Your Leveraged Business Model

Your Leveraged Business Model

I’m guessing that when you first went into business your end goal was NOT to end up working more hours than you can handle and I’m guessing it was never in your mind’s eye that you’d hit experience such regular bouts of FEAST or FAMINE.

Am I right?

But here you are, a few years (or maybe months) in and shit STILL feels like a grind, and often precarious.

Are you exhausted yet?

Long story short, THIS is not what you had in mind when you took those first tentative steps to becoming an entrepreneur.

You’d pictured FREEDOM, and a lot more of it than you have now but instead you’re probably feeling trapped and asking yourself how much longer you can do this.

Am I right?

I want you to know that it doesn’t have to be this way and that there IS a way to leverage your time better AND flatten out the rollercoaster ride of feast and famine in your business.

And that WAY is to create your very own FREEDOM MACHINE.

A business model that takes the grind out of doing business day in day out.

A business model that, for every hour you work, returns far greater dividends than the way you’re doing it now.


There are many ways to leverage your time, skills and knowledge that gives way to a business you can continue to scale so you’re making more money WITHOUT having to work more hours.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t and in fact, it’s a method all successful coaches, consultants and trainers employ to create more success and freedom than their counterparts.

And I’m one of them.

When most of the personal trainers around me were working their asses off selling an hour for $40 and running out of hours in the day I was servicing 100 or more clients at a time in my online fitness business where I had one day a week that I had to power through emails and progress reports but the rest of the time was my own.

When most of the coaches around me were selling single coaching sessions or 12-week packages to individuals I was running high-ticket  12-month group programs, both online and off securing 12 months of recurring income one time, not everytime I needed new clients.

Look at any leveraged business model either offline or online and it’s likely I’ve done it since first going into business in 1991.

And I continue to explore new ways to better leverage my time (this being the latest I work towards my ULTIMATE FREEDOM MACHINE this year.



The thing I love about service-based entrepreneurs is that the sky really is the limit, you’re ONLY limited by your imagination…and of course fear and procrastination and all of the usual suspects, but let’s park those for now and focus on the vast opportunities there are for YOU to better leverage your time and create steady, EVEN cashflow.

Let’s begin with just a few…Online Group Programs, In Person Group Programs, Digital Products, Online Membership Programs, High-end Group Coaching Programs and Masterminds, VIP Days and Retreats…just to name a few.


I know that whenever someone has too many options competing for attention the first thing we do is step away because the overwhelm hits hard, so let’s break it down in order of ease of implementation.


If you’ve already been working one-on-one with clients around a certain problem (eg: you’re a life coach who has a 10-week “Love Your Life” coaching package you sell to individuals) you can very easily create a group program where you’re able to conduct the main educational content one-to-MANY in a group environment and run group coaching calls.

Your input is (for example) 1 hour, twice a week along with some time for answering questions in your Facebook Group or via email in between.

Normally that 2- 4 hours per week would equal the rate of whatever you charge your individual clients but as a group coaching program you can take on as many clients as you like or feel comfortable with.

Same hours but 10X (or more) the income generation.


Maybe you’re not excited about working with too many people at once or you don’t feel your particular business suits this model (I believe that if you’re in a serviced based business there is ALWAYS a way to leverage this idea, often you’re just too close to your business to see that possibility), in that case you can create a program based on pre-recorded content and downloadable workbooks that people can purchase and complete in their own time.

You can choose to add a VIP Option or something similar where you can include some time with you along with the program.


Maybe you LOVE the idea of being in a room with a group of your ideal clients and love the vibe that a group can bring to the learning environment, in that case, the LIVE or IN PERSON Group Program is ideal.

You then have the option of keeping it intimate and charging a premium for that intimacy and high-touch service or you can work off of volume,  charge less and fill the room to the brim. You can even have an upsell, higher-touch offer from there.

THERE ARE 3 IDEAS TO GET YOU STARTED…but it’s also a good idea to consider the following.

It’s Important To Know Yourself – How do you like to work best with people? Eg: don’t offer in-person events or programs if you really prefer to work online. Don’t feel you need to do one before the other, there is no rule that says you can’t jump straight into online programs even if you’ve never done it before. In a nutshell start with the end in mind, begin with what you consider to be YOUR Ultimate Freedom Machine and don’t waiver from that.

Start Easy – Don’t create problems for yourself before you begin by over-reaching on your technical capabilities. You might have decided that an Online Group Program is perfect for you and that’s great, congratulations because I honestly do believe that is one of the greatest FREEDOM MACHINES there are…BUT…maybe your tech skills are non-existent.  If that’s the case don’t overcomplicate things with online program delivery platforms you don’t understand and will need to spend countless hours mastering. There are a handful of ways you can run an online group program with very little tech savvy and even less money (something we’ll be covering in ). You want to start with the strategy you’re going to implement, not the one you’ll procrastinate over for 6 months.

Know Your Market – How do THEY like to learn? How do they love to interact with you? Consider this when you’re deciding on your model and if it matches perfectly with your idea of an ULTIMATE FREEDOM MACHINE you’re on to a winner.

This really is such a huge topic and I could go on for hours and hours about this and all of the fabulous twists and turns the conversation can take but I’ll leave it there for now, but before I go I want to remind you of this….

You don’t have to remain in this space you’re in.

It does take effort and patience to create a freedom machine but it IS worth it.

When you’re sitting here 12 months from now with a business model that ticks over like clockwork generating steady, recurring income and you’re working a handful of hours each day (or week… or month, depending on your model) you’ll be glad you decided to take this path.

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M xo

I find creating content SOOOO frik’n EASY I could do it in my sleep and there’s not much I love more than creating online programs.⠀

In fact, I’ve launched over 100 programs since 2006 when I first launched online….it’s my jam.⠀

But I know not everyone is good at this and that overthinking can be your WORST enemy when it comes to content creation…so I’m gonna help you out!⠀

I will do a full training on this in my new membership program ( soon and really map out my process for you but in the meantime here are 3 things to remember.⠀

What’s your promise? ⠀
Is it to show someone how to improve gut health?⠀
Run a successful Facebook ads campaign?⠀
How to make mineral makeup from scratch?⠀
Keep your outcome in mind when you map out your framework and create from there.⠀
What are the big steps that need to take place on the way to this outcome? Those key steps are your main framework.⠀

It’s tempting to add ALL-THE-THINGS to your course because you want to give great value and you also want to convey your expertise BUT too many courses are abandoned because they’re too content heavy.⠀
One look at a 90-minute video and I run for the hills!⠀
Give enough information and tasks to give your people the result they desire and nothing more.⠀
If the length of the training looks simple and doable it’ll get done, your clients will get a result and then everyone’s happy.

Sometimes you’ll map out your framework only to find that some of the content you want to include doesn’t fit under the headings of main modules.
If you still really want to add those items to the program don’t try to squeeze them into your existing modules, instead, you can add a BONUS section and add the content there but be sure to let your people know WHY it’s there and how you’d like them to use it.

I hope that helps but please remember that creating online programs really isn’t a big deal so don’t make it bigger than it needs to be.

You have great content, you just need to wrangle it into a framework of modules that make sense and to keep things simple.

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M xo

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