Hello and welcome,
I’m very glad you’re here.
I am SUPER passionate about working with entrepreneurs who are still navigating their way to their first $50K, and in particular, I love working with coaches, consultants or anyone in serviced based business (retail isn’t my thing).
I remember reaching the $50K milestone so clearly and I also remember the journey it took me to get there….it was a hell ride and I made every mistake in the book, some of them very expensive!
Since those early days I’ve learned a lot and have achieved many great things ( you can read about them here http://www.michellehext.com/about/) in my entrepreneurial life, as well as outside of it, and at 48 years of age with close to 3 decades as an entrepreneur I have lots to share with you that I know will make your own journey smoother and more successful a whole lot quicker.
What I know about you is that you’re challenged by 3 things:
You’re short on time.
You’re short on money.
You’re overwhelmed but ALL THE THINGS you need to do in your business and that some of the tech stuff plain old freaks you out.
That’s where I aim to help you in a very unique and different way.
Many coaches will try to make things seem far more complicated than they are so you end up feeling COMPLETELY overwhelmed and feel as though you desperately need their high-end coaching program that you simply can’t afford, so you end up in a cycle of planning and procrastinating instead of taking much-needed action.
I used to work in the high-end coaching space (charging up to $25K for my programs) and what I found is that the more people pay, the less work they expect to have to do.
I had a high-end online coaching program ($4,500) that I thought was truly incredible and definitely something I would have loved as a newbie and benefited from greatly, but people weren’t doing it! Most simply weren’t following the program (and boy did this frustrate me) so it went to waste.
In 2016 I began running shorter, less expensive programs and I loved it because the people in those programs were hustlers, they implemented the strategies I shared and were committed to doing what it took to get the result.
This is what helped me determine my new direction and my new market.
These incredible men and women who rolled up their sleeves and hustled because their asses were to the wall and then NEEDED TO inspired me because they reminded me of myself back in the day when I was a single mum with no money, no education and no support… but big dreams. I was on BEYOND a shoestring budget for many years but those practices, hustle, and determination are what got me to where I am today, and I know they’ll get you there too.
1: Bring you the exact information you need to solve the problem you have right now in a fast and simple to implement way so you get a result quickly. There is zero fluff and padding in my programs, they are all about solving the immediate challenge your facing as quickly as possible.
2: Teach you to fish, the greatest tool any entrepreneur can have is the ability to do what needs to be done in their business quickly. In the early days, there isn’t a bunch of money sitting around for you to outsource so you will need to carry out many tasks in your business that challenge you in those early days. Honestly, even though I can afford to pay people to do a lot of stuff in my business these days I still build my own sales pages, make updates to my website, manage my email list etc Being agile and skilled enough to do what you need to do on a whim is powerful and will have you feeling 100% in control of your business and trust me when I say this is important.
My desire is that you feel like a winner and have 100% confidence in yourself as an entrepreneur and your ability to do what needs to be done quickly and effectively.
Trust me when I say my heart is with you, I’ve walked in your shoes and I know it feels incredibly challenging and overwhelming at times, especially when you see everyone around you succeeding but I want you to know that those people who are killing it in business were once where you are now.
It’s not that they are better than you, they simply know more and have been in the game longer – it’s my aim to get you caught up quickly so you know what we know and so you can implement that knowledge quickly to speed up the process.
My programs are short, sharp and powerful, each program designed to solve one particular problem quickly and you won’t pay more than $97.00 for any of them.
One of my greatest strengths is reducing a whole bunch of important information into easy to understand and simple to implement strategies. I believe that we often fall away from expensive or lengthy programs because of the sheer volume of information included, much of it not needed but there to pad out the content so it looks fuller and therefore of more value.
I believe value is in implementation, in the action taking…if you aren’t getting your ass into action and doing the actual work that will make you successful you’re going to remain stuck, regardless of how much money you’ve spent on that coach or expensive program.
Don’t let the cost of my programs fool you, I value quality over quantity and you can be sure that even though the price tag is low the impact is high…AND I offer a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your purchase so you really don’t have anything to lose.
I’ll be adding to my program catalogue each week so be sure keep popping over to my site (http://www.michellehext.com/store/) to keep up with my latest programs.
Thank-you for being part of my community and I look forward to helping you hit that $50k Milestone and beyond.

Michelle xo


It’s always difficult to know exactly where to begin when creating an “about page” isn’t it?

And then there’s the question of how much is TOO much information and over-sharing and how much is not enough?

It’s enough to cause even the best of us to procrastinate beyond what’s reasonable.

So…in a bid to get this done I’m just going to roll with it and see what falls out and I hope you’re still here at the end 🙂

Who even am I? 

Well…I’m a 48 year old woman on a mission to change my little corner of the internet for the better by way of helping newbie entrepreneurs plug the gaps in their skillsets and mindsets one program at a time.

I’m a writer…I’ve published 3 books (one an Amazon Best Seller) and I blog almost daily…it is THAT important I get my message out into the word.

I’m a speaker….I’m one of those people….give me an audience and a microphone and I’m in heaven.  I speak on a number of topics… you can check them out HERE.

I’m a multiple 6 figure entrepreneur who began with nothing but an idea and a whole lot of grit and determination.

I’m a Martial Artist and have my 5th degree Black Belt in WTF Taekwondo, I’m an Australasian Martial Arts Hall Of Fame Inductee (2014) and a fitness fanatic who likes to sweat most days so I don’t drive the people around me nuts with my excess energy.

But I also like wine….mostly Champers or a good red.

And fine dining where I eat whatever the hell I want.

I live with the love of my life in the seaside town of Williamstown in Victoria (Australia).

I’m mum to 2 fabulous humans…Cody (born 1995) & Chloe (born 1998) and I’m happy to say that along with their wonderful partners we are as close as it get’s without overdoing it. I’m a very proud mum.

I love adventure….I’ve been a pilot, I travel regularly (often solo), I’m spontaneous and I make friends wherever I go because I LOVE people.

What makes me tick….

I grew up with some challenges…..here are the main highlights (said with tongue in cheek)…my books and blogs will give you more detail if you want it.

I grew up in domestic violence and my early childhood scared the crap out of me what felt like every single day of my life.

I was sexually abused by my maternal auntie’s husband between (from memory) the ages of 6 and 9 years of age and again by a neighbour after we moved away.

There was very little money.

I was forced to leave school at 14 years of age.

Insert 2 decades of making a crap-load of mistakes that included marrying a man who would eventually go to prison for multiple under-age sex crimes against minors.

I was a witness FOR the prosecution.

And I had a baby on my own.


I’ve never let my story define me.

I’ve always been driven and highly ambitious

And I’ve always managed to get the very best out of myself no matter what the circumstances.

Along the way, I’m proud to say I’ve inspired many.

I’m grateful for the life I’ve lived because with it has come so much wisdom, insight and an understanding of human nature that I’m not sure I’d ever have received anywhere else.

As a guide and mentor…

NOTHING floats my boat more than seeing people achieve what they previously thought impossible.

It’s my thing.

I live for it.

I’ve been coaching forever.

I count the coaching I did with my students on and off the mat at my taekwondo school’s since the early 90’s and also include the coaching I did with my personal training clients.

If you can inspire someone to do the very thing they fear the most physically (sparring, breaking boards, grading for a belt, running 5k, entering a triathlon etc) you got skills!

And you count them.

So I do!

However…I became an official coach in 1999 through Results Coaching Systems (google David Rock, the man is a freaking genius) and very quickly became State Regional Manager for Results and built a thriving coaching business that for many years I ran alongside my martial arts and personal training business.

Over the years I’ve had some great success on this entrepreneurial journey of mine even as it’s changed shape as I’ve continued to grow and expand.

I’ve been online since 2006 (my first online business is the now-defunct Glow Women’s Fitness Online) and have learned a thing or two about growing and evolving a personal brand over the long haul.

My journey now continues with my $97.00 programs, speaking, writing and working in my other co-founded company running sales training for organisations and women entreprneuers.

What you should do next….simply take a look at my program catalog and chose the program you need to solve an immediate problem you have, whip out your credit card, pay up and within minutes you’ll have all the information you need to solve that problem fast.

Thanks for reaching the bottom!



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