Are you ready for a year long VIP experience filled with growth & expansion on all levels?

Leverage Your Specialist Knowledge and Expertise To Launch, Grow and Scale Your High Ticket Brand Online.

Leverage Your Specialist Knowledge and Expertise To Launch, Grow and Scale Your High Ticket Brand Online.


Hosted by Michelle Hext


Are you ready to become a world-class, globally successful and highly paid specialist high ticket coach (or consultant)?


If the answer is yes AND your goal over the next 12 months is to scale your business so you can maximise your impact and earning potential you might want to read on because this program is the only program on the market that will take you from zero to scale within 12 months…all the while earning BIG money.


You'll be building, growing and scaling your high ticket empire in real-time under the expert guidance of 7+ Figure High Ticket Offer Launch & Scale Strategist Michelle Hext.


12 months from now EVERYTHING in your life and business can be transformed for the it's time to stop's time to go ALL IN on your desire to make a difference and a sh!load of money too.

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 Before we continue...I need to keep this real and be fully transparent about this industry.

The harsh reality is that most coaches are you've probably already noticed, there are coaches….and there are coaches you pay & pay attention want to be the later.


In an online world filled with an ever-increasing amount of coaches in a rapidly expanding industry, it might surprise you to know that very few coaches ever make enough money to support themselves from their coaching business alone.


Before we go on here’s a quick snapshot of the coaching industry.

  • This is expected to be a $22 Billion USD Industry in 2022 (up from $15 Billion in 2019).
  • Globally the number of coaches grew by 33% between 2016 and 2020 alone.
  • There are roughly 5M coaches throughout the world.
  • The coaching industry has been touted as being the second-fastest-growing sector in the world growing at 6.7% annually.
  • The demand for coaching is trending upwards at 5.4%
  • The stats tell us that globally, the average coach earns $47,100 USD.


Let’s talk about that “average” for a moment, shall we?


I’ve been working as a coach since 1991 and with coaches for close to 2.5 decades and my estimation, after having worked with and mentored thousands of coaches is this:

  • Less than 3 in 10 coaches are earning $50K and less than 2 in 10 are making 6 figures or above.
  • Most coaches aren’t making enough money to support themselves exclusively via their coaching business.
  • Most coaches have zero strategy for launching and growing a sustainable business.
  • Most coaches simply don't know how to run a profitable business.
  • Most coaches don't know how to generate leads or market their businesses.


This doesn't need to be you!

Getting back to two types of coaches…those who are either part of the underearning pack and those who are leading the pack…what’s the difference?  I’ll explain this to you in the simplest way I know how.


This program is going to teach you how to become the INFLUENTIAL Coach on the right who earns the big bucks, is always in demand and gets to work with the very best clients out there.

INVISIBLE COACHES [Part of the pack]

No niche or speciality.

Undercharging and attracting low quality cilents

Not enough clients to support them.

Wrong types of clients [usually hard work].

No significant lead generation process [or any at all].

Selling hours for dollars.

Not confident they can deliver a result [think any success is a fluke they can't replicate].

Don't invest in themselves or their business.

No specific business model or growth strategy.

Treat business like a hobby.

See being fully booked as success.

Have to work hard to find clients every month.

Everything screams DIY / Amateur.


Specialists in their field or niche.

Charge premium prices and attract premium clients.

Are always in demand.

Attract high-quality clients who take responsibility for their success.

Lead automation in place to always be attracting a steady stream of high-quality leads and clients.

Sell outcomes / results, not hours.

100% confident in what their work and the value they provide.

Continually investing in their personal growth and the growth of their business.

Strategic with how they run and grow their business.

Take their business and its sustained growth seriously.

See scaling to leverage their time and expertise and continued growth as success.

Clients find them...they don't chase clients.

Every touch point of their business is professional.



Under my guidance, you can and will become an influential and highly paid specialist coach from your very first offer and your very first piece of content.


I want you to know that any coach can break free of the pack and make a name for themselves as a prominent and influential high ticket specialist coach charging premium prices for premium results from day one.


I want you to know that I can show you how to come out of the gate strong, whether you’re just starting or if you’ve found yourself in the pack and struggling but know you have what it takes to make this work for you….if you just had the right guidance.




While learning the skills of coaching and mentoring are important, most of the clients I work with in this space already have natural coaching skills and expertise that become eroded when they try to force themselves to follow a specific coaching model they believe should override their natural tendencies. This is a big mistake.


The main focus for these courses is on developing coaching skills and not on marketing and making money. Any business or marketing material is rudimentary and often lacks practicality or up to date practices. In my experience, many amazing coaches go unused because they don't know how to get clients in any real practical sense.


These programs also expect students to coach anyone and everyone for free to get some “experience” and this immediately sets up a dynamic that is innately flawed because people who invest are invested. People who don't are not. Period. You will provide ZERO free coaching on this program because you will be 100% confident in your offers and your ability to deliver them...and charging a premium price for those results.




I plan to teach you both… how to become highly effective at delivering incredible results that blow your clients away [and also build your reputation] and how to market your offers and make money.


I care deeply about you, the coach and I also care deeply about your clients. It’s my job to ensure you are providing the highest quality experience for your client, in fact, I consider the success of your clients my greatest success.


There has never been a program like this one that takes you from a standing start all the way through to a highly scaled, highly successful, high ticket enterprise.


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COACHING SKILLS TRAINING:  You’ll have all of the skills and experience you need based on YOUR strengths to ensure you always get great results for your premium clients.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT: Confident coaches are successful coaches. It’s important that you work on YOU and your confidence so you feel bulletproof and ready to make a bold entrance.

BUSINESS EDUCATION: I teach you how to choose the correct business model for your personality and goals but every coach will develop a business built to scale over 12 months so you can reach more clients and make more money than you’ll ever be able to make one-to-one coaching.

MARKETING EDUCATION:  Being a great coach and having an incredible offer is important, but if you have no one TO coach you have a problem. It’s important you get your name out there in a big, bold way and I’ll be teaching you how to do this based on your market, your offer and your personality.

HIGH-LEVEL PEER MASTERMIND: Nobody is going to understand the journey you’re on like other people walking the same path. You’ll belong to a high-level peer group that will support you, cheer for you, keep you accountable and encourage you to level up. You rise together. Lifelong relationships will be formed. 

Let's talk about the program itself....




In the WELCOME module, I'll be explaining the exact path you'll be taking on this journey, taking care of logistics and getting you ready to dive into the FOUNDATIONS section.




The FOUNDATIONS module contains 10 critical lessons for success including mindset, expert messaging, business models, high ticket branding and much more.


Coaching Certification


Get ready to become a world-class high ticket coach. In this section, you'll learn the art and skill of effective coaching so you can not only deliver incredibly high-level results for your clients but also know how to help them navigate change and the resistance they'll inevitably face as they chase big goals.


Phase One - Launch


It's time to make some money! PHASE ONE or the launch phase is broken down into 3 parts. Create Your High Ticket Offer, Create Your Delivery Framework, SELL your offer.


Phase Two - Leverage


PHASE TWO is where you begin to leverage your time and expertise via high ticket group offers like Masterminds and group coaching programs. This is where we dial up the money-making and perfect things ahead of the next phase.


Phase Three - Scale


PHASE THREE is the longest and most exciting phase of the program. This is where we dive into taking your business all the way. It's in this phase that you'll develop your online academy, membership program or similar so you can maximise your earning ability without having to work any harder (in fact usually a lot less hard!).

Every step of the way you'll also be working on...

Your Mindset

an integral part of your success

Michelle is always testing and measuring new ideas and loves to share what's working right  now with bonus content.

Your Message


Every month you'll be honing your skills as an influential leader online delivering content that attracts your dream clients and further establishing your position as a world-class expert.

Your Growth


The 3 areas of growth we're focused on are REACH [growing your audience], REVENUE [smashing your financial targets every month] and MASTERY [become the master of your craft].


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12 MONTHS LONG: Imagine for one minute, what you can achieve in 1 year with the right support, strategy and online environment. 12 months might seem like a long time but it goes fast when you have a lot to accomplish. It takes a full 12 months to perfect and scale and I want to support you all the way.

LIVE CALLS: There are 3 live calls every month. Some calls will be Q&A, some will be hot seat mentoring, some times will be more mindset focused and other times I'll be sharing something that is working particularly well for me that you can also apply.

MASTERY MODULES: Each module is broken down into a handful of smaller lessons designed to keep you from feeling overwhelmed so you keep moving forwards. 

ASSESSMENTS: At the end of each module you'll be required to complete an assessment before you are able to move onto the next section.

CERTIFICATION: Each of your assessments will contribute to your certification. You will not be required to do free coaching. You will not be required to sit a final exam. You will earn your certification through implementing the lessons and building your business.

PRIVATE COMMUNITY: It's important to have a community where you're able to share the journey with your peers so you will a private group to do just that.

QUARTERLY HUSTLE DAYS: Once a quarter we'll work together for the entire day getting on top of anything you've fallen behind with, get you back on track and feeling super inspired.

3 WEEKS ON / 1 WEEK OFF: I've been running programs like this for a VERY long time and I know people can fall behind which is why I have built in a catch-up week every single month so you can stay on top of everything and catch up if you need to.

DESTINATION CELEBRATION: To wrap up an incredible year I'm planning something fabulous where we can all come together and celebrate the success of your highly scaled and ridiculously successful High Ticket Empire.



To celebrate the completion of the program we'll come together to celebrate your success and to spend a day mapping out your game plan for the following 12 months.


The celebration will include a celebration cocktail party and Success Planning VIP DAY.

While this program is comprehensive it won’t overwhelm you.  You will always know what to do next and how to do it.



I keep the lessons easy to consume and the focus is on IMPLEMENTATION because I want you to do less time studying and more time strategically carrying out your next move.


I’ve built in a catch-up week every single month so if life happens and you do fall behind you can easily catch up again.


Select the enrolment option that best fits your budget below.

Michelle Hext High Ticket Coach

If you're ready to become a world-class, globally successful and highly paid specialist high ticket coach [or consultant] within the next 12 months, then I would be honoured to have you in the only program on the market that will take you from zero to scale within 12 months…all the while earning BIG money.

***PLEASE NOTE: The introductory prices below will double next enrolment***

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Save $2,000

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Michelle Hext High Ticket Coach

Are you looking for the ULTIMATE VIP EXPERIENCE?

Want me to privately mentor you through this Mastermind for 12 months?




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Hi there, I'm Michelle,

For the past three decades (yes, that long), I've worked in the coaching business space. I started my first online business before the internet had even really caught on, and have ridden that wave ever since. Here's a little more about me:

I have a highly strategic brain and a knack for helping coaches become successful and after decades of coaching humans, I know how to get the very best out of my clients so they achieve big results.

I love nothing more than helping coaches and industry experts to take what they know and get it out to the world via the internet so they can help more people. By doing this I feel I'm making an even bigger impact than I could on my own.

I've trained in Martial Arts since I was 22 and hold my 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. I've owned a Martial Arts School (bricks-n-mortar business) plus online fitness businesses before becoming a Results accredited coach in 1991.

I'm a mother of two grown-up kids who were my biggest teachers and who I'm immensely proud of. And I'm blessed to have a fabulous posse of girlfriends who I know have my back. 

I love luxury, sweating it out at the gym, traveling, journaling every day, walks on the ocean, my online community, and spending time with the love of my life Dave (not necessarily in that order of course!).

I'm very much about doing life and business completely on my own terms and I'll always say it as it is so you never have to wonder where you stand with me. Some people like that, others don't. 

Need to chat about this first?

Disclaimer: Sales figures and results listed above in our marketing material are typical for my clients who implement the strategies I teach. Your results will vary depending on a wide variety of variables and factors including how well you apply the lessons you've learned and how uncomfortable you're willing to get in the process of making your dreams come true.

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