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Become A Better Coach – A SUPER COACH

Become A Better Coach – A SUPER COACH

One thing I know about coaches is this…you LIVE for getting amazing results for your clients.

There’s nothing more exciting for a coach than to see the impact of their work through the results of their clients….we really do live for that.

Unfortunately, few coaches get to experience this often enough…as often as I’d like them to anyway.

Too often the scenario is one of pressure…and failure….the pressure to deliver a result and the failure TO deliver a result and the cycle of hell that accompanies this.

If that sounds like where you’re at right now then please read on because I’m going to share 2 simple ways ANY coach can become a SUPER-COACH and deliver great quality results for their clients on repeat.


The first thing I’m going to need you to do is to stay in your lane!

If you’re not sure what your lane is then the thing you need to do before that is to get clear about what you’re good at!

My first job with any new coaching client is to help them uncover what they’re amazing at, I call this helping them to find their coaching sweet spot because once we’ve done that the rest becomes easy, far easier than they ever anticipated it can be because then I am able to uncover the area of expertise my client shines in, where the work feels effortless because what they’re good at is second nature to them and talking about it? You can’t shut them UP!

And this is a good thing…passion for your work and is critical I reckon.

Here’s one of the ways I’m different as a coach, I do NOT want you doing ANY ideal customer avatar or dream client stuff UNTIL we nail your sweet spot and craft your offer because I don’t want you changing what comes naturally to you to accommodate a certain market.

I want you to 100% create the coaching package of your dreams, doing the work you excel at FIRST, then we look at STEP TWO.

Step Two is where we uncover who’s a good fit for your work based on all of the other stuff we’ve done to ready you for calling in your dream clients.

So we identify who is the right fit for your program AND who you’re going to LOVE hanging out with.

The coaches I work with do a lot of content, content drives sales so I want my clients doing a lot of great quality content and creating communities of potential clients they can heap some love on.

If you’re going to be hanging out with these people every day you need to love them right?

I also want to ensure my clients can access the market easily on social media…no point serving a community you can’t gain access to so it’s important to know your content can be delivered to these awesome people.

So chose your market based on who is a good fit for your product – who you are going to LOVE to serve and how accessible they are to you so you CAN serve them.


Step One – Work out what you’re good at and stay in your lane by only offering a coaching product you know you can easily deliver so you feel confident your client will get a result.

Step Two – Match the market to your SWEET SPOT coaching product based on offering a real solution to a real problem – loving these people – having access to them.

Do those things and you WILL become a SUPER COACH because the more you do the thing you’re great at the better you’ll become AND along the way you’ll be building a reputation for getting results BECAUSE you’re in your sweet spot.

Sounds simple right?

It really IS simple, but sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees and we need someone to help us see what we can’t.

If that’s you and you need some help check out my signature program for coaches who need help getting clarity on the stuff (and a whole bunch more). You can check it out here:

M xo

Keeping Strong Boundaries With Your Clients

Keeping Strong Boundaries With Your Clients

Today I did LIVESTREAM  on this topic after a frustrating conversation with a client.

One I’m sure you’ve had at some point as a coach.

The type of conversation that once upon a time would have left me reeling.

So let’s talk about that!


Firstly I want to talk about WHY clients point blame at coaches when they’re challenged.

Of course, we always need to be checking in with ourselves first to be sure we’ve acted with integrity and aren’t in fact TO blame.

But what this usually means, in a nutshell, is that this thing is much harder than they were anticipating and they’re not up to it.

Some clients will let you know “hey, I’m really struggling here, I underestimated how hard this would be and I think I need some extra support” and as coaches, we LOVE it when our clients give us a heads up that they’re struggling because then we CAN help.

I think too many clients expect the coach to deliver a miracle, often without the client putting in a lot of effort and when the results aren’t coming or they realise they need to pull their weight frustration can rise up and in their panic, they lash out and blame the person they hoped would save them.

It is not your responsibility to save your clients when they’re feeling desperate, no-one needs this pressure and it’s important that your clients take full responsibility for their own failures along with their success.



“You pressured me to sign up” – this one really pisses me off because quite frankly I don’t need the sale…my business is never going to hinge on a single sale and in my experience, anyone who comes on board who needed a lot of convincing is a recipe of disaster anyway and it’s just not the way I roll.

When this was said to me in the call I referenced above I was very clear in letting this client know that AND I also reminded her that she is a grown woman, who had time to change her mind before she signed our agreement and paid her money.

I let her know firmly that she alone was responsible for her decision and that if she no longer stands by that decision that’s her problem because I’m doing everything I said I would in the exact way I said I would do it.

“I don’t have enough time to put into the coaching and I don’t think I’ll make the most of it” – this is another “after the fact” excuse when what it really means is “this is hard and I don’t want to do this anymore”.

“I’m not getting what I need from the coaching” – I’m quick to ask what they DID expect because I am 100% clear about my approach, style and expectations before we begin.  Often this means they’re not doing the work because they expected you to do it.

There are many variations of the above but you get my drift.



I think this stuff will always come up simply because human nature is what it is but here’s how I minimise the occurrence (this is very rare for me these days) and have myself covered if it does come up like it did today.

Be 100% clear and honest about what you’re promising – don’t overpromise because you’re setting yourself up for pain!

Have processes in place – I have very detailed agreements with my clients and they need to be signed before we begin, I also record my discovery calls so I can always send the recording to the client if they’re lying so they can see I have proof of everything agreed upon and that I made things very clear.

These days I don’t take payment on sales calls because I want to leave time between the call and the person making payment so they can choose not to go ahead. I’d rather a very firm YES and know my clients are all in than someone getting caught up in the moment and saying yes when they should have said no…maybe.

This really is a big topic and too long to cover in full here but I will continue to talk about this because this isn’t spoken about enough, we hear about bad coaches all the time but the topic of bad clients is rarely raised.

I see too many coaches being pushed around by clients who don’t take responsibility for their decisions or responsibility for their results and no coach deserves to be made to feel bad when it’s often the client who should!

That’s a wrap! I hope this helped the coach who really needed to hear this one today 🙂

M xo

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