Passionate & Inspiring Motivational Speeches.

Michelle has been speaking on stage and inspiring audiences of all shapes and sizes since 1999.


Despite having experienced the many challenges that come from growing up in a household ruled by domestic violence, being subjected to sexual abuse and leaving school at 14 years of age Michelle has always had a burning desire to Be More, Do More & Have More than her childhood set her up for.

Michelle holds a 5th Degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and is an inductee into the Australasian Hall Of Fame, once held a pilots license, had a baby solo and has traveled the world since she was 20 years of age…much of it alone.

Her life experiences and overcoming many difficult challenges as she tried to find her feet, raise children as a single mum and grow successful businesses give her such a unique insight into what it takes to be successful when the odds are well and truly stacked against you.

Michelle’s rich history and background, along with her experience and many successes make her the perfect speaker for inspiring an audience to rid themselves of fear, excuses and mental blocks and to take powerful action right now.

Michelle has also worked with some of the best coaches and mentors in the business having invested well over $100K in coaching and programs that she also draws on making her toolbox very deep.



I’m a shocker at asking for testimonials but the lovely lady below sent me this one without even having to ask for it thank goodness!


Many people can deliver great presentations, but not all can deliver outstanding ones. Michelle has an ability to connect to her audience in an unbelievable way.

Recently she presented for us at a State-wide Program Conference called Brainfood and her audience was extremely diverse, ranging in age and gender, executives to volunteers and varied professional experiences. Michelle was strong enough to move and work her presentation to engage all people on an emotional and intellectual level.

She had everyone captivated with her delivery and engaged from start to finish.

I briefly met Michelle via a Business Women’s Network a long time ago and over the years I’ve watched her business grow from an idea to a very successful company so I know she walks her talk.

Michelle’s presence at any function can raise the bar, and create an atmosphere that will certainly give anyone a Keynote Speaker to be extremely proud of, or any workshop presenter who is clear about her message and can convey it well. She is outstanding in appearance and presentation.

Michelle is bold and strong, quiet and confident, with a strong identity, purpose, and mission. I believe it is a position itself amid awareness and responsibility of and for women to change their direction and gain strength from within.

From my experience as a past CEO, I believe that Michelle has learned some invaluable lessons and is now passing on her expertise’s to make this world a better place.

Kay Vrieze – President of Women Making It Work Network, and retired CEO of Narre Community Learning Centre.


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