By far, what has come as the greatest surprise to me when conducting my survey of over 200 women is the sheer amount of women who cite “fear of not being good enough” as their number one fear, it came in much higher than the “fear of failing”, which is what I had expected to be at the top of the list.

“Not being good enough” came in at over 40% (of all responses) and “fear of failing” came in at only 12%

After “not being good enough” the fear of “putting myself out there” came in a close second at over 30%.

So if you thought for even one moment that you were the only one harbouring fears of not being good enough and/or being fearful of putting yourself out there you’d be wrong – very wrong.

Ladies this is a problem, a very BIG problem.

In another section of the survey, I asked: “what was your greatest frustration in 2017?”

The answers showed 2 key themes;

1:  Working so many hours for very little financial reward – ie: not getting anywhere for all of the effort put in.

2: Not enough cash-flow – ie: they spent the year consistently behind the financial 8 ball and under big money stress.

It seems most women were struggling to turn a profit in 2017 regardless of how hard they worked their asses off.

I took one look at the results and could quickly see what was going on here – lack of self-belief and the fear of being visible (really just another form of “I’m not good enough”) was having a direct impact on bottom-lines across the entrepreneurial landscape.

The survey really just confirmed for me what I already knew – success starts with you and what goes on between your ears and that most women haven’t truly taken care of the business of developing a strong sense of what makes them unique and great and powerful AND believing it 100%.

Most women let the fear of not being good enough, or some version of that, hold them back.

And that has to stop – NOW!

All businesses experience setbacks; failed launches, cashflow issues and unhappy clients are all part of the deal in business but if you have resilience and a deep sense of trust in yourself to turn things around whenever you need to you’ll navigate the shitstorm and take it in your stride, all the while plotting your next move.

But for a woman who is already on shaky ground, these setbacks can be devastating and can often create a hole so deep they simply can’t climb out of, leaving many with no other option than to go back to work or rely to on their partners to bail them out, adding relationship stress to the mix.

The saddest part for me in all of this is that failure IS preventable because you CAN develop the fortitude and confidence you need as a woman entrepreneur to become a formidable powerhouse…you can.

It IS possible to get to a place of feeling good enough.

To get to a place of KNOWING you can achieve anything you set your mind too and that success is your default.

And to act on your DECISION to go all in and to put yourself out there FULLY because you know that’s what it takes to be successful.

Even if you’re a natural introvert (like me).

So what do you do when you don’t feel good enough?

The good news is that I’m creating a program as we speak that systematically helps you to build bulletproof confidence so you feel unstoppable and simply get on with the task of making big stuff happen unhindered by those shitty feelings of not being good enough.

In the meantime here are 3 things you can do when you’re not feeling good enough.

1: Step away from wherever you’re not feeling good enough, for example, let’s say you’re not feeling good enough if your business, take some time away from your business and go do something you’re good at.

Are you a great sportswoman or a great organiser or a great mother or a great friend or a great painter?

Whatever you ARE great at, go do that and do a LOT of it so it takes you back to that place of feeling confident, competent and grounded in feelings of being good enough.

This will have a crossover effect and you’ll head back to your business feeling like a competent and capable woman who has a lot to give and you’ll make different, BETTER decisions from this place.

2: We’re all guilty of letting that one single negative comment or setback spread like wildfire through our minds so that it colours our entire world and while this is taking place we forget all the good we’ve done and just how much the rest of the world thinks we’re awesome.  It’s some shitty “human nature” thing that I have no idea the purpose of but it means that if you’re already shaky something like that just “confirms” for you that you ARE crap after all! In your mind anyway.

This is the time you need to look back over your client testimonials and to look at the awesome comments people have posted on your social pages.

Essentially you need to undo the job you’ve just done on yourself by looking outside of yourself and allow yourself to see how OTHERS see you, rather than the beat up job you’ve done on yourself.

You will always be your harshest critic so at times like this it’s helpful to see yourself through the eyes of people who think you’re awesome.

3: Journal “I am” statements, for example, I AM powerful, I AM an incredible coach, I AM a successful and savvy entrepreneur, I AM having an impact on peoples lives, I AM winning this thing.

And then journal on this….”how do I WANT to feel right now?”.

These activities will disrupt your crappy thinking and get you back to focusing on action and action trumps fear – it’s very difficult to remain in fear when you’re hustling and before you know it you’ll be gaining momentum like nobody’s business.

Now each of these things will help you in the moment and get you through but I want you to understand they’re band-aids, coping skills for feelings of inadequacy and fear.

I want to get you to a place where feelings of inadequacy no longer exist for you because you’ve done the work on cultivating true feelings of self-belief and the conviction you can and will succeed at the things that are important to you.

Have a fabulous rest of your day and remember to keep your eye on your inbox if you’re on my list or on my FB Page if you’re not because I’ll be running a pre-launch of my newest program in the coming days.

M xo


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