LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 6 – How & Why I Make Money With Content

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 6 – How & Why I Make Money With Content


Without the regular content I share across my socials I wouldn’t have a business.

My entire business is content-driven and my content is driven by my desire to help the tribe I’m building and to see them succeed.

Content is EVERYTHING.

From my regular messaging via my:



Facebook Business Page.

Facebook Group.



To my paid stuff… content-based products/programs and books.

To my marketing efforts:

Facebook Ads Copy.

Funnel Sequence.

It’s ALL content.

If you want to create success for yourself as a high-ticket coach with a thriving community, it’s important to get your head around just how important content creation is in this process.

My business has been created from the ideas that pop into my head and my ability to translate those ideas into products AND content that inspires people to purchase those products.

And yours is or can be too.

Doesn’t that excite you?

To know that you have the opportunity to create an incredible lifestyle for yourself based on the ideas you have between your ears?

To know what ANYTHING is possible if you can find a way to bring those ideas to life (so long as you hold the belief this is possible for you).

Some coaches come to me with certifications in this or that and we build programs around these, for example, a past client of mine is a certified Bob Proctor Consultant and uses Bob’s process to coach and guide her clients but the marketing, the positioning, the content and lead generation strategies are all based on my client’s ideas, experiences and wisdom.

For the most part coaches come to me with nothing more than a jumble of ideas, a dream and a desire to make that dream happen.

My job is to help them take those ideas and wrangle them into a successful premium coaching business, something I’ll never grow tired of.

ALL of that comes from the content contained in my clients’ brains.

From those ideas I draw out the content we need to:

Create their sweet spot premium coaching offer, which is the outcome-based coaching program they will now begin to offer clients with confidence.

Build their coaching brand and begin to position themselves as leaders in their niche.

Find their voice and start showing up on social media because this is where most of you will begin to grow your coaching business or EXPAND your coaching business.

I want you to TRUST that you have everything you need within you right now to begin making BIG money in your coaching business by sharing the wisdom, experience and expertise you have within you.

Soon I’ll be sharing various strategies for making money with your content but before I get to that I want to break down why I think my free content consistently generates sales and how yours can too.

I’m not suggesting there is a specific formula I want you to follow for each content piece because nothing kills creativity like trying to make your message fit to follow a to-do list.

Instead, I want to you consider just a couple of things ahead of writing your next piece or sharing your next livestream so you can move your content from simply sharing information for the sake of “visibility” and actually moving your audience to take the next step…the step you want them to take.

Ok…let’s go.


Our audience regularly forgets what’s important to them and they forget that they’re chasing the big goal they’ve set for themselves as they become distracted by setbacks …they also forget they’re amazing.

Often our people are in the grind and often failing so they can’t see how amazing they really are.

Or they’ve forgotten they’re capable of more than they’re aiming for right now, I know I’m guilty of setting the bar way too low sometimes and then find myself wondering why I’m uninspired.

We want to remind our people of who they are and what they’re capable of because when they’re reminded that they’re badasses who can make ANYTHING happen they’re going to be inspired to act….be inspired to take the next step…with you.

We want to reignite the spark and remind them that anything is possible for the very same reasons.

Remind your people that their dreams ARE possible and that it’s time to get back on the horse and start going for it again.

We need to break them out of their apathy and get their hearts pumping with excitement for the future.

When our people are in this state they’re ready to take action and as we are the ones inspiring that action it makes for them to reach out to us…to YOU in that moment to get the help they desperately need to get things moving in the right direction.


Everyone has gaps in their knowledge, skillset and mindset…we want to show our people that we can help them fill those gaps.

You have a specific area of expertise that your people need, so show them that you know your stuff.

You have the answers they’re looking for so GIVE them those answers.

Show what you know and be generous…as I’ve said in previous posts, nothing compares to working with you and human nature has illustrated time and time again that lack of information is NOT the reason people remain stuck.

By showing up for your people and teaching them things they don’t already know (or reminding them of things long forgotten) you’re layering credibility on top of your ability to connect with them and show you care.

Sharing your expertise lets your audience see that there is substance to your content and that you’re not simply another wannabe showing up online making a noise on the internet for the sake of it.

Your knowledge AND the way you share it is what will set you apart.


It’s important to remind your people of their dreams and it’s important to let them see you now your stuff but leave it there and you’ve only done half the job.

The final piece of the puzzle is to inspire your audience to take the next step by making sure you have a strong call to action at the end of each piece that tells your people PRECISELY what you’d love them to do next.

Your call to action is the pitch at the end of your content encouraging them to sign up for your program, join your list or your upcoming facebook challenge, to schedule a discovery call, to message you, to share your content.

We’re busy.

The internet is a madhouse.

Our minds are scattered and easily distracted.

So you must spell out what you want your people to do next.

Please don’t underestimate the power of this.

We think our audience knows to tag or share or like or comment but unless we ask them to, they won’t…it’s that simple….so be clear about what you want them to do next….and ask for it.


Just a reminder that adding a call to action is not something you need to feel awkward or weird about.

If you’ve given some great quality content that you know will help your people you’ve well and truly earned the right to ask for something in return….keep that close to your heart to remind you that no-one is asking you to show up on the interwebs and help people, no-one is (directly) paying you to give up 20 minutes of your day to livestream….you’re being generous with your time and expertise and you’ve earned the right to ask for something in return.

Be ok with that.


I’ve found the most effective way to make money with my content is to create content around my latest offer so it fits with the program I want to fill at the time.

As an example, if I want to fill my BECOME A HIGH-TICKET COACH Mentoring Program all of my content will relate to High-Ticket Coaching.

I’ll be focused on things like not charging enough equates to poor client results versus charge more, give more and get better results for your clients.

I’ll be talking about how charging more attracts a better quality client and better quality clients mean you WILL get better results for your clients and that those results will help you build your reputation quickly.

I’ll talk about the difference between High-Ticket Coaching and regular, low-cost coaching.

I’ll talk about what it takes to become a High-Ticket Coach.

I could go on and on but I hope you see what I’m talking about…I make the content relevant to what I’m offering so that my call to action inspires people to do the thing I want them to do next which is to apply for my program.

My livestreams are relevant to the offer.

My blogs are relevant to the offer.

My social posts are relevant to the offer.

My facebook group challenges are relevant to the offer.

Every day we want to prompt our community to think about our latest offer and weigh it up…our daily content is our opportunity to show our people that this is the perfect solution for them right now based on our ability to solve the problem they need help with.

Make sense?

Alrightie…tomorrow I’m going to issue you a challenge and if you choose to accept it, you have the potential to EXPLODE your coaching business over the coming weeks.

Keep your eyes open for when I drop Part 6.

M x





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LET’S TALK VISIBILITY: Part 5 – Getting Started With Livestreaming & Where To Find Content Ideas

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY: Part 5 – Getting Started With Livestreaming & Where To Find Content Ideas

I hope by now you’re getting your head around the fact that your content doesn’t need to be perfectly practiced and scheduled within an inch of its life but instead should come from the heart and be REAL.

I hope you’re fully getting it when I say your people want to see YOU and not some homogenised, pasteurised version of you and that what this means is you can get started right now…no need to lose 10lbs, purchase a new microphone or carefully crafted backdrop.

No excuses…you are ready now.



From this point on, the thing that usually trips up my coaches is the fear that if they commit to showing up and sharing content every day that they’re going to have days where they don’t know what to say.

Getting started really is the most difficult part and people can procrastinate over starting for MONTHS (or years) before finally pulling the trigger and taking the plunge, so to help you get there faster I’m going to share with you 2 things.

1 – Your FIRST message.

2 – Examples of where you can draw inspiration for ongoing content.

Before we dive into that though I want to remind you that Live video is where it’s at so we want to make this a priority in our newsfeeds.

Facebook favours live-streaming and your videos will reach people your written content won’t however we do want a mix of content types…longer written posts with visuals that attract attention, short and sweet and punchy posts that are fast and easy to digest and everything in between.

For the purpose of this exercise, I’m going to use live streaming as the main example because it’s the thing that will get you noticed faster than anything else.

I can remember seeing a woman popping up live in my newsfeed every single day and after about a week I could no longer ignore her….I figured she had 10’s of 1,000’s of followers or more because she really100% owned her presence online and showed up like she a boss.

I followed her back to her Facebook business page and she had less than a 1,000 followers but my immediate thought was…”I’ll bet that when I come back and check her numbers in 6 months she’ll be up there”…and she was.

It also turned out that she was warming her audience up for a launch and she’d been committed to warming up her audience for a handful of months prior to that launch so that A: her audience would pay attention to her ads (when they ran) because they knew her already and B: her ad costs would be lower because of the above.

This is a strategy I’ve used many times and one I encourage my clients to use as well, it takes time and patience but we’re building sustainable, and BIG success…and that doesn’t happen overnight… despite what the guru’s on the interwebs are trying to tell you!

Consistent, quality content WILL put you on the map, get you noticed and help you to build your business in a wonderful way that feels good, for you AND for your audience.

Ok….so back to the focus of this post….


Your first Livestream is an opportunity to introduce yourself online (or reintroduce yourself after a pivot) and tell people what you do and how you do it but it’s also really important to remember why people are watching your Livestream in the first place.

That reason?

To get something.

Consciously or unconsciously your audience will be asking “what’s in this for me?”.

Your “story” will only hold their interest for so long UNLESS you can make it relevant to your people so while your introduction is about you it also MUST be about them.

How do you do that?

It’s not as difficult as you might think IF you’re speaking from the heart about why choose to do the work you do and why it’s important for you to help the people you want to help.

Tell your people what they can now expect from you in terms of content and how you plan to keep helping them.

Make sure you illustrate that you understand your people, their struggles and desires and that you’ve got their back.

Let them know you CARE.

Let them know that you’re going to continue to be a source of guidance for them…regularly.

It’s a given you’re a businesswoman (or man) and that it’s your desire for your content to generate clients and make you money but as I said in an earlier post, coming from a place of “how can I get my content to make me some money” doesn’t work, what works is TRULY being of service and showcasing your expertise in a generous and loving way.

Use your introduction video to set the scene for how you intend to continue SO be clear about how you plan to continue.

Importantly…only set promises you can keep…don’t go making big, bold promises, if you can’t keep them or have a history of not keeping them thinking “this time, will be different”…often it’s not so it’s important to work with HOW YOU ARE….rather than try to stuff yourself into a mould you know doesn’t fit you.

So tell it how it is.

If you don’t know how often you’ll live, just say it.

If you plan to go live every Monday at 10 am and CAN keep that promise…say it.

Spend some time ahead of time thinking about how you’re going to keep this ball rolling so you don’t get caught up in the moment and make promises you can’t keep.

Know yourself.

Work WITH your natural tendencies and start there, you can always ramp things up once you’re rolling.


Something magical happens when you make sharing your message a daily thing (something we’ll get to later) and that is that the more content you create the easier your content ideas will flow because your brain is in a constant state of asking the question “what can I talk about next?”.

That said, sometimes we can draw a blank and in those times it’s good to have a list of ways to inspire content…so here are some of my favourites.


Obviously, we want permission from our clients to share OR we keep names and details private and work from the concept of the breakthrough.

This can be a current client breakthrough or a past client breakthrough.


I can remember being fired up about how bad coaches are at setting themselves up for DISCOVERY CALLS.

I’d been looking to work with a life coach and after looking at about 20 websites not ONE coach had an online scheduler….I’m not going to call or email to schedule a call if I want to take action I want to press a button and schedule myself in there and then…(make it easy for your people to say yes / take action).

I spoke about my frustration and then that evolved into an experiment…I wanted to know how the actual discovery calls were conducted if getting people INTO those calls was a pain I knew there was a high chance the Discovery Calls themselves would also need work.

Sure enough, the discovery calls sucked and that led me to keep talking about how to improve discovery calls and the DC process, screening clients etc

I ran a 3-day challenge in my group and that one rant gave me a good month worth of content and made a tidy little sum of money as well because off the back of that I offered a Discovery Call Training Session to work with coaches to help them sharpen their own DC process and calls and sold it for $1500 USD



Our audience LOVES to hear that we’re human.

While WE know we’re human and do NOT have it going on as much as our audience thinks we do THEY don’t.

Our audience sees us as an authority and often we’re what they’re aspiring to be so when we open up and share a struggle we’ve overcome that’s relevant to our audience they really connect with it and suddenly the gap from where they are to where WE are isn’t so great, and it makes them realise they CAN do this….that we through challenges too…they aren’t the only ones who struggle and from there, who do you think it makes sense to reach out to? YOU of course.

What we’re essentially saying is “Just because your struggling, doesn’t mean you won’t make it”….don’t underestimate how important that message is for your people.


Don’t be shy about sharing your clients’ success and letting the world see TANGIBLE evidence that you know your shit!

One of my favourite things was to interview with a client of mine who was killing it and so instead of me telling you all how awesome I am…my client did that for me.

Sales significantly spiked after that.



You should KNOW your clients’ pain points…pick one and help them but be creative about HOW.

You have a depth of wisdom and insight based on your experiences outside of coaching as well as inside of it so don’t be afraid to share stories and examples from your own life about how you overcame a particular pain point.

This is a great way to relate to your audience and remind them YOU also started somewhere, you also experienced what they’re experiencing now, you got past it and you can show them how to get past it also.


Be where you’re people are and be a fly on the wall.

Head into Facebook groups where your dream clients are hanging out and pay attention to their struggles and then focus on the struggles you know you can help them with and use that to create content.

This one strategy alone is enough to inspire all of the content ideas you’ll ever need!

SO…I want you to understand that inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

If you’re not feeling inspired and are stuck for ideas that’s going to be more about YOU and where your head is at than it is about reality.

Anytime you’re feeling stuck reconnect with what it is your trying to achieve and why.

Anytime I think of the coaches in my community struggling to take things to the next level I want to help them because I see the struggle as SO unnecessary and I know I can help them take at least one step forwards with my content.

I go back to my big picture vision and re-connect that with my daily content.

I think about all of the times I know my content made a massive impact.

I think about what I would have wanted and needed to help me move forward.

I imagine the coaching collective, all of the amazing souls out there who WANT to serve at a higher level and who are amazing at that they do…but they’re either undercharging and overworked or their coaching businesses are slowly dying day after day because they never have enough clients to bring in the income they know they’re capable of.

I want coaches coaching and I want them doing it at a high level.

I want to see coaches succeeding.

I KNOW the impact coaches have on the world and I want them ALL to have the impact they know they can have.

Whenever I go to that place in my mind, I can’t help but be inspired to show up and serve.

So what’s your why?

What gives you the feels?

What would inspire you to show up and serve?

What is it that’s going to make your community MORE important than your discomfort or lack of inspiration?



I promise the rewards will heavily outweigh your any discomfort or resistance you feel.


NEXT SESSION: I’ll be talking about how and why I make money through my content and how you can too.

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LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 1 – Scheduled Content V Non-Scheduled Content.

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 1 – Scheduled Content V Non-Scheduled Content.

Most entrepreneurs (and trust me, as a coaching brand, make no mistake you ARE an entrepreneur) are more than a little free-spirited and while we can crave structure and routine to help us tame our crazy and keep us sane we also yearn spontaneity and a break from routine right?

I know I do.

Certain areas of my life and business ARE reasonably rigid, I’ve disciplined myself to sit and write every day, to train my body every day, to eat great food that keeps me humming along and meet the demands of my training and life every day.

Over the years these things have become second nature….just like brushing my teeth and taking a shower every morning.

Discipline is my best friend but I also need FREEEEDOM.

I need time freedom.

Financial freedom.

But most of all I NEEEED creative freedom.

And I’m thinking you might too.

I rely on structure and discipline in the “business” side of my business…so the important things are taken care of and free me up to focus on other, more creative things.

But I allow myself the freedom to create whatever content I want whenever I want and how I want (live versus written etc) often based around themes that tie in with whatever I am launching or selling at the time.

It’s a non-negotiable for me to have the freedom to write or speak about what I feel like in the moment because in THAT moment I’m passionate about it and in my experience, passion is where it’s at as far as moving your people into action / to take the next step.

These days I couldn’t think of anything worse than having my content mapped out for a week let alone a full year (seeing this a lot in my facebook feed at the moment).

Tell me I need to write or speak about a certain topic on Monday 27th June at midday and that’s a surefire way to KILL my creativity and for many of you, I know what would overwhelm the crap out of you.

BUT…I did begin with a schedule while I found my content creation feet so there is 100% a time and a place for some sort of framework.

Below is going to be separated into 2 sections.


If you haven’t been sharing content at all or if you’re inconsistent more than you’ve been consistent scheduled content is a great place to begin because it will build your consistency muscle and force you to be creative even when you don’t feel like it….content creation in those early weeks and months, really is a discipline, especially if it doesn’t come easily to you.

Rather than set myself specific posts to write on any given day I focus on the themes I spoke about earlier and allow my creative freedom to flow from there once I’ve found my jumping-off point.

To get started I want you to think about 3-5 problems you know your dream clients are struggling with today….bonus points if you have a specific program you wish to sell right now and you can work those problems around a theme.

If I were doing this exercise for the coaches I love to work with I’d be looking at things like:

Not enough clients.

Inconsistent Messaging.

Confusion around packing and pricing.

Discovery Calls not converting.

Attracting wrong clients.

Once I have my 5 problems these become my themes (you’ll notice that many of my programs are built around these themes / how to solve this particular problem).

I would then map it out like this:

Monday – P1 (problem 1)

Tuesday – P2

Wednesday – P3

Thursday – P4

Friday – P5

Note: These days I am more likely to maintain one theme for each day as it relates to the program I’m selling at the time.

If I felt like it, I could break it down further to look like:

Monday – P1 – Livestream

Tuesday – P2 – Blog

You would then work around logistics…for example, there are days of my week where I’m training multiple times a day and I’m a sweaty mess ALL DAY and know I’m not going to want to get showered and dressed to go live so these are the days I would schedule in a blog day.

For you, it might be that your kids are at daycare on Wednesdays so that might be the day you go live.

OR you could choose to do a livestream every single day OR write every single day…or both! I’ve certainly done that for long periods of time over the years.

The point is to go where your energy takes you on the day because your energy, combined with inspired and value-driven content IS the content sweet spot.

Get to Wednesday and you don’t want to talk about that problem?

Then ditch it and talk about something else, you will likely find a way to tie your new idea into the theme anyway…but if not that’s ok too.

You never want to become a prisoner to your schedule…you must allow for creativity and following your passion because, as I’ve said many times before, your passion is what will engage people.

Create a structure that excites YOU.

Start there and then let it evolve.

I’ve made a planner for you to make it easier to map this stuff out.


The way I create content now is far less structured.

Creating content almost daily is now a non-negotiable for me and if too many days go by without posting something I start to feel freaked out! Just like if I stopped moving my body every day….my body lets me know it’s time to move and if I ignore that my anxiety rises UNTIL I get my shit together and train. I LIKE that I have such deeply ingrained defaults now that it feels plain WRONG when I’m not doing what I know is good for me and good for my business.

The more I content I create, the easier it gets….and it will be the same for you too.

There more I produce the more ideas that come….and it will be the same for you.

It WILL be the same for you…once you get tapped into who you’re creating for and you find your particular voice and style of writing and speaking (video / live) connecting with your dream clients every day will become addictive in the best of ways.

In summary, here is how I create content….

I decide on my content that day based on what I feel like talking about that’s relevant to my audience and what it is I’m promoting.

The first thing I do is get myself into the mindset I know my audience is in.

Like you, I coach what I know, I’m coaching people who were me…who are where I was 3 years ago…or 5 years ago…..10 years ago!

I ask myself “what would I have needed to hear today if I was struggling with X?”

I think about what REALLY would have helped me to feel better, to be inspired, actually KNOW what to do next.

And then I create that.

I’m never worried about giving away too much.

I’m never concerned that I’ll give so much that other people will steal it.

Or that I’ve given so much that people won’t need to pay to work with me.

And neither should you.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know that human nature dictates that we can have all of the information we need and still do nothing with it.

NOTHING will replace working with you.

NO free content will compare with becoming a client and working with you privately.

So share freely.

Don’t just tick the boxes on your content.


Share from the heart.

And your people will respond.

It’s not going to serve you to overthink your content….just speak what’s on your mind and TRUST that what you share is perfect for that day.

Because it is 🙂

Next session I’ll be talking more specifically about where to draw your content from…I’ll see you then and in the meantime, if you think someone else would love this series please use the share button and help me to spread the word.

M x

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LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 3 – Two Types Of Messaging

LET’S TALK VISIBILITY – Part 3 – Two Types Of Messaging

Two Types Of Messaging

In Part 2 I left off saying that opportunities are waiting for you at every turn and that sharing great quality content will open so many doors for you….if you get it right…so let’s talk about what “getting it right” means in my book.

In a nutshell, getting it right means speaking about what you know in a way that not only adds value to the person reading, watching or listening that feels natural to you without overthinking it!

We aren’t looking for perfection here…remember, perfection is for poor people!

Let me share a story that illustrates just how NOT perfect your presentation can be while still allowing you to make big money with your content.

One morning I was accidentally early for my Muay Thai class (doh!) so I had an unexpected hour to kill and one thing ALWAYS available to me is my online community and my ability to livesteam and spend time with them.

I really had to think about going live though because while I’d had a shower I had zero make-up on, and I hadn’t done my hair, I looked as though I’d just rolled out of bed!

I bit the bullet and decided to go live anyway and it turned out there were more people than usual on that particular livestream and that one of those people needed to hear the EXACT thing I had to say that day because before I even got off the livestream I had a message in my inbox from someone reaching out ready to start working with me.

I can’t remember the details but it was either that day or the day after that I had a new client and $16,5000 sitting in my bank account….followed by another month of coaching and another strategy call. That livestream generated close to $30K in sales….from one person.

That livestream was off the cuff, totally unscripted (as all of mine are) and COMPLETELY unpolished.

But the message was perfect for that person.

The timing was perfect for that person.

And Paul became one of my favourite and most successful clients over the 4 months we worked together.

So every time you avoid sharing your message and make excuses for not being ready or perfect enough remember this story….you NEVER know who needs to hear what you have to say or when this will be the exact nudge they need to take action.

Earlier this year I went to hear Elizabeth Gilbert speak (Eat, Pray, Love) and her talk really moved me and shifted something in me…it was fabulous.

The next morning I sat down to write an email to my list about the experience.

I sent the email but had questioned whether this was going to be received well or be seen as irrelevant.

My inbox blew up and you could have knocked me over with a feather…I just didn’t expect that response AT ALL.

But you never know…you just never do…I’m often surprised by what hits home for my readers and what doesn’t.

Every time you don’t show up you miss an opportunity because that day might just be the day you show up for the right person at the right time.

Not all potential clients are quite so fast-acting and that’s ok….know you’re building relationships every time you share something new with your people.

I’ve had clients reach out to me to begin working with me and tell me they’ve been following me for YEARS.

It’s important to play the long game.

Know you’re planting seeds for future sales every time you create an awesome piece of content.

OK…back to you!

In my world, there are ONLY 2 types of messaging…authentic and inauthentic.

Put another way….messaging that comes from service and a true desire to help….the content is aimed at helping or inspiring your audience in some way…there’s value in your message.

This type of messaging is win win…your audience wins because they’re getting some great information and you win because that same information WILL inspire your audience to work with you….either now or in the future.

The other type of messaging is all about GETTING THE SALE.

It’s almost like a mathematical equation is going on in the mind of the coach that goes something like this….

What type of content will make me a sale today?

Talk about “this” to get “THIS”.

Thinly veiled sales pitches don’t create connection and community….it’s ok to sell, in fact, you MUST sell, but be upfront about it.

Your people will not remember your words but they WILL remember how you made them feel and if you make your people feel like dollar sign hovering above their heads they will leave.

If someone stumbles across you on social media and feels sold to they’re likely to switch off.

The best form of “selling” is providing value to your audience along with a genuine desire to help.

Sometimes unauthentic messaging isn’t deliberate.

In the early days, coaches can be hell-bent on getting it “right” and want to ensure they are providing value and it tips them over the edge and they go into what I call “teacher” mode.

Focused on delivering perfect content and being uber professional.

Which is great, but often it puts up a wall and disconnects you from your audience.

It’s a fine line and it takes practice.

One of my gorgeous clients Olivia is a food relationship coach and her foray into messaging took that particular turn.

Olivia is a stunning blonde who could easily be dismissed as another insta-fitspo blonde without substance but Olivia knows her shit.

She’s lived it.

She’s also super smart.

When she began messaging she was doing her best to play down the insta-fitspo thing and provide great information.

But it was sooooo dry.

Olivia was playing it safe and creating the sort of content she “thought” people wanted.

I had my work cut out for me encouraging Olivia to just show up as herself and share her message the way she’d speak to a group of girlfriends.

Basically, just tell it like it is!

I reminded Olivia that “information” is everywhere on the internet and that people weren’t going to insta for information…they want to be inspired and entertained.

After a few coaching sessions and a bit more trial and error Olivia found her voice.

She curses and she’s a straight talker and sometimes she does post photo’s of herself in a bikini but that’s not ALL she’s about.

Now she’s showing up authentically she’s building a following that fit’s her vibe and of course some of those people will want to work with her…the right people.

When anyone who’s been following me online meets me in person often the first thing they’ll say is “OMG you’re exactly the same as you are online”.


Of course I am!

What you see is what you get.

Don’t like what you see (or read) and you’ll move on…self-select…and I’m good with that.

But love me and you’ll stick around and become part of my community…part of my tribe…and you’ll get me and I’ll get YOU.

And those of you who chose to work with me will be the perfect fit BECAUSE what you see is what you get….no surprises.

Connection is everything and you can’t connect authentically if you’re not BEING authentic.

So relax!

Be you…be ALL of you and keep it real.

The highlight reel might be what attracts your audience initially but then they’re going to want more….they’re going to want REAL.

Don’t be scared by that…EMBRACE IT.

We’re going to get into where to draw your inspiration from to post regularly but before we do I want to quickly talk to you about scheduling versus not scheduling your social media content.

This is a question I’m asked a lot and I’ll be answering that for you in Part 4.

Between now and then I want you to think about the content you’ve been creating…is it working for you, and by working for you I mean are your people engaging and is it driving sales?

If not then consider the above and think about how you can change things up so you’re allowing yourself to be fully you while also providing incredible value for your people.

M x

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Lets Talk Visibility – Part 2 – Opportunity Awaits

Lets Talk Visibility – Part 2 – Opportunity Awaits

Opportunity Awaits!

For a moment let me take you back to the 1990s.

This was when I became officially certified as a coach and began growing my coaching business….well before Facebook was even a thing….back before we were throwing around terms like “global business”, “6 or 7 figures” and “share your message with the world”.

This was when I officially began sharing my message as a means to growing my empire, although back then my goals were far more modest, even if they felt big to me at the time.

Back in the ’90s the opportunities we have now to create a global audience simply didn’t exist.

But make no mistake….opportunities DID exist and you can bet your ass I made the most of them.

One of my earliest efforts was to convince my local newspaper to give me a 13-week column in their widely-read weekly paper.

I had the idea for a 13-week coaching program that I would run via my column loosely based off of the coaching training I had just completed.

Every week I would write, for want of a better term, a lesson and set my readers actions to take ahead of the following week.

It was a massive success, people would stop me in the street often sharing with me how much they were enjoying my column and the changes they were making in their lives because of it.

I used the column, in tandem with some paid advertising to fill my “Information evenings” where I would fill a room with local people, speak from the front of the room and taking bookings for discovery calls.

This was how I first filled my workshops and gained clients….from the get-go…no mucking around for this lady!

Fast forward to when I launched “Glow Women’s Fitness Online” (my first online fitness business) in 2005 and again used messaging to build my business.

I reached out to the publications I wanted to be featured in…well-known fitness magazines, Sunday newspaper and everything in between.

I created great relationships with editors across Australia and would often be called upon to write or contribute to bigger pieces.

I was featured in too many publications to count but again sharing my message in print grew my business AND it got me noticed.

I was invited to participate in a wellness show on Foxtel.

I was also personally invited to cast for the Australian version of The Biggest Loser (amongst other things), something I declined due to my values not being aligned with the concept but I’m not gonna lie…being asked did wonders for my confidence.

I’ve also attracted big opportunities just by writing my heartfelt opinions on public forums.

I got the attention of “Commando Steve” (from The Biggest Loser) when his team saw the way I was interacting in the forum of his now-defunct online program which culminated in Steve’s team flying from Sydney to Melbourne to film me for the entire day and using that footage in his promotions across the internet.

I also had Chanel 7 come to film me at my dojang for the national news after I gave advice to women about personal safety after a woman was raped and killed in Melbourne.

The last two examples were not deliberate attempts to secure PR but were just me being me and feeling a strong desire to contribute on topics I was passionate about.

And this brings me to my next point….your messaging MUST come from a place of passion and service because this is what your audience will respond to.

“People won’t remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel”.

You’ve heard that quote before right?

NEVER has it been more true than when it comes to sharing your message.

I couldn’t tell you how many 100’s of 1’000’s of words I’ve written over the years…let’s just say MANY….and the majority of my audience will have read many of those words.

I’ve probably shared the same message, with a varying theme, 10’s of 1’000’s of times but my audience keeps coming back.


Because they know they will leave one of my posts FEELING inspired…FEELING as though they can do anything they put their mind to.

They’ll be reminded of all they are capable of.

The words will be forgotten.

But how I made my reader feel will remain.

I know that when I need a rev up I’ll revisit books that put me in my zone (Relentless by Tim Grover or 10X by Grant Cardone) and often I’ll only need to read a page or two or listen to a single chapter of an audiobook to be bursting out of my skin and ready to tackle something big and juicy once again.

Our words have power.

No…our passionate and heartfelt words have power.

It’s a given you have knowledge but knowledge isn’t going to be what keeps people coming back for more….your passion will.

Your commitment to serving your audience with passion and a strong desire to positively impact them is the recipe for creating a loyal and loving following.

I am 100% committed to serving my community and it’s really quite interesting when you think about it because no-body is ASKING me to show up every day to serve them.

Some days as I am about to hit the “live” button on my desktop the thought will pop in my head that who the fuck do I think I am to just show up and talk at people?

No-one is asking me to show up and tell them how to suck eggs.

No-one appointed me the queen of the internet and told me to show up.

But the thing is I can’t NOT.

I’m compelled to serve my community.

I HAVE TO share what I know and I have to do it regularly.


Because I SEE the impact.

Because I’m rewarded every day when I receive emails or messages from someone in my community telling me they’ve implemented something I’ve taught them and it’s helped them to move the needle on their goals.

Or that I’ve reminded someone of who the hell they are and fired them up to take BIG, massive, scary action.

Or when someone schedules a discovery call or signs up for a program and tells me that they’ve been following me for years, have been doing the work and are now finally in a position to work with me BECAUSE of the information I’ve been sharing with them over those years.

Right now you might be thinking…that’s great Michelle…I love that you FEEL good about this but I need to make money!! SHOW ME THE MONEY.

Rest assured that sharing your message and serving your community WILL reap financial rewards BUT that will only follow the passion piece…passion first….everything else second.

We’re going to dive into how to make money from your content soon but in the meantime let me share a little story with you to keep you excited about that prospect.

I took a hiatus from my business in 2017 to travel the US and Australia speaking and when I stepped back into it at the end of 2018 I was basically starting from scratch as I had put all of my efforts into my other business.

My social pages were a wasteland with spinifex rolling through the streets.

I was giving myself time to feel my way back into things after stepping out of my coaching business and into global speaking tour for 18 months,.

I had come to the realisation that I wanted to work exclusively with coaches but that was about as far as I had gotten…and wasn’t yet ready to launch any products.

I just wanted to show up and serve and get my feet back underneath me and basically just start a conversation with coaches so I could see what was going on for them.

Within 4 weeks I had made $42K without spending a cent in advertising, just showing up and serving my community every day.

This was enough for the coaches in my community to see me, understand me and know I could help them….I’d been providing such great quality free content AND they could truly see I cared so trust was built, I’d established myself as an expert in my space and voila.

So yeah….get your message right and show up regularly with a desire to help, not just make $$$ and you WILL make money AND if you do this consistently over a short period of time things can shift fast….faster than you might think.

You have a GLOBAL AUDIENCE waiting for you to show up and serve them so what the HELL are you waiting for? 🙂

NEVER has it been easier to reach the people you want to serve and work with so NOW is the time to begin making the most of this opportunity.

It’s time to grab this opportunity with both hands and go for it.

“Getting it right” is pretty vague right? I mean what does that even look like?

I’m glad you asked……stay tuned for Part 3 when the rubber starts to hit the road….for now, I simply want you to consider the opportunities that lie at your fingertips and get excited!

M x

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Let’s Talk Visibility

Most coaches are working really to hard build their brands online and even those who aren’t actively being visible right now know the power of being visible, they know that content-driven marketing drives sales and that visibility can single-handedly build successful coaching brands.

In most cases, we ARE our coaching brands and we know that visibility and messaging that resonates is the key to growing our brands…yet few coaches are visible in a way that impacts in any meaningful way.

In most cases we desire to create location independence so we can work from anywhere…putting yourself out there and building a strong online community WILL help you to create that location independent lifestyle…yet few coaches are practising visibility strategies that build communities…and bottom-lines.

In most cases we’re seeking to attract a global market…..we have the WORLD at our fingertips…and yet many of you are not taking advantage of this fact.

In most cases, we’re craving a community to serve…to connect with….to spend time with….yet few coaches are tapping into the potential to create communities.

Learning how to find your voice and create a global presence online IS where it’s at if you want to play with the big kids online, have the sort of impact I know you were here to make and of course make the money I know you think is possible for you.

Being visible as a concept is pretty simple right?

You blog, shoot videos or “go live”, create pretty pictures on Insta and BOOM…instant global rockstar right?

Um….I would LOVE to say yes but the reality is that while most coaches know visibility is key to growing their businesses very few coaches actually implement any sort of visibility strategy, fewer do it well and very few do it consistently….over time.

Most coaches will find every excuse on the planet to put off showing up online and letting people know they’re there.

Most coaches will tell themselves a million stories about why now isn’t the right time.

That they’ll be “ready” next week…or next month…or when they have the “right” equipment…or when they have a bigger following….or have lost 10 pounds or get their hair done….or when the kids go back to school….or after they’ve decorated their office and have the “perfect” backdrop.

Sound familiar?

If it does you’re not alone, the greatest challenge I have when mentoring my coaches is convincing them that none of that stuff matters and that they can, in fact, start showing up and being visible TODAY.

Perfection is for poor people and if you’re waiting for “perfect” before you begin to show up and share your message be prepared for some lean times.

If you’re still reading, I know you’re on the edge.

I know your finger is hovering over the “live” button but there is something holding you back.

Or maybe you’ve been showing up, maybe even consistently…but you’re not getting anywhere, you’re not seeing any reward for your efforts and you’re wondering why not.

Visibility is a complex thing because it throws up all of our insecurities.

We’re confronted with our appearance…a quick heads up…NO-ONE is thrilled with how they look or sound on video!

We’re confronted with the “who do we think we are’s”.

We’re faced with knowing ALL THE THINGS but having every piece of knowledge we’ve ever gained desert us the moment we even think about putting our thoughts out into the world.

You might see other coaches (maybe even me) online who are killing it with content, you see the engagement and impact and banter and FUN that’s going on and draw the conclusion that it’s easy for them…for us….but I want to remind you that EVERYONE starts somewhere.

Gary Vaynerchuck said he posted on youtube for a full year before anyone paid attention to him and he’s not the only one….there are countless examples of people who dug in and persevered for a very long time before seeing the fruits of their labour. I’m one of them! I created my first youtube video in around 2006.

It does take time to create a following online, time, patience and perseverance and unfortunately, very few coaches stay the course.

I’m ALL about the long game…about doing what it takes UNTIL the result is delivered.

It’s easy to become disillusioned and want to quit when it feels as though you’ve been talking to yourself and your mum for 6 straight months and not a single person is engaging with you no matter how hard you try.

This is when most coaches will falter and question everything about themselves, their business and brand and message…even their dreams…it’s fucking confronting to be putting yourself out there week after week with zero response…there’s no doubt about that….but what have you really got to lose?

So no fairytales…..I’m not going to tell you that overnight success will be yours and that you’ll be beating away clients with a stick after your first Livestream.

But I will tell you this…….when you find your voice and your tribe finds you there is no better feeling in the world.

In my opinion, there is no better feeling than showing up every day to serve a community you adore, who adores you AND you know you’re creating value for…every day.

Knowing you make an impact with your words every day is incredibly fulfilling.

Expanding your brand from beyond the city limits to across the globe is rewarding beyond words.

In this blog series, I’m going to show you how you can build your coaching brand online by being you…as you are…right now.

I’m going to show you how to find your unique voice and how to create a global impact, find your tribe and turn your audience into paying clients.

I’m going to show you that you don’t need to be an outgoing extrovert to show up powerfully online…I like to call myself a high-functioning introvert, being visible does not come naturally to me and yet I’ve been able to create a global brand and a thriving community of coaches who follow me and allow me to impact them every day.

I’m going to show you that you can start today and then show up again tomorrow, and the day after that….and the day after that.

I’m going to show you how you CAN build your coaching brand online one piece of kickass content at a time.

I’m going to show you how to OWN your little corner of the internet, claim your space online and make a LOT of money through service.

Sound good?

Then keep an eye on your inbox and your newsfeed for the next instalment.


You can find the details here: https://www.michellehext.com/grow-with-insta/

M x



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