the deal when it comes to massive growth.

I love the quote “If you can conceive it and believe it you CAN achieve it”. I totally believe that, I don’t believe that we can conceive of an idea without innately knowing we can have it.

Be still, listen to your gut and be guided by the next step.

Now my dear…go forth and conquer!!

Michelle xo

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Success Is Messy

Success Is Messy

Success Is Messy….


A little while ago I bumped into a past colleague of mine, a real blast from the past, and a little while later we met up for coffee and a chat.

The conversation was fantastic, the sort that two battle hardened entrepreneurs LOVE to have as we shared our individual journeys over the past 6 or 7 years since we’d been in touch.

It was interesting and at the same time familiar to hear how after many years of changing tack and going off on tangents she had arrived at EXACTLY where she is most powerful in business.

I’ve done the same thing myself.

In fact I have yet to meet a coach who 10 years down the track is doing the thing they started out doing all those years ago.

You see success is messy and it’s more than ok to make the mother of all messes along the way….in fact…it’s a right of passage to make messes along the way because this is what brings us something that money can’t buy…EXPERIENCE.

As my colleague and I chatted about the detours we took and the messes we made along the way we both acknowledged that this is what experience is made of and that every single experience piles on top of the one before it to create a mountain of knowledge and experience that is priceless.

No course on earth will ever teach you the same resilience you find through having to repeatedly pick yourself up and dust yourself off for another round.

My colleague said “we are still here, we worked through it, we figured it out and we didn’t stop when it got too hard”.

She was right, many people we know have fallen by the wayside, have taken jobs and abandoned their entrepreneurial dreams in favour of safety (and sanity no doubt!).

For some this is the perfect choice but those of us with entrepreneurial blood running through our veins that can never be a viable option and we will fight on UNTIL….until we achieve what we’re after.

Myself, along with many of my fellow coaches, have suffered lean times, experienced set backs, hit brick walls we thought we couldn’t get through and have experienced epic failures but never, ever did we want to quit.

We head back to the drawing board, take time to lick our wounds and come out bigger and better than ever before and full of optimism.

We support one another, we lift each other up and utter the phrase “we’ve all been THERE!!” more than once (and probably will again).

We’ve ALL made a mess at some point (you can create success without it), we’ve all had to lick our wounds and start again and none of us would trade it for quids.

So when you’re thinking “this is a mess” know you are doing it right!

Have faith that this is simply a big messy question you need to figure out the answer too.

Back yourself that you can and will find that answer….that you WILL figure it out and that when you do you will once again be picked up on a wave of momentum that will carry you for weeks if not months or years.

So if you want success…if you want to REALLY, ABSOLUTELY, FOR SURE want to live the life of a successful coach and entrepreneurial …. roll your sleeves up, foster your conviction to make stuff happen and prepare to make a mess……and know that success (along with pride and fulfilment) will be waiting for you at the other end.

In the meantime come and join me in my free community SECRET COACHES BUSINESS and let’s hang out.

I’ll see you there.

M x

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