2 Foolproof Ways For Getting Unstuck

2 Foolproof Ways For Getting Unstuck FAST!

Getting unstuck…it’s a popular topic!

I’m convinced that the way of the coach/entrepreneur resembles something like this…..

IDEA!!!! :-)))) > Action > Varied result > STUCK

Sometimes it’s the big kinda stuck where major unstuck type of activity is called for with much deeper questioning and pondering required.

But other times it’s the naggging…I’m spending WAAA-HAY-HAY too much time on FB doing NADA kinda stuck.

This is the kind of stuck where you know where you’re going but can’t seem to find the inspiration to move forward in any prolific way.

Either way both of these actions work.

The first is to get yourself a coach / mentor, even if it’s for only 1 session.

A coach brings clarity of distance (we’re not as close to your stuff as you are), they pick up on the unspoken and challenge you to give yourself permission to really go for what you want most in life.

Plus they see around corners, we’ve been there, done that and can often pre-empt any unforeseen challenges, saving you time, heartache and often a shizload of $$$$

The second is to remove yourself from your regular environment.

Head somewhere super high-end and fabulous.

Soak up the opulence, the elegance, the LUXURY.

You cannot help but be inspired in an inspiring environment.

You cannot help but EXPAND your thinking in an up-levelled environment.

You don’t need to sell a kidney for a room at The Ritz, head to your closest uber-expensive hotel or casino and sit in a bar, order a glass of bubbles and watch the magic happen.

I have a super popular blog post on how I do my New Year Planning in style…keep an eye out as I’ll be sharing the updated version sometime in late November.

But I digress….

Honestly, nothing expands your thinking like stepping into the life you want, if only for a moment.

Whenever I run any events and back when I used to run my Live Masterminds I ALWAYS chose stunning venues.

Every single time I stay somewhere fabulous magic happens.

My thinking expands, what once seemed beyond my wildest dreams suddenly seems mundane.

Tip: Don’t create a bunch of rules around “when” the right time is to take action on these two things…if you’re stuck NOW is the time.

Schedule them in your diary over the next 7 days and then get your ass moving…you’ll wish you’d done it sooner.

Excuses or reasons surfacing already?

My advice??


All of my wins have come from a moment of courage, a single moment of courage where I’m called to act on an inspired idea, an inspired thought…

NEVER have I regretted my leaps, they’ve always netted me something truly amazing…my next step up, my next win, my next up-level.

To make it easy for you to hire a mentor/coach I have an offer for you at the bottom of this blog but to finish….you want success right??

Throw EVERYTHING at it, every-single-thing…and make it happen.

Without action, the life I have created for myself would still be a dream.

Without action, this life I lead would have remained in the future.

If your time is now it’s time to take the leap…before you accidentally settle for mediocre.

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